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  1. So happy this is back! Going for false.
  2. I've been listening to Pod Save America a lot lately. Undeniably liberal podcast, but they have done very in depth interviews with many of the democratic candidates. If you want to get something more than the common 30 second sound bites I definitely recommend the candidate interviews.
  3. I must say his gloating remained in the reasonable range. He picked UVA last year too (he grew up in Charlottesville) when they lost to 16 seed UMBC, so he's been on the very wrong side of that pick as well.
  4. OK, so it's great that JD is staying, but I don't buy this stuff about there were no negotiations and he wasn't interested. This stuff was in the news for DAYS. If it was never a possibility, then they would have come out quickly and said so. I'm all for drinking the purple Kool-Aid, but this one sort of defies logic.
  5. I laid this out to troll this morning. Along with the fact that I am down in 5th place. I will give him credit, the gloating wasn't TOO over the top.
  6. Thank you so much all! Wednesday birthday is just another day, but hubby got me tickets to see Billy Joel in NYC in June so I am pretty spoiled.
  7. I did mine with almost zero research this year. Usually spend time trying to inform myself just to see it go up in smoke. So I figured I would just go with my gut. Yeah...that's not working so great. And hubby and I have the exact same final 4 somehow, so not a ton of intrigue now. I just gotta home that UVA goes down as that's his champ.
  8. Sorry, was at a conference all day. http://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2019/en/group?groupID=2628380
  9. If anyone wants to do a bracket challenge again this year, I have re-established last year's group. Name is The Frog Horn. Password is GMFP. Post your entries before noon EDT on Thursday.
  10. I'd like this if he wasn't playing for a Division Rival
  11. So the bay froze and the force of the ice took out part of the boat house. Everyone says we have to fix it versus just removing because you can't build them any more, so once it's gone it's gone forever. And of course not covered by any insurance.
  12. Congrats Newbomb! Take me with you!!!
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