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  1. What year was it or has it ever happened?

    Ok, the answer is never before. We swept Texas in baseball in 1910, 1994, 2014, 2015 and 2017. We did not play them in football in 1910, we lost in 1994. in 2014 and 2015 we also won in football but got swept in basketball. So this year is unique.
  2. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics

    This seems to be the official line that Baylor repeats like a magic incantation. They have done more than anyone else. It's just not true. Baylor has done the least possible, at the last possible minute and only when forced. Clearly, they know that if everything was revealed, it would be an even worse disaster and they are trying to stonewall as long as they can while repeating their incantation at every opportunity. The only chance that the truth ever comes out is through the courts, the last round of revelations in their response to the lawsuits (which successfully ended those suits) made it clear that even though they had previously said they had full disclosure they had not. That is why the Big XII finally acted and Bowlsby said he didn't know where the bottom was. I think the reason they did not get a written report from Pepper Hamilton and that they are doing what they are doing is that the full story will reveal not just incredible liability but criminal activity involving the Waco PD and district attorney's office. Apparently it is still going on since they no billed that clown who choked the reporter on camera.
  3. Catching up wit CAB

    Saturday’s Game at American Standard Stadium on the Brazos was turned into a tribute to Art Briles despite all efforts by the Baylor Administration to make it a football game. So, it seems appropriate to interview CAB himself about the events. Coach, how have you been since your big payday this spring? CAB Well, it’s been tough. I thought I could get a job in the NFL so I made the trial run with the Browns. I figured nobody pays attention to them but still there was enough publicity that they sent me on my way after a week. Then, in college football, it looks like Gus Malzahn may have saved his job. I really thought Auburn was the one school morally depraved enough to hire me. You know what with buying a title with sCam Newton and being proud of it. I continue to follow the advice of my PR people and lawyers, I mean I continue to pray about it, but now that the Baylor BOR has started to let some stuff leak out, my efforts to portray myself as the victim may not work. Well, that’s tough Coach but let’s talk about this week. CAB Well, I was really touched that the coaching staff decided to make this week a statement about me and not football. Their use of social media and the fan bases t shirt campaign made it clear that this was about me. They showed how little respect they have for Grobe or Baylor and that it was all about me. And that was appropriate because I got them all huge salaries when most of them couldn’t get any other job so it was about me. If I can’t be there the next best thing is to see Baylor collapse completely so everyone knows it was really just me. It wasn’t about the team, it wasn’t about the school, it wasn’t about the kids, it wasn’t about the so called victims, it was about me. And they set more records in the process. What records were you talking about Coach, most expensive employee in history? You may wind up costing them 8 digits. CAB Well, my payout alone was into 8 digits so I am going for 9 digits. When you count legal fees, payoffs, fines, settlement, salaries for my accomplices etc., we should easily get there. And that doesn’t even count lost future revenue once the program goes down in flames. By the time this is over the Texas Bar association will build a statue for me. But no, that wasn’t the record was I was talking about, we were going for the largest home loss in history by a ranked team to an unranked opponent. And I think at 40 points we may have gotten it. Were you worried when Baylor got the long td on the second play? CAB Well if you look closely, our WR pushed off and then scored. To break a rule and not only get away with it but to benefit from it was what I was all about. And to do it with a player that any other school in America would have kicked off, just made it sweeter. I knew it was a tribute to me and what I stood for. Remember, it’s about me. Thanks Coach, I missed that part. Were you concerned that TCU was the beneficiary of all this? After all, Gary Patterson is not only the anti- you but he was one of the few to call you out before it became public. CAB Well, that was unfortunate and TCU may feel good today, but we haven’t got the PR staff involved yet. By Monday, this may be a non-win for them. Thank you for your time coach CAB Always happy to spin for the brand. Now I need to find a rock in the sun to lie on and I’m sure you need a shower.
  4. TCU basketball recruiting brought to you by The Knot

    Hiring Tom Herrion may be a much bigger deal than we realize. When the rumors about hiring JD started, I checked out the Pitt boards (I'll admit I'm a lurker). there were a lot of references to Tom and to the success Jamie had when he was the top assistant. Even the people who liked Jamie thought the assistants had fallen off since Tom left and that Jamie needed someone like him back. He is an exceptionally experienced guy to have as a special assistant. Patrick and Miller are doing an incredible job and appear to be extraordinary recruiters. The only bad news is that they are both going to be head coaches soon. I hope we can keep this staff together but we should enjoy them while we have them and hope they help land a great class or two. If either leaves, I'll be happy for them but Tom may help keep the continuity. Basketball recruiting these days seems to be a two or three year cycle so that is important.
  5. While the Aggies are busy looking up the names, occupations and home addresses of the umpires from the Super Regional, they may not have the time to reflect on what really happened. So I wanted to suggest how they may look at it. The A&M Continues its dominance of TCU baseball Following the tragic end to The 2016 A&M season there appear to be some fools who think TCU might be better than A&M in baseball. To help clear this up it is important to look at the whole picture and compare the programs. 1. SEC this should be sufficient right off the bat, because as the immortal Bo Wallace told his teammates during Ole Miss’s blowout 42-3 win over TCU in the Peach Bowl, “We’re the SEC guys, we expect to win”. (I can’t give the exact date because when I went to look up the game, there appears to be some kind of error that shows TCU actually won this game. But that can’t be right because SEC (see point 1) and on top of that Ole Miss had by far the highest payroll in the $EC. Advantage A&M 2. NCAA Regional Play In the last decade A&M and TCU have been assigned to the same regional twice, one in College Station and one in Fort Worth. In truly dominant fashion A&M won all but two of these tournaments. Although TCU won both regionals it is clear that no significant pattern can be observed since not all games were head to head. Advantage None 3. Bubbles Only A&M could invent such a high tech and wonderful tradition of bringing bubbles to the ballpark, technology normally reserved for four year birthday parties but raised to another level by our crack Engineering School. True some of the accursed frogs did invest $2.98 in automated bubble machines to mock us but this is to their everlasting shame. Ever since E King Crockett blew bubbles at the Alamo to ward off Santa Anna, this has been a Texas tradition so when they mock it they are being disrespectful to our whole state, while we continue to honor this tradition and lead our baseball team to the same outcome as the Texans at the Alamo. Advantage A&M 4. NCAA Super Regional Play In the last two years the A&M and TCU have been paired in the super Regional twice once in Fort Worth and once in College Station. In 2015, TCU prevailed but only after Eric Hyman betrayed us into playing in Fort Worth. (I have to give the wily and devious Frogs credit for playing the long game here when they shipped their AD to USCe so that we would be fooled into hiring him and thinking he was now true SEC when his loyalty was really to TCU). Since it is impossible to win a super regional on the road, this betrayal invalidated the results. In 2016, the A&M showed its true dominance on Saturday, but since the only true determination of a baseball team is 162 games, we were cheated out of 159 games which also invalidated the results. Advantage inconclusive 5. Boomer White We captured their best player and returned him to the land of his ancestors. Since the SEC (see point 1) is so much stronger than the Big XII it would be shown when the Big XII player of the year would have trouble even starting at an SEC powerhouse. (I am receiving some late information that Mr White was not player of the year in the Big XII but was player of the year in the SEC.) Its going to take more research to show how this proves SEC superiority. Advantage Never mind 6. NCAA CWS Play Here is where the true dominance shows up. In the last 10 years A&M has only lost 2 games while TCU has lost 6 and might lose even more since they are going again. Some might point out that they have also won some games and we have not but that is not a big deal since we won a CWS game once (I can’t remember when since I can only find the results back 20 years but one of my friends told me about it). Clearly the losses matter most. Advantage A&M 7. School Spirit Do I even need to bother. Sure their 600 fans could be heard over almost all of our fans in our own stadium (except for those of us who were abusing our own players as the game went on). But they even have female cheerleaders. And in addition to having our Math department devise charts to help us count to 8, we invented the diablolically clever “Purple Baylor” chant. Elsewhere on the interweb, it has been suggested that we chanted this because they wear purple and we got raped. But actually it is because calling someone Baylor is an insult and TCU wears purple. Who else would have thought of that? Not to mention our decades old cry of “Gig Em” to demonstrate our preoccupation with frogs. Well at least we can sing about abusing an animal 100 years ago that belonged to another school we envy. Advantage A&M 8. Unfair seeding in the NCAA Tournament Because of our obvious excellence the SEC (see point 1) was forced to have all seven teams host all of their tournament games. No other conference had the added pressure of playing all their games at home. Despite this huge burden we still got one of 7 teams through to Omaha which the big XII could never do. They barely got three teams through to Omaha and only had to host half their games. In addition, because the SEC is so awesome (see point 1), our teams beat each other up in regular season play and then are a: exhausted and b: bored when playing lesser teams in the post season so they can’t show their true excellence. (I don’t quite have my heart in this one but this is a piece of misdirection that ESPN tells me always works.) Advantage A&M Overall I think this clearly shows the dominance of the A&M since we clearly win several categories and TCU wins none. Such analysis should not even be required except for the ignorant few who still believe sports should be settled on the field. This goes against the entire grain of modern thinking where conference affiliation, ESPN, PR departments and attendance decide things before the game even starts. If it were not for such antiquated attitudes we would be able to just assert our claims and squeeze our private parts as God intended without all this pesky competition.
  6. Jake Arrieta - Not your normal ace

    Well I have been lurking for a while but after I looked that up I had to register to post. its a good site.
  7. Jake Arrieta - Not your normal ace

    So, I had to look this up because I thought Arrieta might have the most wins of anyTCU-ex in the bigs ever. However, there were 2 TCU alums who won 100 games in the majors. Tex Carleton and Pete Donahue. Donahue won 20 games 3 times with a high of 21. He actually won 96 games in a five year stretch. Carleton also threw a no hitter (in 1940) So, Jake need 3 more to have the most wins in a season ever. Right now he has the most in the last 89 years and the only TCU no hitter in the last 75 years. If Jake does get the 3 more wins, I think he will get the Cy Young as well. Pretty rarefied company at any rate.