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  1. gofrogs152

    P Dawg's Birthday?

    Happy belated birthday lady! I hope it was as special as you are.
  2. gofrogs152

    Bowl Mania Pick'em 2018!

    I think PD kicked our butts so decisively this year there is no catching her....
  3. gofrogs152

    Coaching Carousel Thread 2018

    That's quite an indictment of Morgantown that a coach would leave there and go to a Group of 5 school. Rich Rodriquez was very vocal about his problems when he left WVU. I think this could really hurt their program. And I'll try to not cackle too gleefully....
  4. gofrogs152

    The Sun Bowl happened 20 years ago today

    We had only been living back in the states for about a year and didn't get a lot of TCU games on TV then. My then 4-year old Tyler comes in and says "Mom, TCU is on TV." Watched the rest of the game then. Got back into following TCU football more closely after that. Tyler was really proud he told me the game was on.
  5. gofrogs152

    Bowl Mania Pick'em 2018!

    PD is kicking all of our butts thus far. You go girl!!!
  6. gofrogs152

    ¡2018 Bowl Thread!

    Would be better if Herm Edwards would shut up.
  7. My hubby went to bed and was asking today if we were all ready to pop a gasket. Told him it was funny, but I thought we all took it in stride pretty well. It was so absurd from almost the very beginning that you couldn't really get upset, you just had to go along for the ride.
  8. gofrogs152

    Thoughts and Prayers

    That's the cancer my son had. It's a horrible, horrible disease.
  9. gofrogs152

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    That was my immediate reaction as well, though in fairness I've never seem most of them play.
  10. gofrogs152

    Bowl Mania Pick'em 2018!

    I had picked them but then listened to my football pidcast and they were convinced Houston would win so I changed my pick. Duh
  11. gofrogs152

    Bowl Mania Pick'em 2018!

    So The Purple Troll and I both picked Houston for this game. However, I have it at 8 points and he has it at 41. So now I'm all about Army.
  12. gofrogs152

    Bowl Mania Pick'em 2018!

    I believe Purple Troll has mixed up confidence points for later games, but I will double check (or not.... bwahahahaha).
  13. gofrogs152

    Signing Day Thread

    Huge thanks to @SuperToadfor all his work on this thread! Couldn't wait to get home and read about all the signees!
  14. gofrogs152

    God save us....

    Sorry, just saw this. No, this year (for the first time in over 20 years) we received our appropriation at the start of the fiscal year. So we are fully funded this year and will continue to work, no matter what happens with other agencies. Yay!!
  15. This makes me happy. We really need to shore up the kicking game --- it's just been way too inconsistent.