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  1. Also, since I haven't been on here since Nam... I'm now engaged and way out kicked my coverage.
  2. I'm a boyfriend of a girl with a kiddo. So I guess possibly a future step pop?
  3. Goot. Had my first "pumpkin patch with a kid" experience last weekend. Would've been more fun if it wasn't 1000000° outside.
  4. Actually did the math the other day. I'm averaging about 3 posts per day.
  5. What the hell is curling and why the hell is it a sport?
  6. Haha this is Husker Big Red farm so I dont think they'll be moving away from that Case machinery any time soon.
  7. Was good getting back to my roots and reminding myself I've still got it.
  8. Absolutely could have. Just a week before this happened another Nebraska farmer died from a similar incident. Good Lord was watching over him for sure.
  9. I think he gets more of a kick out of the fact that nobody notices unless they know to look haha
  10. Happened back in November. He was oiling some chains on the combine and he got his hand too close and his ring, middle, and index fingers on his right hand (he's a southpaw, thankfully) got pulled into the chain/sprocket and cut off a portion of each finger. I flew up there the next day to help him and help my brother with harvest. The hand surgeon did an incredible job saving as much length as possible. The dismembered portions were all chewed up so they couldn't reattach anything, but after a lot of therapy, he still has full use of that hand. Pretty much got the top bit of index and ring fingers and the middle finger down to the bottom of the nail, so those three fingers are about the same length.
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