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  1. Appreciate that input … who was the biggest surprise to you?
  2. Just noticed that 12 of the 23 outstanding posts on page 1 are PurpleDawg's. And 6 of the 23 threads are his babies too. Thanks for keeping this board alive!. There's some good stuff on here.
  3. With some serious anger management treatment, he may have a 2nd chance in the CFL or AAF in 2020.
  4. Really can't believe it ... tied as our 16th receiver, with 2 catches and a TD in 9 games during 2017. Had too many drops in 2016 that his Sr. year playing time was almost nil. But congratulations Taj ... you did have some moments for the Frogs.
  5. So, who are we expecting this weekend, at the Carter .?.
  6. We could use Casey Tucker or the available 3 year starting tackle from Rice.
  7. Curious where the eight 4* designations comes from... and this isn't counting our 4* QB verbal commit.?. Have mostly seen only four and only one source with five 4*s.
  8. Rent a car for the day and don't depend on anyone else.
  9. Sure they're throwing up right about now !
  10. With 247, whom is this posters favorite, they do have a little different way than the rest in determining their rankings and that's why we're as high as #31. Whether our class is really ranked at that level or not is another question, but do feel we did a nice job recruiting our biggest needs .... minus maybe another 3* OL.
  11. My first Frog nite game, 60 years ago, was against Arkie, and saw at least 1/2 dozen of them barfing out the buses' windows before they could get off ... an hour before Kickoff. And still Suee Piging it, when finished throwing up ... quite an impressive group they are.?.
  12. We definitely came out on top in the Lott vs Bethley battles with OU. Both would have been great though. Believe 247 is the only one that has Bethley at 302 lbs. Scout/Rivals/ESPN/ and his HS roster, have him at between 250 and 270. His Highlights don't give him anywhere close to a 300 pounder look, at 6'1. Until he grows, he looks a lot more in the Bradley category for now... which is not bad for an incoming freshman.
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