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  1. All I know is that the best thing about gay marriage is the inevitable Gay Divorce Court.
  2. I realize that I’m falling into the ESPN-manufactured narrative here, but I was rooting for Louisville until that pitcher went all Kenny Powers coming off the mound in the 8th. Have a nice trip home, hotshot.
  3. Now slow your roll there, Newf. You seem to be implying that if some people break a law, then that law might still be justified. RIDICULOUS! Restrictions on guns won’t stop all gun violence, therefore, restrictions on guns are useless. Just like restrictions on immigration won’t stop undocumented entry into the US. Therefore, laws preventing or limiting immigration are... uh, wait...
  4. The would-be tackler just bouncing off of Rodgers was definitely my favorite WTF??? moment from that game.
  5. The CWS was half SEC one year during TCU’s streak. IIRC, half of THOSE teams (aggy and LSU) were eliminated by TCU.
  6. FISH tacos are still TACOS, BITCH!
  7. Plus, S-E-C, S-E-C, S-E-C. I have ESPN, ESPNU, and SEC Network* set to record at 6pm, just in case. * I know, I know: “ESPN” and “SEC Network” is redundant.
  8. So you’re telling me that, yesterday: 1) TCU won 2) aggy and Baylor lost
  9. We’re hosting a graduation party (for the aforementioned Baylor grad... ugh...) and the TCU game is streaming on the TV. One of our guests is an elderly Ga Tech grad. GT’s game is underway, so I cued up my iPad to ESPN3 and he’s happy as can be watching his game on his own personal screen.
  10. I have to smoke some meat periodically just to keep my technique. This is for Mrs. Turk and family. I AM planning on relaxing the diet in Cozumel in a couple of weeks. Tacos al pastor at Los Otates are not to be missed.
  11. This is not a happy dog: She’s fine, btw. I’m just trying to get used to the accusatory glares...
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