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  1. Liberty Bowl isn't so bad is LSU is the opponent. That would be fun. First one to 6 points wins. ???
  2. Thats what I keep thinking. We are not very good, but nobody left on our schedule is better than OU or Arkansas, and those were close games.
  3. Stay Hard, Houston's Big12 invite
  4. So do we want Texas or OU to win?
  5. That would be sweet if we hold them to just 37.
  6. Yes please! A&M in Sugar Bowl! Bring it!
  7. Solid thread here; almost out of likes! ???
  8. Agreed. Especially if that NY6 is the Sugar
  9. I agree. But if we win the conderence, at any record, that puts us in the Sugar Bowl vs. an SEC team and me in New Orleans for NYE, and I am VERY happy about that scenario!!!!
  10. ResortFrog


    Go up 50-0 by halftime. Pull the starters to start watching OU film early! ?
  11. If Arkansas can end up 10-2 or 11-1, that loss will not hurt us. 4 teams have to make the CFP. If we win the Big 12 and we are 11-1, we'll be in. That said, I'm not sure we can go 11-1
  12. Holy smokes! How did your cousin land her?!? No offense to your cousin, but he's either got mad game or some serious coin! ???
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