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  1. Sonny Dykes to SMU

    Serious concern that he knows the ins and outs of our offense? Now SMU and Kansas have insider intel
  2. CDC gone to Austin

    I met Donati at the happy hour in NYC before our first NIT game last year. He seemed like a good guy and great talker, I enjoyed meeting him.
  3. The Sports Dump

    Dating life in Tuscaloosa
  4. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    Looking forward to hopefully heading down to SA for the game!
  5. The Coaching Carousel Thread

    Exactly what I was thinking. Morris is a great example
  6. Big12 Conference Championship Game

    I didn't see him play? They had schlottman listed on the jumbo Tron as starting
  7. Big12 Conference Championship Game

    What the hell is a douchecanoe?
  8. What concerns me is whomever loses the starting battle then decides to transfer. Both of them could easily start at alot of D1 schools which would kill our depth.
  9. Convenient how he visits LSU a few days ago and then gets the bump
  10. Big 12 title game tailgate

    Not even a breakfast taco bar?
  11. Big 12 title game tailgate

    Got this email last night.
  12. Big12 Conference Championship Game

    Apparently D Anderson is already running and may be back for bowl game.
  13. Big 12 title game tailgate

    Any places you recommend for after?