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  1. God save us....

    And here's the thing. I do care if your family doesn't have access to affordable health insurance. I think it's absurd in a country of our size and resources that families have to face the uncertainty about not being able to afford needed medical care. I don't wish my personal hell on ANYONE. But if we could stop the partisan "my way or the highway" nonsense and work together, perhaps we could find rational compromises on a lot of issues, from health care, to immigration, to tax policy, to gun violence. Realize that this will almost likely be met with some snarky and flip remark. However, I care about my fellow citizen, regardless of their political affiliation (or race, or religion, or sexual orientation). And I care about my country, and want to make it better. Unfortunately, seems most people just care about sticking it to the other side at this point.
  2. God save us....

    So glad that's the point you took from this entire exchange.
  3. God save us....

    Who is trying to overturn the presidential election? Wanting to understand what happened, and why, and making sure it doesn't happen again, is not trying to overturn the presidential election. We had a 31 month investigation during the Clinton administration that got us word of a blowjob in the Oval Office. Something that I had problems with by the way, but was it really worth the cost? This is the problem with our state of political discourse right now...we are so defensive we can't take a step back and just look at anything objectively.
  4. God save us....

    I think it's a bit hypocritical for you to expect us to care about the effect on your family when you clearly don't worry about anyone else's. Amirite??
  5. God save us....

    Yes when my son had cancer and I was concerned about him not having health insurance, your response to me was "Why is that my problem?" So your family should have access to affordable health care but mine shouldn't? Got it. Good news for you is that my son is dead so he will no longer be a drag on your family because his slacker ass was stupid enough to get cancer. Best of luck to your family since you still have one.
  6. God save us....

    Good grief. Can we all just stop being so defensive and have some rational thought about all of this stuff? -We should all be concerned about the extent the Russians went to meddle in our elections. And it wasn't just in support of Trump. They targeted Bernie Sanders supporters, they targeted Black Lives Matters. It is INSANE to not take it seriously and to not exactly ask ourselves what the end game is for them. -These latest indictments do not prove, or disprove, Trump campaign collusion with the Russians. No one should be drawing conclusions one way or the other at this point, because we don't know. -We have to stop classifying all news that we don't like as "Fake News." It's absurd. And if you get all of your news from only far left or far right publications, you are simply uninformed. Try to defend it all you want, throw in terms about mainstream media and fake news all you want, but you are not well informed. -Note to myself: Stop reading this damn thread. It's akin to banging your head against the wall.
  7. God save us....

    So we're supposed to care about how Obama's policies affected your family??? The quote, "Why is that my problem?" seems to ring in recesses of my mind. Wonder where that's coming from?
  8. TV Thread

    Not yet but we are only two episodes in....
  9. TV Thread

    Apologies if already posted, but have watched the first two episodes of The Trade on Showtime and it is horribly compelling. Follows multiple storylines related to the opiod trade. Not an easy watch, but also fascinating.
  10. God save us....

    Right there with you sister.
  11. God save us....

    I haven't seen where Democrats have jumped to conclusions. Have seen them argue the Mueller and intelligence committees need to continue their work and get to the bottom of it, but I haven't seen them claiming we have conclusions at this point. If they claim to have conclusions, then they are wrong. Period. I'm frustrated with the hyper-partisan nature on both sides. There is plenty the Democrats do that bug me. I think Nancy Pelosi has been in her position too long and they need new leadership. I think some (not all) of the Bernie Sanders supporters are naïve at best about public policy. Overall I thought Bill Clinton was a good President in terms of policy and things he accomplished, but the Lewinsky matter was horrible and an abuse of his position. And I was livid when he made those pardons as he ended his presidency. I had major problems with Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. I think Aloha wrote one of the most thoughtful posts I've ever seen on this site about why it was a problem. I believe I also posted my concerns with them regarding discovery and FOIA issues. Our problem is we have a lot of hypocrisy on both sides. I don't agree with him on policy, but I greatly admired Rand Paul's speech last week. I believe that speech can easily apply to many Democrats as well -- principles seems to be very fluid, depending on who is in power. I think we are in SUCH a hyper-partisan state right now that we all have a knee jerk reaction. And very smart people on both sides stop being smart because they have come to believe they can't give credit to the other side. I chose a career in public service for a reason. I believe there is honor in it, and I take those responsibilities very seriously. Right now I feel very few in Congress, Republican or Democrat, have a real sense of public service. It's about wins, power, and cheap shots. It sickens me. So perhaps us reasonable people, regardless of party affiliation, need to take a deep breath and stop being defensive and just start being rationale. If Democrats are saying we know what (if anything) happened with the Trump campaign and Russia, then they need to stop. The investigation needs to continue without political interference. However, that also has to apply to the Republicans (and in fairness, I've heard some Republicans very clearly say the investigation should be allowed to run it's course). We need to all accept that, separate from any questions about the Trump campaign, Russia clearly meddled in our elections. And that should scare every single one of us. And we should all accept that there is a LOT of disinformation out there, both liberal and conservative, and we all have a responsibility to put aside whether it supports our beliefs, and whether it is ACCURATE. I have very low expectations from elected politicians, and have for a long time. But my true disappointment comes from my fellow citizens, of both parties, that have lost the ability to engage in a rational and informed dialogue.
  12. God save us....

    I honestly don't know. I think there are concerning things related to his campaign (the Don Jr. email showing he met with a Russian individual with the goal of getting dirt on Clinton). But that is not conclusive evidence. I believe there is enough pieces out there that the Mueller investigation needs to run its course. But I don't have enough information yet to come to any conclusions one way or the other.
  13. God save us....

    Or just to throw another idea out there.... The Nunes memo used selective information that was less sensitive, using it to paint a picture of political bias. However, the more sensitive information (from an intelligence standpoint) discounts the overall story the Nunes memo is trying to tell. For example, it may contain information from other sources that shows the FBI didn't rely solely on information from the Steele dossier and in fact possibly corroborates information in the dossier. Nunes knew it would be difficult to get the Democratic rebuttal out because it contained sensitive information, so he went forward with a memo only showing selective facts. The truth is none of us know. I don't believe the Nunes memo showed this great conspiracy those on the right are claiming. But I also don't know if the democratic memo provides any new perspective either. Considering the issue is the possibility of another country trying to influence our democratic elections, perhaps it would behoove ALL of us to sit back and try to let the truth come out, whatever that may be????
  14. God save us....

    I'm very sorry you see it that way. My belief is that our law enforcement should politics aside and determine the facts, and then act accordingly.
  15. God save us....

    I know I'm an idiot. But as someone with 20 years of federal service, the last few years have been very frustrating. I purposely chose a career in public service. While I'm not in the military I thought there was honor and pride in choosing to serve my country. I've worked for both democratic and republican administrations. While I freely subscribe to being a democrat in terms of political beliefs, that doesn't change how I perform my job duties. The best political appointee I ever worked under was a republican. The truth is that politics rarely play a major role in the day to day administration of federal agencies. Our missions stay the same regardless of what party is in charge, and all of us, regardless of political affiliation, are focused on providing quality public service for the American taxpayer. But over the last several years we've put up with ridiculous attacks, referring to us as the "deep state" or "bureaucrats" who have chosen to vilify us for some reason. Is everything we do perfect? Or course not. But the constant attacks on the federal workforce by folks who like to call themselves patriots has been a real drain. So when I see others going after federal workers for simply doing the job they were assigned, and not considering the actual FACTS of the situation, I feel a responsibility to speak up. That is not a "leftist" or a "right-wing" thing, it's simply the correct thing. If other's here need to label me a leftist for speaking up for the integrity of our federal workforce, so be it.