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  1. I beat the troll and that's all that really matters.....
  2. I'm in. Sent the link to the troll in case he wants to join in. Think he won it one of the last couple years.
  3. I said the exact same thing to the hubby. Need the Pokes to just get it done.
  4. Gary Danielson was already making excuses for them. Everyone should have someone love them the way Gary Danielson loves Alabama.
  5. LOL, I did just fine. Though I think we have forever disproven that the amount of wine I drink has any correlation to a Frogs win. The color of everyone's underwear may still be a deciding factor, however....
  6. I hate football. Why do I do this to myself? I should take up crochet.
  7. Pictures from our flood on Halloween night. No storm, just strong southerly winds. Actually got better when the storms came through and changed the wind from the West. Nothing in the in the house and got the cars moved to higher ground in time, so nothing more than a bit of an adventure. Won't lie, it's a bit disturbing to be surrounded by water on all side when you are on "land." But this is what we signed up for when we bought water front, so I can't complain. And feel like we have a much better idea of what to expect in the future. Have a crazy video on my phone of the waves crashing over the bulkhead but haven't figured out how to share that yet.
  8. That thread yet again reminds me how happy I am we keep our neuroses confined to the chat room.
  9. Hubby pointed out we never switched QBs this game. And we won. Food for thought...
  10. OK all, Sangiovese is now the official drink. Stock up before next week!!! Go Frogs!!
  11. https://share.icloud.com/photos/089PU2UN1ciI_ML3dGvA-IRRg
  12. So I’ve gotten all the weekend chores done and I have a lovely Beef Burgundy Stew in the crockpot. I have banished the now unlucky Ravens gnome to the closet. I took PDs advice and have replaced the Pinot noir with a lovely Sangiovese. We are set up on the back deck with the gently lapping water and the fire pit. I have done all I can to create lots of good juju. It’s up to the Frogs now.
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