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  1. TCaliU

    AP Poll

    I dont know how I feel about UT vs LSU... I think LSU ends that one on top
  2. TCaliU

    AP Poll

    Here's the breakdown of each voter. Highest we are that I can tell: 13 by Jim Holder (Tupelo, Mississippi NBC/ABC affiliate) 16 by Connor O Neil (Winston-Salem Journal | Winston-Salem, North Carolina) FWIW, 23 by Chuck Carlton of Dallas Morning News
  3. I was just in Vegas last week and there was a pretty wide spread depending on what casino you went to for TCU to with a natty this year. Saw anywhere from 75/1 to 200/1 odds, I believe we opened earlier this year at 300/1.
  4. Would you really fire patterson if we lost?
  5. Can confirm its free. I'm personally excited to see what Delton can do with so many offensive weapons around him and an offense that should better suit him. If it doesn't work out, bring on Duggan!
  6. Whats a TE? Didn't know we had any on our roster 😁
  7. 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩
  8. TCaliU


    Why did this downvoted? lol
  9. TCaliU


    Damn can our RBs just stay out of trouble?!
  10. I will gladly take some beer and schnitzel!
  11. Supposedly that sign is from the baseball stadium and it was just in the process of being moved πŸ˜”
  12. Happy belated birthday!!!
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