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  1. I am trying to avoid double dipping (George deserved the extra love, though), and will not triple dip this artist in two days. However, as with the above, this is my favorite album in their discography, so... I can't post my favorite 70s soundtrack albums because of nudity, but this embraces a similar feeling and sound of what will be missing on 72.
  2. Wait for the early to mid 50s and pre-RIAA mastering. I already have several 10" ideas floating around in my noodle, starting about '54...
  3. Wasn't the reasoning behind pairing conference mates in the super regionals to avoid stacking the field of 8 in Omaha with teams from the same conference? Seems like that worked out well.
  4. I saw that Duke was pounding on Vandy last night. They were up something like 17 or 18 to 5 in the bottom of the 9th. Since we aren't in the mix, I am pulling for full chaos. And all $EC teams to fail.
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