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  1. Sorry, was at a conference all day. http://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2019/en/group?groupID=2628380
  2. If anyone wants to do a bracket challenge again this year, I have re-established last year's group. Name is The Frog Horn. Password is GMFP. Post your entries before noon EDT on Thursday.
  3. I'd like this if he wasn't playing for a Division Rival
  4. So the bay froze and the force of the ice took out part of the boat house. Everyone says we have to fix it versus just removing because you can't build them any more, so once it's gone it's gone forever. And of course not covered by any insurance.
  5. Congrats Newbomb! Take me with you!!!
  6. Best statement I saw about them was from Frogs O'War, I believe....the win-loss record that goes with the uniforms will ultimately determine how I feel about them.
  7. We have a landline still, because cell reception can be a bit spotty here, and we wanted a reliable connection for conference calls. Unfortunately we get several of these calls a day. The worst part is I am getting telemarketer calls asking to speak to my dead son. Had one just a few minutes ago. These assholes are lucky I can't physically reach them.
  8. Slow Burn is incredible. The one on Clinton was very disturbing to me. Really me re-think how I viewed him, sadly. I'm enjoying Pod Save America, but a lot of F bombs, so not for listening with the kids around. Slate Political Gabfest is good, but Emily Bazelon's voice is like nails on chalkboard to me for some reason. I tried Armchair Expert and was an episode with Sarah Silverman where they were having a prolonged discussion about pubic hair. Have never considered myself a prude, but kind of turned me off. Just not a discussion I want to listen to. That said, will try to give some other episodes a chance. A friend recommended Dr. Death, which tells the story of a Dallas based spinal surgeon who ended up maiming/killing several patients. Just started it so can't give a recommendation yet. Slate presents: Standoff is pretty good -- discussed the Ruby Ridge standoff.
  9. Very interesting article on how these folks bypass the controls to call us https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcwebertobias/2018/06/11/caller-id-the-technology-made-for-scammers/#6901430c6f2e
  10. Happy belated birthday lady! I hope it was as special as you are.
  11. I think PD kicked our butts so decisively this year there is no catching her....
  12. That's quite an indictment of Morgantown that a coach would leave there and go to a Group of 5 school. Rich Rodriquez was very vocal about his problems when he left WVU. I think this could really hurt their program. And I'll try to not cackle too gleefully....
  13. We had only been living back in the states for about a year and didn't get a lot of TCU games on TV then. My then 4-year old Tyler comes in and says "Mom, TCU is on TV." Watched the rest of the game then. Got back into following TCU football more closely after that. Tyler was really proud he told me the game was on.
  14. PD is kicking all of our butts thus far. You go girl!!!
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