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  1. Rooting Interests

    I love my Frogs and I want them to win a National Championship. But I just don't see this team being that caliber this year. And I really don't want us to make the playoffs and have our rear ends handed to us. Maybe I'm not good enough of a fan, but I'm pretty pleased with this season overall. Hopefully we get a good bowl game but I'm not really upset at the thought of not making the playoff.
  2. Week 12 Games

    That actually sucks for the Big 12. Having 3 teams in the top 15 was a selling point
  3. Week 12 Games

    Four straight incompletions from Rudolph.
  4. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    Was shocked when I saw that. Haven't been excluded since 1958.
  5. Rooting Interests

    If we lose today then does any of it really matter??
  6. Rooting Interests

    This was my thinking as well. I would feel more confident going into a Championship game knowing our guys want revenge. If we win out, then it's the reverse scenario, with us being the hunted. I just can't get too excited about it. Thought we were in 3 years ago and they broke my heart. Will root for the Frogs and if we get in I will be thrilled, but I just can't set myself up for that kind of disappointment again.
  7. Woo-Hoo! It's time for CFB Pick-'em!

    Congrats to PD who continues to hold onto first place, but DUSHEE is close on her heels.
  8. TCU is just a good football team

    Think we are a much improved team this year from last year. And think the future is really bright for us. But I haven't felt like we were a national championship caliber team all year. I could still be proven wrong. We are in a 4 way tie for 1st place in the conference and can got to the CCG if we win out. It's disappointing to get the loss, but I just don't see us having all the pieces this year to compete for a national championship. There is nothing wrong with that.
  9. Woo-Hoo! It's time for CFB Pick-'em!

    I think I have started my second half of the season slide....
  10. AP Top 25

    First rankings come out Halloween night
  11. Kansas U @ TCU

  12. TCU @ KSU

    FS1 just reported a 2 pm CDT/3 pm EDT kickoff.
  13. Prayers requested

    I want to thank everyone for their love and support over the last several years. I thought I had prepared myself for this moment but I hadn't. I guess you really can't. The last several weeks were very tough and I try to remind myself that he is no longer suffering. He was so incredibly strong and brave. So I am trying to be strong like he was. Tyler participated in the Rapid Autopsy program through Johns Hopkins University so they were able to gather cancer tissue for multiple research entities, to include Hopkins, the Children's Oncology Group, NIH, and others (including one at Texas Tech). Tyler said repeatedly that he was given a chance because of others who went before him, so it was important to do whatever he could to help others. He told us he wanted to do this as soon as he learned his diagnosis was terminal. So he met with the pathologist at Hopkins to discuss his wishes and to make arrangements in advance to identify where the tissue samples would go. Dr. Reynolds at Texas Tech said the Navy Seals have a saying: "You are never out of the fight." He said that with Tyler's multiple donations to science, he will continue his brave fight against this terrible disease. His memorial will be next Saturday, 10/21. I didn't want to have a memorial because I don't want to have to grieve publically. But my brave and beautiful son deserves to be honored and remembered, so that is what we will do. I want to sincerely thank everyone here for their support, PMs, and donations to the Children's hospital. Trust me, that money is needed, especially in a place like Baltimore. Know that you are joining Tyler in his continued fight against cancer. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with such a kind, caring group. I wish I had better words to express my gratitude.
  14. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    Liked the combo of Pulisic, Altidore and Wood, attacking, but it did leave Bradley a bit exposed back there. It was a good result. And I call Arrielo "Nipples."
  15. GameDay

    I'm so, so sorry