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  1. Looks like Astros vs Yankees game is taking that time slot, at least on Xfinity/Comcast.
  2. That safety probably thought twice about trying to bring Karter down!
  3. It was introduced as "Black Dog" and "Kashmir," not just "Kashmir."
  4. Still okay with over 32" of rain on the house. The back yard in a lake. Hoping for a bit of a lull in this rather continuous rain today.
  5. Yesterday, I heard a mention that NRG as being opened for displaced evacuees in some way. I didn't hear any details on which of the numerous facilities there would be used, or how, but there is a lot of floor space in addition to the actual stadium that are on the north and south side of the Astrodome right next to NRG.
  6. It's all just crazy. Such an inexact science.
  7. Rain gauge topped out at max 6” over night with hours of heavy rain. That makes at least 17” since Friday morning, but more likely moving toward 20.” Streets drained from water fully covering the streets on both sides of the house last night to pretty much clear, but it's now coming down very hard. Unfortunately, a band is training right over the Willowbend Myerland area. Definitely flooded a couple of miles to the north and not getting any better at present.
  8. Had 5" of rain fall on our house in 25 hrs. A 10-foot section of (old) fence went down. Sienna Plantation, which is about 18 miles to the south of us had @50 houses damaged by a tornado, and businesses in Katy, some across the street from Katy HS were hit by another one. The heavy rainfall to the north of Houston will likely show up in the rivers & other waterways overflowing early next week. Keegan's Bayou (near west side) and South Mayde Creek (farther west side) already had some flooding, but nothing drastic, but that's just after the first 24hrs. With 4-5 more days of rain, it won't be pretty for some areas.
  9. Naw. Those on the coast and others near water ways that have overflowed have been getting out. They are not advising to vacate unless it's already suffered from the previous flooding. Those about 1.5 miles north of us are definitely dealing with very serious circumstances. It's still a drag wondering how long and how much waters going to come down and come up.
  10. Was that Ike you're talking about? We were w/o power for 2 weeks, and friends over by you were definitely in that same 3-week group. That was almost all wind problems. We had tons of trees all over the streets, not to mention a 20 foot branch w/8" diameter through our roof all the way to the kitchen floor at 4 AM that morning. There were a few hours of bailing water until that stopped around sunrise. That was certainly not something I had on my bucket list!
  11. I'm in the MeyerPark/S. Post Oak area which is about 2.5 miles south of Braes Bayou which has been the location of residential flooding all three of the big rain events going back to Allison. Fortunately, my house is on the "highest point" in our area (whatever that means in Houston!) and has never been flooded but being just a mile away ain't exactly a peaceful easy feeling.
  12. “USF negotiating w Charlie Strong” - Report from Roy Cummingshttp://FootballScoop.com/The-Scoop
  13. He seemed to disappear in the second half, or even before, but never saw him on the ground with trainers or limp off the field.
  14. McFrog

    Iowa State

    That wasn't the only thing that's HOT!
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