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  1. Newbomb Turk

    Happy Birthday, NewfoundlandFreeFrog!

    Happy birthday, Newf!
  2. Newbomb Turk

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Apparently, you're supposed to club it.
  3. Not Mrs. Turk. She's at home munching popcorn watching every pitch. I think she's mainlining college sports to get her through until September 1.
  4. I find it hard to dislike Arkansas. (I have some in-law, co-worker, and friend connections, plus we had a really good trip to Fayetteville last year), and I can't help but be intrigued by Mississippi State's unlikely success. I wouldn't mind seeing them in the finals. Florida can go butt a stump, though.
  5. Newbomb Turk

    There's a first time for everything

    I guess the all-powerful Democrats gave him permission to change the policy: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/gop-leaders-voice-hope-that-bill-addressing-family-separations-will-pass-thursday/2018/06/20/cc79db9a-7480-11e8-b4b7-308400242c2e_story.html?utm_term=.22dd89c72b59
  6. My position on the University of Texas has evolved over my lifetime to be far more charitable, especially since TCU joined the Big XII, and I genuinely try to root for conference mates in the CWS, bowl games, and March Madness, but after listening to ESPN’s non-stop fellating of the entire Clemens family, I’m perfectly happy with UT going two-and-cue.
  7. Newbomb Turk

    There's a first time for everything

  8. Newbomb Turk

    The Official Vladimir Putin World Cup Thread

    So the lack of a hand shouldn’t be a problem for him.
  9. SIAP (NIN), but Jared Janczak and Josh Watson are staying at TCU for their senior years.
  10. Newbomb Turk

    Hollywood Sex Abuse

    DAMMIT! I LOVE that guy! And to make it worse, when I first read that post, I thought it was Chris Hansen!!!!
  11. Newbomb Turk

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Kegels are good for that, I’m told.
  12. Newbomb Turk

    TCU Ranked Top 10 in Tailgating

    Clearly, they heard about the tailgates at Casa Turk.