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  1. Week 4 Games

    Baylol is absolutely gassed.
  2. Week 4 Games

    Please do. I hate baylol as much as everyone one else but Mayfield can eat shit.
  3. Week 4 Games

    So the OU/BU announcers just said that douche Mayfield said before the game to the BU players "You forgot who your daddy is and I'm gonna have to spank you" 🤤🤤🤤 https://mobile.twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/911709440667086848
  4. I didn't have a good feeling going into the game but I'll eat my own words / feelings. Hell of a game frogs!!! Well deserved bye week.
  5. Happy Birthday, Smooth!

    A day late but but happy birthday!
  6. The way some people are talking we shouldn't even take the field Saturday and give okie light a free win.
  7. AP Top 25

    Different way of ranking teams , interesting read.
  8. Arky highlights

    Still blacked out?
  9. AP Top 25

    Damn you ruined my fun, I see that now in the comments on Twitter too.
  10. AP Top 25

    Hahahaah the Fayetteville Observer (1 of 2 arkie local newspaper) doesnt have us ranked. Must be butt hurt from the weekend still. The Arkansas-Democratic Gazette (local Arkie newspaper) has us at 19 FWIW. Yup, beating OSU on the road would be HUGE. We dont usually play well in hostile stillwater so lets hope we can change that this year!
  11. AP Top 25

  12. Sept 9 Vs Arkansas: Will Frogs go Hog Wild?

    Big SEC football analyst had some positive things about the Frogs after this weekend. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/tcu-at-arkansas-score-highlights-horned-frogs-dominate-the-razorbacks/