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  1. I'm guessing this is based on survey data?
  2. 4 games in the top 14 this year. I'm leaning towards 'yes' to the OP's original question. http://www.sbnation.com/a/top-100-college-football-games-2015
  3. Hard to root for Baylor, but they have to win for Frogs to win the conference, which I view as TCU's primary goal right now. I understand that the CFP is a long shot, but its a no shot if we don't win the conference. Things can really shake up in the last 3 weeks of the season and no matter what the blowhards say, TCU is not eliminated until they can no longer win the conference. An Iowa State victory last Saturday would have been useful, to be sure. Now with all of that said, I cannot stand even thinking about Baylor, so if they lose, I won't lose too much sleep.
  4. The Browser is an aggregator of quality writing from around the internet. Topics range, but are usually of the serious nature. I was surprised when a post from EDSBS came across the RSS feed this morning. I suppose it is a somewhat provocative piece. In short, it advocates paying student athletes, more than the recently approved stipends, I assume, for their efforts. Not a novel argument, but it is well written and worth the time. Broke "Pay them because the worst American tradition is taking things that aren't yours and calling it destiny or virtue or principle." The Browser's description: Intertwining a plea to pay college football players (who are somehow “neither amateurs nor professionals, and effectively moved as undeclared contraband through the United States tax system”) and a personal essay about growing up broke in America, condemning “a system that willfully commits one of the greatest insults possible: making someone poorer, and then claiming that poverty as a necessary, virtuous and good thing”.
  5. Not the Frogs' best effort but a solid victory. I wasn't happy about yielding the late TD, but as another poster put it, it was a "relatively stress free" W. Boykin was very close to being great and I suspect that he will make the plays he missed last night in future games. I don't think GP held anything back, but it felt like something was missing on offense. The rushing stats look decent, but it never felt like we could pick up tough yardage, on the ground, when it was needed. If TCU is going to be a great team, 2nd and 3rd and shorts need to be layups. Slam dunks. No doubters. We are not sure how good MN is, but they looked like solid football team to my eyes.
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