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  1. It’s 62 deg in Fort Worth right now.* *That’s 17 in Canadian dollars, Newf.
  2. “...bases as barren as the Sahara.” You’re probably right.
  3. I guess they’re goin to keep playing, but the Frogs have the lead after 27 outs, so I’m counting this as a Frog win and Mrs. Turk and I are headed back to the house.
  4. Gasolina (Marcelo Perez) on the mound for the Frogs in B9. Lead off strike out swinging, one away. Struck him out swinging, two away, bases as barren as the Sahara. A mishandled grounder at SS gets a runner on 1st with two outs. Pop up to 1B gets the third out in the bottom of the ninth. But we’re going to keep playing, so I’m confused...
  5. Kurtis Byrne leads off T9. Byrne is a true freshman coming in relieving Humphreys behind the plate. Must be something of a rush to have your first TCU at bat AND play it at Rangers Ballpark. And he shows enough discipline to get a lead off walk. Gray Rogers. Fly out. One away. Brown. Strikes out. Two away, runner on 1st. Wolf Hunter. Wild pitch, Byrne advances to 2nd. Wolf battles back from a 0-2 count to get a walk. Bases 67% reptilian with two outs. Sacco. Strikes out. 3-2 Frogs going to the bottom of the ninth.
  6. Rudis still on the mound in B8. Ground out to 3B, one away. Ground out to 2B, two away. Struck. Him. Out. Looking... To the ninth we go with the Frogs leading 3-2.
  7. Austin Henry leads off T8. Singles to LF. Wood. Strikes out. Sikes. Strikes out. Cole Johnson. Ground out to 3B. 3-2 Frogs going into B8.
  8. Matt Rudis on the mound in B7. Ground out to SS. Deep fly out to CF, two away. Walk. Runner on 1st, two outs. Runner steals 2nd. STRUCK HIM OUT! 3-2 Frogs after seven full.
  9. Phillip Sikes leads off T7. And he singles over the third baseman’s head. Goodloe. Strikes out. One away, Frog on 1st. Humphreys. Nice little single to shallow RF, bases are 67% reptilian with one out. The Clapper. strikes out, two away. Brown. Hitters count! Walks. Bases sporting spikes and spurting blood with two outs. Wolf Hunter. WALKS! 2-1 Rangers. Conference on the mound. Sacco. SINGLES TO LF! 3-2 TCU HORNED FROGS! Runner thrown out to end the inning after the go agead run crosses the plate. 3-2 Frogs at the stretch.
  10. Johnny Ray still on the mound in B6. Lead off ground out to 3B. Single to CF. Fly out to LF, two away, runner on 1st. Pick off attempt goes awry, runner advances to 2nd. Walk, runners on 1st & 2nd, two away. Sarloos visits the mound. Fly out to CF. Still 2-0 Rangers after six full.
  11. Wolf Hunter leads off T6. And he walks. Sacco. Pop fly out to shallow LF, one away. Henry. Fly out to deep CF. Wood. Strikes out. This ump has an interesting strike zone. 2-0 Rangers going into B6.
  12. Johnny Ray pitching and crooning early ‘50’s top forty hits for TCU in B5. Lead off strike out swinging. Single to RF. Runner “steals” 2nd on a terrible call. Deep fly out to RF. Two away, runner on 2nd. Strike out! 2-0 Rangers after five.
  13. Zach Humphreys leads off T5. Fly out to LF. The Clapper. Fly out to LF. Two away. Porter Brown. Strikes out. 2-0 Rangers after 4 1/2.
  14. Jacob Meador still on the mound in B4. Ground out to SS, one away. Pop up fly out to SS, two away. STRUCK HIM OUT! Buh-bye! 2-0 Rangers after four full. This Meador kid bears watching.
  15. Gene Wood leads off T4. Strikes out. Phillip Sikes. Fly out to RF, two away. Goodloe. Ground out chopper to 3B after a really bad strike call that should have been the fourth ball. “Hey, Blue: his knee is the BENDY part!” ©️Newbomb Turk
  16. Jacob Meador pitching for the Frogs in B3. Lead off fly out to RF, one away. Ground out to 3B, two away. STRUCK HIM OUT! 2-0 Rangers after three full.
  17. Porter Brown leads off T3. Strikes out. Wolf Hunter. Strikes out. Two away. Sacco. And that would be a triple. The RF is going to catch hell for that. He thought it was gone and it dropped ten feet away from him. Henry. Ground out chopper to P. 2-0 Rangers after 2 1/2.
  18. Hill still on the mound in B2. Lead off single to LF. Runner steals 2nd. Ground out to 2B, one away, runner advances to 3rd. Pop fly single to no mans land in CF, runner scores, 1-0 Rangers, runner on 1st, one out. Wild pitch, runner advances to 3rd. Struck him out! Two away. Double, 2-0 Rangers. Strike out. 2-0 Rangers after two full. I asked Lamendola to sit behind us and do play by play, but for some reason, he declined.
  19. New pitcher for Texas. 1B Gene Wood leads off for the Frogs. Lamendola is sitting seven rows in front of us, so I guess I brought my radio for nothing. Woods walk from a full count. Philip Sikes at bat. DOUBLES down the 3B line. Frogs on 2nd & 3rd, no outs. Bobby Goodloe. Strikes out swinging, one away. Zach Humphreys. Chopper to 3B takes the lead runner. Two away, Frogs on the corners. The Clapper. Strikes out. Still scoreless going into B2.
  20. Drew Hill (who appears to be approximately eight years old) on the mound for the Frogs in B1. Zach Humphreys is his battery mate. Lead off man walks after some impressive foul balls. Runner steals 2nd. Fly out to LF, one away, runner advances to 3rd. STRUCK HIM OUT! Two away. GROUND OUT TO SS and the Rangers threat goes for naught. Scoreless after one full.
  21. Wolf Hunter leads off. Strikes out. Tommy Sacco. Long fly out to CF. Austin Henry. Ground out to SS. Scoreless after 1/2.
  22. I thought this game needed its own thread. Bite me, PurpleDawg
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