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  1. The ESPN app even prematurely posted that the hogs had won it all.
  2. Arky vs Oregon State in the finals. The baseball power that is miss state almsot had another 9th inning comeback
  3. TCaliU

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Dinner - Sous Vide Ribeye Medium Rare (perfectly 129 throughout) with fresh broccoli and a janky baked potato
  4. TCaliU

    The TCU Variety Thread

    And the poaching has begun 😞 Who else does CDC take?
  5. Store opening had him as a special guest, shot the shit with him for a few and took a photo. He let me wear his super bowl ring which was pretty cool.
  6. I actually met Drew today, really nice guy.
  7. CJS is on the KFC podcast tonight, could be interesting to see what is asked and said
  8. Ive also been wondering, lets say after all this CJS stays. How does the fan base view him going forward? Alot of people thinks hes bat shit crazy for considering Starksville (myself included).
  9. What do you mean he seemed off?
  10. I was just gonna post this, super awkward if the social media team wasnt made aware of whats going on...