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  1. Roy Moore

    I’m no Joe Barton fan, but I’m not sure what he’s apologizing for. Separated, consensual relationship... Utterly stupid to e-mail the pics / videos, but other than that, I’m not sure if I see a problem. But I’m not a fundamentalist.
  2. Roy Moore

    Joe Barton’s turn in the barrel. If anyone finds the nude pictures of him that are making the rounds, please DON’T post them here.
  3. Roy Moore

    I'm so glad I asked that question. (Anyone notice how the political angle kinda gets eliminated when you view it in the abstract?) Okay, so here's another line of questioning: IF we agree that there are degrees moral depravity associated with these crimes, and by extension, appropriate degrees of severity of punishment for them, then: what are the mitigating or aggravating factors? 1) Younger the victim, the worse the crime. 2) The greater relative power/authority of the perpetrator over the victim, the worse the crime. 3) If the offense involves violation of marriage vows, the worse the crime (although I would opine that that is a separate and ADDITIONAL crime.) What about the amount of time passed since the act? What about expressions of remorse on the part of the offender? What about expressions of forgiveness on the part of the victim?
  4. Roy Moore

    Especially on sports fan boards, amirite????
  5. Baylor @ TCU

    You remember when Trevone Boykin was suspended two days before the Alamo Bowl? 'Member what happened?
  6. The Coaching Carousel Thread

    Oh no... According to my former brother-in-law, aggy is going to money-whip GP because TCU can't afford the big coaching salaries. Of course, I haven't heard anything from him after sending him this link http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/ showing that GP is paid more than Sumlin. (Thanks, Endless Purple!)
  7. Roy Moore

    Question for the board: are Al Franken's, Roy Moore's, Charlie Rose's, Bill O' Reilly's, and others transgressions equally egregious? And another: Does the fact that Franken has confessed make his transgressions more punishable, less punishable, or the same? The reason I ask is that I think we can all agree that running a stop sign and infanticide are both crimes. And I THINK we can all agree that both merit punishment, but not the SAME punishment. So... are there instances of groping, or harassment, or a 32 year old man putting his hands on a 14 year old hoo-ha that are worse than others, or are they all equally bad and deserving of the exact same punishment? Not taking a position, just asking the question.
  8. Baylor @ TCU

    And no, I am NOT "MmmturKey"
  9. Baylor haiku

    The inferno of March 22, 'ought ten still burns within us.
  10. Baylor @ TCU

  11. Baylor @ TCU

    And I agree with you three. This is their chance to end a horrific season on a significant high note by upsetting their arch rival. They know the odds are against them and they don't care. It's their last game, so they'll be pulling out all the stops. Of course, Patterson knows all this better than we do. As does the team. I expect every trick play in the book, maybe even a Baylor lead early. I also expect the Frogs to rise to the challenge and win convincingly. Screw Baylor.
  12. Baylor @ TCU

  13. Baylor @ TCU

  14. Baylor @ TCU

  15. Baylor haiku

    Baylor’s real “Mission” is out of court settlements to keep victims mum.