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  1. I really wanted to love the new Perry Mason. But Rhys is not Raymond Burr. Okay, I knew that going into it. Also, I get that this isn't about Mason being a lawyer, but his progression towards becoming one. But seeing it happen made me really dislike it. (I do think that Robert Downey Jr would be even worse.) The storytelling felt flat to me. It isn't that it is slow because I am a huge fan of a slow burn. I just do not care for any of the characters. To the point that they should all have the same fate as the baby. Even Shea Whigham, and that fella is one of my favorite supporting actors. By episode number two, I was so captivated with it that I fell asleep midway through. I am not sure if the dried drool in the corner of my mouth was from the nap or the show. I will give it another chance and a few more episodes, but as it stands now, I am calling it a major disappointment.
  2. I would never own one, but... That plays both sides of a record without flipping, in whatever order you want to play. To me, part of the enjoyment of vinyl is flipping them. But if I am going to be lazy and just push a button, I would rather have it stored on a drive versus being on a disc. The file on the drive is instant go when you click instead of having to switch discs or track scan.
  3. The original Twilight Zone series has been my favorite TV show of all time for over 40 years. I loved it as a kid and have rewatched all of it hundreds of times since. But, I think that it is in serious jeopardy of losing the 100% rating I give it and falling to a 99.99%. I need more than one watch of the final season of Dark before I will claim a new favorite, but as it stands now, things are heading that way.
  4. Normally, I would refrain from posting this in here, but since the Apocalypse is only just over 12 hours away, I have decided to welcome it by looping a vinyl rip of this song until the release...
  5. For analog sourced (reel to reel and vinyl) music, I stick to 24bit and either 96khz or 192khz or 32bit (192 & 384khz) in a couple of instances. I have one SACD or DVD Audio disc that I ripped at its native 24bit and 96khz specs. The rest of the normal CD (and AM/FM radio) rips are at Redbook standard of 16bit/44.1khz that they were produced to. Even using the compression level of 8 when encoding to flac makes for a very large album at that point. Figuring that a Redbook rip will clock in somewhere between 300-650mb. Which of course is a substantial upgrade in footprint from the first "real" music (I am not counting the 386 days and midi files, then later on, mod file songs) of 64kbps or 128kbps mp3 that I started storing on computer. Hell, figure the average 320kbps mp3 album runs around 125-150mb, and you are still taking up a considerably larger amount of real estate. Speaking of hi-res flac... A warning for anyone stupid enough like I was... Modern Pioneer car stereos (2019-2020 models) claim (through some convoluted bullshit marketing speak that makes zero sense at the technical level) to play high resolution, 24bit depth flac audio. They do NOT! Or rather, they do not at anything you would enjoy to listen to. They sputter and play a half second of audio every 3-4 seconds of choking on processing it. (Not that I have any pretension of discerning the difference between even a 192kbps mp3 and any lossless audio when fighting against road noise and less than optimal speaker placement... It is simply a matter of being inconvenienced by having to convert whatever goes on the thumb drive to a lower quality so that it plays. And they only register 32GB of storage on the thumb drives, as an added reason to avoid.)
  6. I keep thinking that now that I have gone from mostly mp3 to mostly flac/ape/etc that the bloat rate will taper off. Theoretically, it should. Somehow, I expect to need more than 6TB at some point. I never expected to amass a collection of over 300,000 songs (at last audit between loose files and complete albums and complete discographies), either. I do expect the movie/TV drive to fill up much faster. No way I am going to say that drive is "hopefully enough"!
  7. I am very anal about the music collection. Tagging, file structure and defragmenting the drive. If I add to it, it gets defragged after loading into the Kodi database.
  8. The joys of being a digital packrat. Ordered some much needed hardrive space today. The 3TB drive I was using for music storage was too full for comfort. (Less than 20GB free.) Hopefully a 6TB for music and another 6TB for movies and television will last at least a little while.
  9. I hated Jaws, but that list inspired me to take a trip to Aquarena Springs with Joe Dante again. James Cameron's sequel may or may not be played.
  10. (I won't listen to anything off this album on YouTube, but especially the last five tracks from it. I assume this is the right version. I know the version I am playing right now is.)
  11. Viral Load was an awesome brutal death metal band out of Houston. Shawn Whitaker on the mic. The Practitioners of Perversion album is easily in my top 50 BDM releases.
  12. I was an early adopter of PayPal and eBay. Until they stole several hundred dollars out of the account. I didn't use either since that fiasco. After they stopped using PayPal in handling transactions last year, I figured I would give them a shot again. I found an auction for a vintage amplifier when I was first working on biamping my stereo setup. I was the only bidder and won it at the minimum. The seller rejected my bid, eBay backed the seller, and I went through the convoluted process of deleting my account. So much for giving them a second chance. The only secondhand marketplace I will use now is Craigslist. Which sucks for finding exactly what I want, but at least the headaches are minimal when I do find something that convinces me to part with my money.
  13. Screw eBay... But even more so after reading this... https://www.universalhub.com/2020/feds-allege-ebay-terror-campaign-against-natick
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