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  1. King Charles pitches a complete game as the Frogs take Game 2 of the K-State series 8-1.
  2. About 3” of rain the other night, but nothing else of note. One GOOD result (other than the lack of costly hail damage) is that Mrs. Turk and I have a plan for protecting the trailer. Cushions, a tarp, and ratchet straps should do the trick.
  3. And there goes the Lupton lightning alarm at 9:50, just in time for local news.
  4. Per Channel 5, covered parking at malls and even DFW airport are getting filled up.
  5. Cars are parked under cover, and the trailer is covered with cushions, secured by a tarp/tension straps. Fingers crossed. Looks like the biggest threat will be around midnight.
  6. UTA breaks an eight-game losing streak to TCU, defeating the Frogs 6-3.
  7. Pearl Harbor all over again. #NoRacist
  8. You think they’d let me park the trailer in the infield?
  9. I always liked the old grumpy Baylor bear logo. (Similar to the grumpy frog logo.) They even had a uniform last season with the grumpy bear on the helmets. I associate all the modern Baylor logos with Briles and the attendant hypocrisy.
  10. New pitcher for Seton Hall in B9. Zach Humphreys pinch hitting for Shepherd leads off. Hitters count. Strikes out, one away. Oviedo. Hitters count. Walks. Andrew Keefer pinch hitting for Goodloe. Wild pitch, Oviedo to 2nd. Keefer strikes out looking on a questionable call from the ump. Two outs. Wolf Hunter. Ground out to 3B. Seton Hall takes game 3 of the series.
  11. Matt Rudis on the mound for TCU in T9. Lead off HBP. Strike out, one away, runner on 1st. Fly out to RF, two away, runner holds at 1st. Foul tip into Isola’s glove closes the side. To the bottom of the ninth we go with TCU trailing 7-3.
  12. Seton Hall goes with a new pitcher in B8. Air Mail leads off. Fly out to LF. The Big Gun. DOUBLES and Guenther’s on base streak continues. Isola. Single, Frogs on the corners, one out. Seton Hall holds a Board of Directors meeting on the mound. Pitcher stays in. Johnny 🚀. Walks. Bases are sporting sharpened spikes and spurting bright red arterial blood with one out. Henry. Double play. 7-3 Seton Hall going into the ninth.
  13. Cal Coughlin pitching for TCU in T8. Lead off walk. Runner steals 2nd. Strike out, one away. Schloss to the mound. Coughlin stays in. Double, 7-3 Seton Hall. Fly out to LF, two outs. Schloss retires Cougjlin. Haylen Green to the mound. Strike out closes out the frame. 7-3 Seton Hall going into B8.
  14. Thompson still pitching for SH in B7. 84 pitches. Johnny 🚀 leads off. Ground out to 1B. Henry. Hitters count. Walk. Seton Hall visits the mound. Thompson stays in at 94 pitches. The Clapper. Strikes out. Two away. Oviedo. 100 pitches. DOUBLES, 6-3. And SH pulls the starter. He departs to a round of applause from the Lupton crowd. Frog on 2nd, two outs. Goodloe. 3-0 count. Woo. Hitters count! Goodloe walks, Bases 67% reptilian. Two outs. Wolf Hunter. Hitters count! Strikes out. 6-3 Seton Hall after seven.
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