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  1. April 12th, 2005... And a later (2015) vinyl... March 8th, 2005... And a later (2016) vinyl release... August 30th, 2005... And a later (2019) vinyl release... April 12th, 2005... June 21st, 2005... And... I don't have a new label for 1905, so here is a single sided 78 from February 1905 by Columbia...
  2. Yeah, more double dipping. Contains what I would consider the best country prison song since 'Folsom Prison Blues'. Released on CD on February 28th, 2006... And a later (2009) vinyl release... The best Black Keys record was a cover album, in my opinion. But I am also a bigger Junior Kimbrough fan, so I am probably biased here. From May 2nd, 2006... And... Southern/stoner rock. Very solid original songs. Decent enough - but not spectacular - Jimi Hendrix, CCR, and Acid Bath covers included. From Albany, New York... Dallas punk. This is a 2006 CD reissue of a somewhat rare (only 1000 - 200 clear/black and 800 standard black pressings) 1992 posthumous album. The Reverend Horton Heat covered 'Nurture My Pig' and paid tribute to them in the song 'Loco Gringos Like a Party'. I don't have a picture of the album, but did find an earlier picture (likely about 1985, and likely in a parade to save KNON) of the hearse (before it got the tequila bottles fin)... This works for all of the chapters. New Age/vocal/electronic/chanting covers of rock and metal songs. Green Day's 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' is the highlight of this particular release for me. From March 31st, 2006... In 1906, Sears formed the Oxford record label. They had no involvement in the recording process. This label would replace their earlier, retired Harvard label. The cylinders were produced by Columbia and Albany Indestructible Cylinder. The 78s were produced by Columbia, Zon-O-Phone and Leeds & Catlin. The records were single sided discs. The series would last until 1916 when Sears brought out their Silvertone label. A 10" from 1906... A cylinder ad from the catalog... An actual cylinder and canister...
  3. Ugly game. I don't buy the #8 ranking of Florida.
  4. It's finally here! (And, I need some practice to dust some summertime rust off.) Enjoy! Saturday, August 24 - 11:00am Central Villanova Wildcats at Colgate Raiders Villanova 34 - Colgate 14 Final Score 2:00pm Central Samford Bulldogs vs Youngstown State Penguins (Cramton Bowl, Montgomery, Alabama) Samford 22 - Youngstown State 45 Final Score 6:00pm Central Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes (Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida) Florida 24 - Miami 20 Final Score 9:30pm Central Arizona Wildcats at Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Arizona 38 - Hawaii 45 Final Score
  5. Double dipping. I think this is the better of the two solo albums. And the other was still great. There's a little more electric guitar here than on Say Goodnight to the World, but none of it is close to being hard. CD release from 2007... And a later (2009) reissue on vinyl... I hated Mötley Crüe in the 1980s, and I still do today, but I liked this album. Released originally on August 21st, 2007... And later (2017) reissue on vinyl... Under appreciated album in their discography, in my opinion. May not have the big hits of Bloody Kisses, October Rust, or World Coming Down, but solid Type O from start to finish. March 23rd, 2007... And... I am going to flip the script here. This was originally released only on vinyl (with a book) in 1976... But it went digital in 2007... In 1907, Aretino Records was established. They sold pressings of leased masters, on a premium priced record with an abnormally large (3 inch diameter) spindle hole. They also sold cheap players and expensive spindle adapters to play these records. They lasted until 1914. An Aretino Record...
  6. I call this a very good hard rock album. I have a hard time calling it a Guns N' Roses album, though. Released on November 23rd, 2008... And... Swedish power metal giants. Concept album based on Sun Tzu's The Art of War, and how it applied to World War I and II. Each track covers one chapter of the treatise with a historical example. From May 30th, 2008... And... Their best album of this century, in my view. From June 17th, 2008... And... Dallas based band. Psychobilly? Country Rock? Cowpunk? Gothabilly? Whatever genre you try to stuff them into is irrelevant. They just work. Released in 2008 on CD... And later (2016) reissued on vinyl... Solid blues, released on CD... Fantastic rock and roll/rockabilly and psychobilly CD. This is one release I would love to have issued on vinyl. From Belgium... In 1908, the U.S. Everlasting Records label was formed. They released over 1000 titles on celluloid (hence the indestructible claim) cylinders between 1908 and 1912. Their cylinders were offered in 2 minute and 4 minute versions. They specialized in pop music and classical works. They also distributed to Montgomery Wards under the Lakeside label. From 1908, 'I've Got Your Number' by Ada Jones, catalog #385... And a Lakeside canister, year and contents unknown...
  7. Double dipping, but I have to. I think that this is the best of all of the rock bands to break from Seattle in the 1990s. I only rate Facelift higher in their discography; this is tied at second with every other studio release of theirs up to, and including, 1995. From September 29th, 2009... And those laser record players won't work with this clear 2xLP release... Warren Haynes is always awesome, but add some Billy Gibbons on A1, and record it at Willie Nelson's place? (And amazingly, that isn't even the best track, in my opinion.) Have mercy! From October 27th, 2009... And... Stoner rock. Fuzzy awesomeness. This was originally four demo tracks from 2005, but they broke up. Then someone started pushing several remastered versions of those tracks. This CD from 2009 is the best, in my opinion (and I usually hate remasters.)... I know, I know. But I happen to like REK (as well as Lyle Lovett). There are some REK sung tracks on here, but the best parts are the covers by "Red Dirt" artists. Jason Boland and Cody Canada did 'Shades of Grey' better than REK ever did. (And this CD is far less likely to get me banned than the cover art from my favorite 2009 death metal album.)... This is a make up for not doing a 1998 release on #98. German power/symphonic metal giants, in an acoustic release. I have no new labels for 1909. Here is a random release from February 1909...
  8. Folk death rock? Not sure how to call it other than that, but it is great. Bluesy, folky rock from Louisiana. Former vocalist of Acid Bath, and he sounds much better when he sings on his solo stuff than when he screamed in the previous band. Released only on CD on August 3rd, 2010... Denison based modern heavy metal (or as I call it, rock). Contains a remastering of their breakout song, 'Pissed Off and Mad About It'. Released on CD on July 6th, 2010... Their best CD, in my opinion... Southern/stoner rock. Catchy. CD released on June 1st, 2010... In 1910, the Boston Talking Machine Company established a subsidiary that vertically cut records. The newly formed company was the Phono-Cut Record Company. By cutting the records vertically instead of laterally, it allowed circumventing the patents held by Victor and Columbia. This paved the way for many other labels to get into the business before the lateral cut patents expired in 1921. They were a financial flop and sold off by 1913. From 1911...
  9. No, you know that it is country, so the card is still safe. Liking one (or disliking), the other, or both is personal taste, but ignorance to either of them and the type of music is a bad Texan move. I haven't met either of them, so I don't know for certain, but I assume the Aggie rule applies. They are probably both nice one on one, but I would expect wooping and other typical Aggie nonsense when they are together. And I know the 'Front Porch Song' couldn't exist with out both of them, but am thrilled I wasn't there when it was written.
  10. The Frank Zappa of Generation X. My favorite Primus album of this century. "What ever happened to Lee Van Cleef?" Released September 13, 2011... And... New Zealand psychobilly CD. Not quite Sparky-level vocals, but solid. And, as far as I know, less wastes of space than Sparky. Self-released on October 21st, 2011... This should need nothing said, but in the event someone doesn't have their Texan card handy, it is country. I can't find a copy of the label for it. Lost Highway catalog number B0015657-01. August 29th, 2011... It is all about #10. Don't ask me what the title is. Spetember 6th, 2011... And... No new labels for 1911.
  11. Stoner rock from Athens. There is only one track on this album that I call good. And that track's music video features a fella wearing a TCU shirt, so it gets the nod here. From December 2012... And... Definitely a guilty pleasure. The most mainstream album I listen to and will post for this century's portion of the countdown. Don't judge too hard, for every play of this, I have 100 of something much more extreme. From February 21st, 2012... And... Their best album since the 1970s, in my opinion. Not as smooth and beautiful as the early Texas bluesy rock stuff, but solid. Far better than ZZ Pop. From September 11th, 2012... And... Great rock CD from Spain. En Español... In 1912, Thomas A. Edison, Inc. released Blue Amberol Records. They played longer than the previous versions of wax cylinders they replaced, and were more durable with a celluloid coating on the surface. They were still a cylinder, though, and the record was already a proven format and superior in nearly all aspects. They lasted as late as 1929, however. Early canister...
  12. Apologies now, but 2013 was a very metal year. Only a couple of albums in my music collection that aren't self-restricted forms of harder metal. And the handful of rock albums are all being withheld because the artists that did them have much better options coming up. Estonian Phil Anselmo leads a Southern/stoner/groove metal band. I am probably a bad Texan for this statement, but I think that they out do Pantera at being 1990s era Pantera with everything but guitar solos. April 1st, 2013... From the ashes of Type O Negative after Peter Steele died, rose this band by the original drummer. Musically it is very Type O, vocally it is something between Peter Steele and Layne Staley. From May 2013... And... Probably the hardest I will post, at least until we get down to #1. Swedish death 'n' roll. Really weak on the first part (they aren't the Tardy Borthers or later Entombed, for example), but the rock 'n' roll part is great. Very catchy... They released it on vinyl, but I haven't found anything beyond that it was vönHell Records catalog# JCSCLP001. Psychedelic rock. Catchy and less Sabbathy than their first album (in a good way). And with a band name of Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, they have to get some love. Plus, it came in vinyl. April 15th, 2013... And... On April 2, 1913 Polydor Records was founded by the German firm of Polyphon-Musikwerke AG in Leipzig. Their entire history is too complex to cover here (the Wiki page is linked for a rundown of it), but they have signed just about everyone famous and are currently under the Universal Music Group umbrella. The first 78 Polydor label I have found is from 1926...
  13. TCU Horned Frogs (0-0) vs Arkansas Pine Bluff Golden Lions (0-0) 7:00pm Central Saturday, August 31, 2019 Amon G. Carter Stadium Fort Worth, Texas Final Score GoFrogs Box Score ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score FrogVision (TuneIn) Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8) FoxSportsGo Fox Sports Southwest/Southwest+ (?) Accuweather.com Weather.com Weather Underground TCU Football Facebook TCU Football Twitter The Rest of the B12 this week (and Purdue) ▼
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