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  1. You guys can flame me, but I’m actually optimistic. I REALLY like Duggan’s development game by game. He reminds me of Andy Dalton (who had a horrendous freshman season.) So we’re not making the playoffs or a New Years Six, but the future holds promise.
  2. Yeah, we love our T@B Outback. (They’re called T@B Boondocks now). Equipped with shower, toilet, 12v TV and DVD, air conditioner, a not-particularly-effective refrigerator, and a propane cooktop (which we almost never use, opting for our trusty Coleman camp stove instead.) The bed is ample. It also has a slick little compact boiler that heats water and keeps the trailer warm in cold weather. I just upgraded the battery bank and we can get three days worth of activity without charging. AND it’s 1600 pounds dry weight, so you don’t break the bank on a tow vehicle. I foresee a new thread on the General Board...
  3. The band didn’t make it, but the postgame sideline celebration was pretty special, thanks to Purdue’s fireworks display and Katy Perry:
  4. I used to be a pot head, and I currently eat lots of kale. I cut them no slack.
  5. Even Neil Armstrong is a TCU fan tonight.
  6. Uh... We just met the officiating crew for the game.
  7. An early start at Mammoth Cave NP on the way to Purdue.
  8. I hate to be a stickler (actually, I LOVE to be a stickler), but neither of those posts are in Spanish.
  9. Not sure if this belongs in “Myocardial Infarction,” “Travel,” or “God Save Us,” but anyway, here’s how I spent my morning:
  10. Team out practicing on the purple courts this morning
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