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  1. Reese Stalder is through the qualifying tournament and into the main draw in Nonthaburi, Thailand. His first-round opponent is Ben Patael (Israel; ATP#541). It looks as though they're scheduled to start their match at 11:30 pm CST. Reese and partner Austin Rapp were knocked out of the doubles tournament earlier today.
  2. Frogs Jacob Fearnley and Tadeas Paroulek are tennising at the pro tourney in Austin this week. Both have first-round main-draw matches scheduled today. Other Frog first-round matches scheduled today: Reese Stalder in singles in East Lansing, Jerry Lopez in singles in Cancun, and Nick Chappell in doubles in Cancun. Nick won his first-round singles match yesterday. Reese and his doubles partner did not advance.
  3. Reese Stalder is in Malibu, where he got through the qualies but lost to Brandon Holt (USC, son of Tracy Austin) 4 and 1 in the first round of the main draw. He's also in the doubles tournament with Felix Corwin (Minnesota). They're playing the Johnsons right now and just took the first set, 7-5. Nick Chappell and Gerardo Lopez Villasenor both won first-round matches in Cancun. Nick and doubles partner Rai Ajeet also play tomorrow. Update: Reese and Felix defeated SMU's brothers Johnson, who were the tournament 2-seeds, 7-5, 1-6, 10-8!
  4. Fantastic result for Jacob Fearnley. Nick Chappell also won today in Fayetteville, where he (again) beat Liam Caruana 7-5, 6-4. Nick's next opponent is Oklahoma State's Matej Vocel.
  5. Gerardo Lopez Villasenor also won today. He plays Colombian Cristian Rodriguez in the quarterfinals tomorrow in Cancun.
  6. Nick Chappell is back in Cancun and has reached the quarterfinals in singles and the semis in doubles (with Hillel Rousseau).
  7. The Patriots started Marshall Newhouse at left tackle and Marcus Cannon at right tackle. Seems to be working out okay.
  8. Tomas Jirousek just defeated Belgian Tom Pisane 6-1, 7-6(2) in his second-round ITF tornament match in Zlatibor, Serbia. Nick and The Widow are playing now in Fayetteville. Nick took the first set 6-1.
  9. Nick is on the acceptance list for the Fayetteville ITF tourney, as is Reese Stalder. If they haven't withdrawn, they're in the main draw. Former Frog Eduardo Nava is in the qualies there.
  10. Stopped into a pub for lunch today and noticed Alex Young on the teevee as he got the start today vs. the Mets. He left the game after giving up a grand slam that made it 6-0 Mets. Five of those runs were unearned due to an error by Nick Ahmed, who went to high school in the town where I live now and where I'm (no longer) watching the game.
  11. ... we also follow the women's team (somewhat)... I just saw on the Twitter that TCU women's team member Ellie Douglas is into the quarterfinals at the Futures tourney in Redding, CA, after her opponent retired. Ms. Douglas made the main draw as a lucky loser and then promptly knocked off the tournament 7-seed, Quinn Gleason (Notre Dame, pro for a few years now).
  12. Marshall Newhouse signed with the Patriots, in part to fill in while Marcus Cannon is out with an injury.
  13. Another site is showing that Nick is in Champaign, IL for the Futures tournament. He's seeded 3rd in the main draw. Reese Stalder is in the Champaign qualifying tourney. He had a first-round bye and is scheduled to play this afternoon.
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