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  1. Matt Rudis on the mound in T9. And he strikes out the lead off man.Fly out to RF, two away.
  2. Sacco leads off B8. Strikes out. Henry. Walks. The Mighty Oak. Walks, Frogs on 1st & 2nd w/ one out. Visit to the mound. Wolf Hunter. Grounder to 3rd gets Wood at 2nd. Frogs on the corners, two away. The Cardigan. Doubles on a misplayed ball, 10-3 Frogs, 2nd & 3rd reptilian. Optimus Prime. Doubles, 12-3 Frogs. The Clapper. Strikes out. Do or die time for SFA, 12-3 Frogs.
  3. Green still on the mound in T8. Lead off man lines out to 3B. Fly out to RF, two away. Fly out to CF, see ya! 9-3 going into B8.
  4. The Clapper leads off B7. 2B error puts Shepherd on 1st. Sikes. Fly out to CF. One out, Frog on 1st. Downtown. Double play. 9-3 Frogs going into the eighth.
  5. Jacob Meador on the mound in T7. Struck him out! One away. Walk. Grounder to 3rd, but an errant throw to 3rd leaves runners on the corners with no outs. Double, 9-3, runners on 2nd & 3rd, one out. Schloss pulls Meador. Haylen Green to the mound. Strike out! Two away. STRUCK HIM OUT! 9-3 Frogs at the stretch.
  6. Downtown leads off B6. DOUBLES! Sacco. Walks. 1st & 2nd reptilian. Henry. Singles and scores Brown, 8-2. Frogs on the corners with no outs. The Mighty Oak. Strikes out. One away. Wolf Hunter. Singles, 9-2. Frogs on 1st & 2nd, one out. The Cardigan. Grounder to 2nd catches Wolfe. Frogs on the corners, two outs. Byrne. Fly out to CF. 9-2 Frogs after six.
  7. Austin Krob pitching in T6. And he strikes out the lead off man. Strike out! Two away. Young Mr. Krob en fuego as he strikes out the side. 7-2 Frogs after 5 1/2.
  8. The Cardigan leads off B5. Singles. Byrne. Pop up foul, one out. The Clapper. Fly out, two away. Sikes. Fly out to LF. Still 7-2 after five.
  9. SFA lead off man strikes out. And another strike out. Ground out to 3B. 7-2 Frogs after 4 1/2.
  10. Sikes robs the SFA lead off man with a catch at the wall.
  11. SFA going with a new pitcher each inning. The Mighty Oak leads off. Singles to RF on an ALMOST catch. Wolf Hunter. HBP. Bases 67% reptilian, no outs. The Cardigan. Strikes out. Byrne. HBP. Bases sporting spikes and spurting blood with nary an out. The Clapper. Single, 5-2. Bases continue to be spiky and bloody. Sikes. Double play ball, but another errant throw to 1st makes it 7-2 Frogs and parks Sikes on 1st w/ two outs. Downtown. Sikes steals 2nd. Ground out to 1st. 7-2 Frogs after three. There will be a brief pause in our coverage.
  12. SFA lead off man flies out to LF in T3. Towering pop up to the infield covered by Henry, two away. Dadgummit. Towering fly to SS is dropped. Runner on 2nd. Walk. Runners on 1st & 2nd, two outs. Walk, bases full, Sarloos to the mound. HBP. 4-1 Frogs. Schloss to the mound. We’re getting a new pitcher. Drew Hill to the mound. Single up the middle scores one, but Byrne tags out a runner at home to end the inning. 4-2 Frogs going into B3.
  13. Mrs. Turk thinks Tommy Sacco looks like Ray Liotta and thinks that should be his nickname. I will take that under advisement.
  14. SFA brings in a new pitcher in T2. Downtown Porter Brown leads off. Ground out to 3B. Sacco. Strikes out. Henry. Strikes out. 4-0 Frogs after two full.
  15. SFA lead off man grounds out to 2B in T2. STRUCK HIM OUT! Two away, bases barren as the Sahara. Strike out! Classic Monty Puthon Sketches go three up three down in T2. 4-0 Frogs.
  16. Downtown Porter Brown leads off B1. SFA pitcher falls down pitching to a full count. Ouch. That would be a walk. Frog on 1st, no outs. Sacco. Strikes out. Austin Henry. TCU dugout continues being uncharacteristically animated compared to previous seasons. Whoever was barking like a dog up in Minnesota is continuing. Brown steals 2nd. Brown walks. Bases 67% reptilian with one out. The Mighty Oak. HBP. Bases sporting spikes and spurting blood. Wolf Hunter. This pitcher is off to a bad start. Wild pitch advances the runners, 1-0 Frogs. And the SFA infield says, “Hold my beer.” Errant throw to 1st scores two. 3-0 Frogs. The Cardigan. Wolfe steals 2nd. Rodgers strikes out, two away, Frog on 2nd. Kurtis Byrne. Smokin’ single to RF, 4-0 Frogs. The Clapper. Single, bases 67% reptilian w/ two outs. Phillip Sikes. Strikes out. 4-0 Frogs after one.
  17. SFA lead off man flies out to CF. Ground out to SS, two away. Single. Walk. Runners on 1st & 2nd. Wild pitch, but Byrne covers and throws to 3rd to get a greedy SFA runner for the final out. Scoreless going into B1.
  18. The fact that they are 4% bodyfat Nordic women that have thighs that could crack walnuts has nothing to do with it.
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