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  1. frogtwang

    Week 8

    Ohio state is going to sink like a rock, all the way to number 3
  2. frogtwang

    Week 8

    Purdue running that train right in urban Meyers buckeye. 35-13
  3. frogtwang

    Week 8

    WSU is going nuts. Great scene for Gameday.
  4. frogtwang

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    I agree. Those helmets are sharp.
  5. frogtwang

    Whatever happened to ...

    Agree. He was flying down that sideline.
  6. frogtwang

    Week 7

    ISU is looking good.
  7. frogtwang

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    That’s odd, they didn’t take the pictures at Jones stadium.
  8. frogtwang

    The Sports Dump

    Should have been arrested.
  9. frogtwang

    The Sports Dump

    Indeed. I did have a bit of a cringe when they were talking about how TCU had so much returning the next year. If that team would have just stayed healthy...
  10. frogtwang

    The Music Thread

  11. frogtwang

    The Sports Dump

    CJK5H and is a pos.
  12. frogtwang

    The Sports Dump

    Watching the 2014 Peach Bowl. Damn, that was a great team.