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  1. Who is this Rana guy? He is pressing DUSHEE,
  2. Did Debbie have any idea that you would make it to 70? I was told that I would be able to shoot my age. Susan said that I probably would live to be 85!
  3. I would have been unhappy to finish Runner-Up if the Champ had picked Georgia in order to beat me. Was fun climbing from next to last up the chain to next to first.
  4. How old is SFA? I thought you had to be over 65 to get to the top part of the leaderboard.
  5. Tremendous job being done by Coach Angie. Now, let's advance!
  6. Zebra should remember the SWC Championship held at Glen Garden in 68, I believe. I caddied for Jess Claiborne, who won the individual title. Zebra should have been playing. Remember a serious meltdown after play, on the putting green, when UT's Rik Massengale's wife blew a fuse and severely berated him, including lot's of profanity. Surprised this freshman. I think she became his ex in the not so distant future. Names other than Massengale would include; Chip Stewart, Dean Overturf, Duke Butler, Richard Ellis, Others, Zebra?
  7. Rana1


    This is a topic that bothers me. I live "out of area", so for the last two years I have been unable to listen to radio broadcasts of any sports, basically no Brian and John pregame, during, or post game. We used to receive the games on KTCU and/or WBAP on my iphone, but now they are not allowed to stream and only those in the metroplex can get the signal. Note; KTCU's signal is not that strong even within the metroplex. I know that I can pay and get the "Frog Vision" package and that it is not a lot of money, but I had rather give my money in other ways. When I have attempted to watch and listen on the "pay" site in the past, it was "iffy" reception at best. If they want to charge me, they need to provide a very good product. My follow up with responsible parties revealed that "This is what other universities do and is not new. We want to build the fan support for all sports." I don't consider TCU just another university. We need every person we can accumulate to adopt us as their "other" team. We should encourage those that want to listen by making the events available. Are there any potential out of area recruits out there that might listen to the game if available but won't or can't pay a subscription fee to watch? Those that want to watch are not likely to stop their subscription to Frog Vision because they can now listen. It would only affect those of us that are miles away and not within the radio broadcast limits. Share your thoughts.
  8. Yes, sometimes it's just not your night. Not only did I see the tip, but I also saw the "run beside". Bad breaks and bad calls will happen again. As well as our defense played, if we make two "TACKLES", Tech does not score touchdowns and the questionable calls are not less questionable, but actually may not be important at all. This can be an SMU lesson from 2005. We still have a lot of football left. I, for one, will trust Gary.
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