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  1. Not sure if this is it, but the official watch party location is here. The Westwood Gastropub5308 Balcones DrAustin, TX 78731
  2. OUinsider is reporting their tight end Grant Calcaterra is out and star WR CeeDee Lam is "up in the air". My guess is Lamb plays, OU threw a smoke screen all last week against Baylol. Had Lamb warming up in fill uniform and pads, only to come out at kickoff in street clothes.
  3. I love TCU but I dont think any undergrad degree is worth 200k 😔 https://www.tcu360.com/2019/11/tuition-to-exceed-50000-moving-forward/
  4. It makes me sad knowing Baylol should have 2 losses.... but so should OU
  5. Unfortunately this didn't age well for him either, has also since been deleted. I am really hoping he stays another year...
  6. Aren't we losing quite a few of our big play makers after this season? Blacklock (possible) Reagor (possible) Anderson Sewo Gladney Gaines That's who immediately comes to mind
  7. That was a fun game to be at, atmosphere was amazing ,but man was that a physically draining game. Came home and took a nap and was still salty afterwards. Can't imagine what the coaches and players felt like. The more I read and see , the more frustrated I am about OT. don't think you can over turn that run by max. And even if you do over turn it (like it was), how do you not score from the 3 yard line with 4 plays?!?! Blehhh this one stings and now I gotta buy my baylol co-worker lunch this week. 😵
  8. Anyone have access and care to share some tidbits ?🙂 https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article237043309.html
  9. All a GP smoke screen to confuse baylol, Vegas knows all.
  10. Rumor has it Delton has left the team... Hypothetically puts us down 4 quarterbacks in less than 7 days; leaves us with Matthew Baldwin and Matthew Downing. This could get interesting
  11. I haven't seen anything that directly said he has left already, but no one seems to be mentioning him on any TCU site as an option at QB. So reading between the lines I am assuming he is gone already. I am also not entirely sure how the transfer portal works... If you announce you are transferring, can you rescind that in a month and stay at your current school?
  12. Sounds like its time for the Delton and/or Downing and/or Baldwin show to kick off. Man this could have been JR's time to shine.
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