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  1. gofrogs152

    AP Poll

    #2 Remember the dismal 2013 season and we did not become bowl eligible. GMFP said that gave him the time to institute a new offense, and we know what happened in 2014. Purple glasses securely affixed to head....
  2. LOL if you can find me in that crowd you have super Xray eyes. Got us club level seats, very back row (so we can stand as much as we want) and under cover.
  3. I personally found this week very tough. I am stinking so far this year, kinda like my Frogs. Hey PD going to the Ravens-Bungles game this weekend. Will see Andy, though from afar....
  4. I think they probably used Buddy Garrity's mailbox...
  5. Happy birthday lady! Hope it was a good one!!
  6. gofrogs152

    AP Poll

    Hey @Frogfaninbedford just wanted to say welcome to the board.
  7. Honestly I don't care about the skillet. Let them have it and cook with it nightly. I hate that game, it does us zero good. We get zero credit if we beat them by 40, it's their Superbowl so it's often close, and so we get beat up for that. I know it's close and that is helpful, especially in the years we have 5 conference road games. But I just feel the negatives greatly outweigh the convenience.
  8. I'm out of town so didn't get to watch the game, so have no insights. I've been frustrated with the offensive side for a while, but we scored 38 points and gave up 41. At least from the score, it sounds like defense had it's own issues this week. I was disappointed to hear that we didn't bring Meachem back because of personality issues. If he's not the right fit then that's fine, but to not add a possibly important piece because professionals can't get along is not a good sign for our future. My mantra today: it's just one game. All of conference play in front of us. And most importantly...quit taking a game a bunch of kids play so seriously. 😉
  9. I'm am with you. It's the little victories you have to cherish. And I beat the hubby by 1 point so there is that....
  10. Is there some thought we don't renew with SMU? I absolutely hate that game but I thought Patterson liked playing it. No one on that list really jumps out at me, so I favor whatever would be a home game.
  11. Happy belated birthday Smooth! So glad to hear it was a good day for you.
  12. I think I may be glad that I'm out of town and won't see this game. Feel like I would be climbing the walls all game. I hate playing SMU.....
  13. After reading that Purdue game thread, I'm very grateful we have our in-game conversations in chat. That way our drama isn't put on display for others to read later!! 😉
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