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  1. Bloomberg is abysmal with public speaking. Of course Trump is too, but Trump has an element of charisma. I like Pete, but blacks really don't like him. I like Amy. I hate Bernie, but I will vote for anyone but Trump. Warren is done for. She bogged herself down with plans, and I think that turned off people. I like Biden, because it would be fine if he mostly slept for four years after the heightened anxiety of the Trump years.
  2. There were presidential candidates calling it “a modern day lynching”, AOC saying the press to take the “alleged” out of the news reporting, and stuff like that amplified the situation a lot. Exit Question: When Law and Order does a script on this, will Jussie sue them for stealing his script?
  3. Me too! I really like her, even though she eats with a comb!
  4. I’m working with The Lucky Pupp rescue that buys puppies destined to go to puppy mills and used as breed stock. ‘Please check them out. I can see why PDawg was concerned with me not neutering my Mishka. There is a big problem with dogs being considered livestock.
  5. Have you seen her Adam's apple? Dude, she might be a guy. Oh, good God, I'm evil to say such a thing.
  6. Speaking about your Facebook friend. I think all those things are easy to say if he or she is not the one working for nothing, or worse not working because you are working for a civilian contractor. I'm so glad the government is re-opened. It never should have closed at all.
  7. Okay. One last take away on Covington from me. To me, this Atlantic article sums it up: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/01/julie-irwin-zimmerman-i-failed-covington-catholic-test/580897/ This tracks with almost exactly my emotional process with the Covington matter.
  8. Wading into the Covington matter, I honestly feel the kids only crime was facecrime and hatcrime. I just can't figure out why on earth everyone is so willing to blame actual kids, when clearly there were many highly flawed adults around. Why on earth did the adults get a pass? Nathan Phillips tried to disrupt the Basillica Mass service that very weekend (they locked the doors to keep him out), not to mention his stolen valor Vietnam Vet stuff, and his references to the BHI as prey while the kids were beasts? Really? The BHI referred to the only black Covington boy as a n***** and said his classmates would harvest his organs as spare parts, among other incredibly vile things. I know people who live in cities say everyone knows to ignore the BHI but isn't it a bit naive to think teens would know that, teens who had never been around BHI people? So, sorry. But the kids were just that, kids. And very foolish to buy a MAGA hat on the mall, and even more foolish to wear it. And yes, it was foolish that the chaperones didn't suggest that to them. And fine to do what you want with your kids, but if someone invaded my kids space and started beating a drum inches from his face, I wouldn't be happy. And you bet if my kid is getting doxxed and accompanying death threats, I'd hire a publicist to help him explain to get out from under. Lives and jobs were threatened. To me that's the real crime.
  9. I think it is the words "the Wall" that are the most bothersome. The Trump admin was hiring attorneys for eminent domain issues for southern border wall building. I think people are all for border security, but "the wall" is freaking them out. If I lived on the Rio Grande, I wouldn't want my beachfront property taken, or a wall built for me to look at.
  10. God, I'm so sick of this season of the Apprentice...
  11. You'd think the fentanyl dealers would get this, but they don't.
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