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  1. Fear not: https://tpwmagazine.com/archive/2018/dec/ed_2_lizards/index.phtml
  2. Sebastabear clearly drank the Edward Teller Kool-Aid. Probably thinks Columbus "discovered America."
  3. You may be a right wing jerk, but you're OUR right wing jerk, AF.
  4. Newbomb Turk

    City frogs have sexier calls than country frogs

  5. Newbomb Turk

    City frogs have sexier calls than country frogs

    I don't know about that, but at 1am Monday morning, we heard an owl in the back yard. And about 30 minutes later, a group of raccoons or possums, or something (Mrs. Turk insists it was rats) screeching at each other. We're pretty urban, but it's like Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom* in our back yard. *With Addy as Marlin Perkins: "While Dad goes outside in bare feet to check out the noises, I'll be burrowing farther under the covers for warmth. The same warm feeling of security you get from Mutual of Omaha Insurance."
  6. Bullshit. Edward Teller was a self-promoting pretender. The hydrogen bomb was invented by Stanislaw Ulam and I’ll fight anyone who says it wasn’t. In a duel. H-bombs at twenty paces!
  7. Newbomb Turk

    God save us....

  8. Newbomb Turk

    Bowl Mania Pick'em 2018!

  9. Newbomb Turk

    The Myocardial Infarction thread

    Finally made it down to 165. Took almost three frikkin’ years.
  10. Newbomb Turk

    Frog Pets

    Speaking of pet suffocation, I'm convinced that Addy has some sort of anaerobic metabolism. She buries herself under four thick layers of covers and goes to sleep. This used to cause us concern. We'd periodically check on her (to the point of losing sleep over it), but after five years of lifting the covers and having her look at you like, "What? Huh? Why are you bothering my nap?" we've decided that she can take care of her own damn self. Perhaps due to advancing age, nowadays, she mostly buries herself in a pile of thick pillows and leaves only the tip of her nose barely exposed.
  11. Newbomb Turk

    Bowl Projections

    I want the damn t-shirt.
  12. Newbomb Turk

    Bowl Projections

    I’m jumping back and forth between this thread and the bowlselection thread on roddog.com, and I’m once again reminded of why I hang out over here. Latest post on roddog.com: “Some of you guys are an absolute beating.” Yep.
  13. Newbomb Turk

    Week 14: Conference Championships

    Man, these SEC fans are potty-mouths. First it’s a young Georgia lass dropping an f-bomb and two minutes later, a Bama fan taking the Lord’s name in vain. Maybe ESPN should lighten up on the tight crowd reaction shots.