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  1. Mr Scribe, you do know that we gnomes are magical folk right? You know not what we do when you are not looking.
  2. I'm baaa-ck! I've been adventuring again around the world and now find myself on this lovely beach. There has to be pirate treasure buried here someplace.
  3. JeromeClone here...was going through my album and found this postgame start of celebration picture! I wish I could remember who took it.
  4. My twin is being held incommunicado by a crotchety old hack writer so I have to see the world for him. Yes...and the tailgate.
  5. Win by one point, he says. Find a way to win by one point. Ooooooh. OOwwww. Win by one point he says.
  6. Seems I've found the comfortable confines of the Scribe residence. Since oldscribe is such a legend around these parts and fine old chap, I've decided to take up permanent residence here at Chateau de Scribe. That doesn't mean my traveling days are over! I can travel the world and yet never appear to move. We're magic, you see Hmm, wonder if Mrs. Scribe could fix me a tuna fish sandwich?
  7. Well this is embarrassing. I left the tailgate drunk on meat and beer, and now I have woken up in a strange yard. I couldn't have gone far on these stubby little legs. Y'all keep your eye out for a kindly old gnome that has lost his way...
  8. Greatness newbomb! Is there something on my beard?
  9. Oh ye of little faith. Mr Turk, I'm looking forward to trying your BBQ. Us gnomes get a might peckish during our travels.
  10. Jerome asks permission and actually interacts like a real gnome with them. He does not use telephoto lenses from behind a bush.
  11. Picking up girls of all ages is soooo easy. At Bay Roberts the Captain and I had several parties on several boats. This boat--Lady Nora--parked right next to the Captain's boat (it's the 27' minnow to the left of the picture). The owner and his wife were the only ones aboard which made docking in 25 knot winds a bit wrenching for the Captain to watch as it got within a foot of his boat. It turns out the they and the Captain have a number of mutual acquaintances. The Captain did not know he had such high level contacts! He got invited over for dinner and later for coffee and fishcakes for breakfast. This will be the Captain's next boat, I think. Coming home, the Captain and I encountered a small whale who came right up to the boat. Whew they have bad breath. The Captain threw the whale a small bottle of Listerine, but the whale did not eat it. The Captain says this is what they call a "footprint". A humpback will leave a footprint that lasts for almost a minute sometimes. Towards afternoon the winds really kicked up. Here the boat is heeling almost 35 degrees in 25 knot winds. The Captain assures me that the boat will not tip over but I notice he has to stand with one foot on the cockpit floor and the other on the seat on the lower side in order to stand upright. I hope the Captain knows what he is doing. I sure get a good view from here, though! And we are really flying across the water! Sailing is about the most fun thing in the world that you can do under 10 mph!
  12. Jerome was very, very tired after he got back this weekend, however here are more pictures from my voyage with the Captain. Here is beautiful Carbonear Island. The Captain wanted me to know that a certain Major Garland successfully defended the island from the dirty Frenchies led by d'Iberville who captured every other settlement for a hundred miles around about 1700. I don't know why he was so insistent about repeating the name. I also found out that the Captain is a chicken. There is an unmarked passage through these rocks and reefs right next to shore that is over 15 feet deep and at least 50 feet wide. The Captain sailed totally around the headland and added almost an hour of time. What a wimp the Captain is. At one little community I found some friends and had a nice time talking to my own kind.
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