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  1. Aside from providing the opportunity to flood the internet with puns, that would make a VERY interesting hire. But I’d put the odds at 12-1. 8-1 to place himself in consideration, and 3-1 to show up for an interview.
  2. They need to send Garrett to the glue factory.
  3. Dallas offense was strong out of the gate today, but they’re fading around the turn.
  4. Based on what I saw from this team against OU, IF we get the win over the ‘eers, I pity whoever plays us in a bowl.
  5. There were some VERY disquieting statements (someone has released a Jeffrey Epstein video? And EP LIKES it???) until I clicked on the links. I feel better now, too.
  6. 59-58 Frogs @ :03.7!!!!! NEMBHARD WITH THE THREE!!!!
  7. 49-48 UTI* @ 7:20 *I call em like I see em.
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