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  1. And my rub with them. They lost a customer for that stunt. Hope the $15 made up for the $500+ on that order alone. Will order from THK direct from now on.
  2. Amazon lied to me a couple of weeks ago. I put in an order with items listed as in stock and supposed to arrive completely by the 26th. After I paid extra for 2-day shipping and processed the order, they conveniently let me know then that it would be the middle to end of May before all the packages would arrive. The last package due to be delivered is the most important one of the lot, of course. This put a major halt to building a computer case, an entertainment center with built in computer case and a coffee table. Also included in that order was some dog food that I needed delivered in a timely fashion. Because of the deception, I had to pay $120 locally (from the only place that carries that specific brand/flavor within 90 miles) for a box of dog food versus the normal $60 MSRP. The one stop net shopping has pissed me off to the point of actively avoiding using it in the future. So, instead of using my forced downtime to be productive in my shop, I get to play pinball video games. Yay.
  3. Not surprised at all. Don't download virus apps. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/hackers-hijacking-home-routers-to-direct-people-to-malicious-coronavirus-app/
  4. I made some rosemary-apricot pork loin the other night. It was fantastic. I followed this recipe - https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/rosemary-apricot-pork-tenderloin/
  5. A couple of months ago, I had to put my cat down. It was pure hell and within 4 days and 1200+ miles of driving, I had a new family member to help me cope with the loss. I still miss the cat daily, but my buddy is helping me deal with it. Meet my 70+ pound lap dog, Rocko -
  6. Not so fast my friend... You are forgetting something! The next time you find yourself down in Rockport/Port Aransas/Aransas Pass, take the detour. The spicy garlic dill. You're welcome. https://www.picklesmith.com/ (I loathe the fact that they don't have a webstore on the site set up! The previously mentioned pickles and their habanero mango jam/jelly/marmalade/crack cocaine would be making regular cross country trips.)
  7. If Harmon and Reynolds are included, then it isn't specifically a professional level list. Granted, I didn't really care for him as an actor too much, but that list seems like it is missing someone... Marrion Morrison. Offensive lineman for USC, circa 1926-1927. While his football career was short, he did play, and he was too big of a name to omit, and probably should have been #1.
  8. Billy should not have been allowed to remaster anything in the late 1980s. "La Grange" and "Mexican Blackbird" stand out to me the most with different lyrics/song structures and butchered guitar edits. It was turrible! The correct LP mixes of First Album and Rio Grande Mud can be found on this CD - https://www.discogs.com/ZZ-Top-The-Complete-Studio-Albums-1970-1990/release/4651510 Fandango!'s LP mix can be found on the above album and (as far as I know) all CD reissues after 2006. Tres Hombres still isn't right. There are varied degrees of bad with it, and the box set above has one of the best CD versions you can hope for at this point. My sick vinyl fetish aside, if you want any of them to sound right, get the LPs or a digital rip of the LP. All on London Records. Catalog numbers - PS 584 (First Album), XPS 612 (Rio Grande Mud), XPS 631 (Tres Hombres), PS 656 (Fandango!). First Pressings matter here more than most other albums.
  9. I will have to check that out! I know they made records after Fandango!, but I honestly could not name them, beyond Tejas and Deg├╝ello. Forget about knowing which songs are on which album. At least not until the 1990s or early 2000s. I think some cheap cover band named "ZZ Pop" abducted them during that period. I bought them all a while back on CD, but I don't think I have heard every second of any of them. I think that they are as bad as the first four are great.
  10. One episode is probably premature to make a judgment, but the new season of Westworld seems like it is off to a better start than season 2. Still a far cry from the greatness that was the first episode of season 1, though. As long as they don't try to get too complicated like they did with season 2, I think it might be a good rebound season. And I can't wait for...
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