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  1. For me, the NFL died when the Oilers moved to Tennessee. I was a diehard fan and season ticket holder. But when they moved, that was it. The NFL will always stand for No Fan Loyalty for me. Their departure - combined with TCU's success - made me focus on college football. It may sound silly, But I know the Frogs will never move from Fort Worth in good times and bad.
  2. Lucky to win today, but I'll take it. Relieved to know that I don't have to listen to rock chalk chants from my parents, brothers, niece & godson. still don't understand why hicks didn't get 30 carries today. He was running all over the Jayhawks @ 6 yards a carry.
  3. People want to focus on Hill's errors, but the D totally collapsed. Leading 28-20 with 1:59 to go, Arky scored TD, hit the 2-point and then scored two straight TDs in OT. Can't remember an ending like that for our D. That was flat out ugly.
  4. Question is what happens to Memphis if Fuente leaves? Do you really think he is there for the long haul? If they go undefeated or have 1 loss, how many P5 teams will go after him? Many. And some of them will be in the SEC. Would you turn that down? And Kansas did win the Orange Bowl years ago. How many BCS bowls have Baylor or Tech won? Can we throw them out of the Big 12 first?
  5. We will probably play freshmen and sophomore CBs next year. We will have to play more zone.
  6. RIP Glen. He was a good dude (even to all the dumbass sports writers at the Skiff). Best wishes to his family.
  7. It's tough to win on the road in this league. That's why K-State is the favorite. The Cats' win in Norman was impressive. And if they can win there, then they can certainly win two out of three in Waco, Morgantown and FW. Do that, defend your home field and that is your B12 champ. But if the Frogs beat them, then the Frogs own the tiebreaker (in public oipinion), BU has 2 losses and WV three. That means TCU is the league champ with one loss. After that who cares? Let the argument begin and TCU's results match up with any SEC, B10 or P12 team. The more they debate, the more pub TCU gets. It's a win-win deal. At the worst, the Frogs get ND or a 1-loss SEC team in the Cotton Bowl. Or, even better, we get a chance to knock off FSU in a semifinal. Now, let's pummel Tech and let the good times roll.
  8. But it is about the bottom line. How much longer can SMU stay afloat financially, especially in a future that does not include games against TCU, ATM, UT, BU or Tech? SMU is going to build a big rivalry with UH? Tulane? Tulsa? UNT? These kind of teams are going to bring 30,000+ fans out to the stadium? Come on. Why is there a big difference between those schools and Sam Houston, SFA, and so on? If SMU is going to rebuild its football program, then it will take a full 100% commitment. Do you really believe they are going to do that? The same program that ate the Death Penalty and screwed up so many times since then is going to right the ship now? It is amusing to me that so many Frog fans still believe in an SMU revival even after we have joked about SMU's incompetence thousands of times. And been have been proven right every joke.
  9. The thing that will kill schools like SMU, UH, ECU is when the P5 schools mandate only P5 opponents. How can an SMU fan get excited when TCU, BU, ATM are taken off the schedule? Would you get excited if TCU's best games were against UH, Rice, SMU, UNT, etc.? There is no way in hell I'd travel to FW to watch TCU plays dogs like that. No way. Would you buy season tickets to watch garbage teams like that all year? That is why these schools are in big trouble.
  10. We don't help our OL with the play calling. Lining up the shotgun every time makes us very predictable. Where are the play-action passes or the bootleg passes? No misdirection. Defenses can key the ball back to the QB, check the RB and tee off on us. Still, the OL has to step up or it matter who plays QB for TCU cuz we won't move the ball if they can't block anyone.
  11. MWC is now deeper. Doubt we would win out vs. Fresno, Boise, Nevada, WYO and SDST. Even New Mexico is better now and AFA always gave us fits. Sure, this team has a great D, but our offense would still be at the bottom of the league in every category. Sad but true.
  12. Boykin struggled in the first half, but everyone did on offense. Our OL got pushed around again. And the playcalling was maddening. Two WR screens on third and long? How the hell is Matthews going to make a difference there?
  13. Wyoming is strictly Republican. Always has been and always will be. Jackson is different cuz it is a liberal city, but the rest of the state is all Rep. During the Bush-Cheney years, Jackson was the only WYO county to vote Democratic. Ha. It's interesting cuz Dick Cheney's daughter Liz is challenging Rep Enzi cuz he is not conservative enough and will actually work with Democrats on some basic issues. She moved into town a year ago and a big stink happened when she lied on her fishing permit application. She says that he should work fight Obama on every issue. But what happens when he leaves office? What are your platforms and goals then? Fight Hillary? I'm not sure how Enzi is voting on the shutdown, but the fact is that the shutdown will kill the valley. The offseason will come 2 weeks early. I feel bad for the local businesses, especially our hotel. I am ready for the third American Revolution. I do not have a gun, but I'd join if it was legitimate.
  14. If they shut down the gov't, then they close Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Parks. That will kill Jackson Hole and the surrounding entrance towns in Idaho and Montana. It will close the summer season, which is our busiest time of the year two weeks early and really hurt us. Not only will the hotels be effected, but the small businesses in town well will dry up early, too. It will be a punch in the nuts for Teton County.
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