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  1. I had to check your stats. That is Absolutley insane and they really weren't ever in jeopardy of not hitting the 40 win mark.
  2. Definitely 2 favorites, and 2 or maybe 3 others with a shot. Not 8 like barnsnuggle claims. OSU, TCU, I wouldn't be surprised if Kamsas shocked someone due to the solid run they've been on and Texas with their pitching(although their team is young) can make some noise on their side. Tech would be the third team that has a shot. First things first, beat Gaylor and advance.
  3. Speaking of Detroit, they let Tigers stadium be run into the ground after they built Comerica Park. It was really sad, because unlike the Silverdome, Tiger Stadium did have a lot of history. By the time they finally demolished it back in '08, 6 foot weeds were growing in the outfield stands and the field was nothing but ugly dirt. I drove by the site in 2010 and the flag pole from center field was still standing. Sad what has happened to that detroit which was once a thriving city in the US.
  4. Lighten up and stop being so critical!! We had first downs.... In the second half
  5. I pick tomorrow afternoon. Hoping for new 121 section or some nice 300s. Like you said there seem to be a handful of nice 300's opening and not very many takers in the 120's.
  6. Maybe he only knows what we know. We don't have an absolute dumpster fire of an offensive scheme, line, coaches, etc.
  7. A lot of voters had problems finding us hidden on Versus channel.
  8. Jordan's latest tweet: @JMOIAM: Honestly i feel like a kid again! This is the most excited I've ever for a football season! Greatness is a mindset #Frogsontop #nuffsaid Easy to root for this kid
  9. He will be in attendance in NYC!! Awesome. Loved watching Verrett play as a frog!
  10. Why does anyone on this board have a problem with what she said?? Baylor sucks. Bad pub for them. I hate Baylor. Happy Easter!
  11. Did they have a press conference with the OU chief of police?
  12. I hear ya. The security folks at the front probably told them to set em down there. I actually heard a lot of trash cans were removed on opening day for security reasons. The crowd at opening day is a different crowd. Half of them won't go to another game the rest of the season.
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