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  1. So Mrs. Turk and I are watching the original 2004 The L Word as part of our ongoing search for binge-able series. All I can say is, these characters better start getting interesting pretty fast, because it’s 2020, and now that Ellen, Rachel Maddow, Kate McKinnon, et al are mainstream, being lesbian isn’t in itself enough to make a character interesting.
  2. I suppose it says something unflattering about me that I had to read down this post for awhile before I realized that Newf was NOT, in fact, talking about homemade B&D equipment.
  3. Mac Engel is making the most of his time off as a sports columnist. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article241461231.html
  4. So in this time of crisis, each of us must step up and contribute to the common welfare. It’s an inherent part of the social contract that we do our part. No sacrifice is too small. I, for one, have NOT shirked my duty. In light of potential supply chain disruptions, I am making maximum use of any long stored frozen food leftovers. In other words, I’m thawing out some brisket. You’re welcome. No, seriously... hold your applause, please.
  5. This is a couple of years old, so the discussion has nothing to do with COVID-19, but it’s a classic:
  6. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-brit-hume-sexy-vixen-vinyl-costume-fox-news-20200303-popitfdcbbeodf6vnvuxq2t2xe-story.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true Sexy Vixen Vinyl??? Whatever floats your 76 year old boat, Brit.
  7. I suppose it should be noted for the record that she does have GREAT hair.
  8. The world may, in fact, be ending. I, uh... agree with Tucker Carlson.
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