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  1. His best role in my opinion. I love this movie. Impossible to watch it and not speak like them for a week, eh?
  2. I have no explanation for this. Please accept my apologies.
  3. Arquette was a mess. I have not watched an awards show in a decade, but have Dish Network and it automatically records prime time on the major networks. Once I saw Ricky Gervais' opening monologue, I thought it might be worth watching. It wasn't, but the Gervais monologue is some of the best TV in the last few years. It was awesome. I wish I could see a different version that only showed audience reaction.
  4. I second the recommendation for The Highwaymen.
  5. Terrible the twos, they are.
  6. As one who still frequents killer frogs often, I have had the pleasure to get to know Wes in person a few times. He was an awesome person. The type of brain cancer he had is one of the absolute worst diagnoses a person can receive. I have been impressed with the way he handled this with such grace, humility, and humor. He impacted so many people's lives through his efforts. He will certainly be missed.
  7. Not sure how many of you still keep up with KFC, but Wes has taken a bad turn and reports state that he is not expected to live much longer. I thought some here may wish to know this sad update.
  8. I don't own a credit card at the moment, other than a Sam's card for gas. It is all debit card, online bill paying and pay pal attached to my bank account. This after most of my life has been spent in huge credit card debt. I have abandoned it for the past 8 years and clawed my way out of student loan debt ($300K), debt from a small family business $100K), and credit card debt >$50K. My mortgage is the last debt at the current time. Only buy used cars and pay cash. We basically use the Dave Ramsey philosophy. Life is way better that way and we no longer live paycheck to paycheck like we did for most of my life. Of course, three of four kids are graduated from college and the last one is in his final year of school, so life has gotten decidedly less expensive for us. I would encourage everyone to get out from under credit cards. The airline miles and other stuff are not worth the risks in my opinion. Spending beyond your means becomes too easy.
  9. As much as I can. I am convinced I spend less when it is paid in cash. It is a mind game, but it hurts more to pay in cash and is a deterrent to over spending for me.
  10. I am not aware of that album. I will have to give it a try. I really love his really old stuff like Madman Across the Water, Burn Down the Mission, and the entire Captain Fantastic Album.. Those are just some really good rock songs.
  11. I am a big fan of Elton John 1970-1977, a modest fan of him for the next 15 and I don't really care for much of his stuff the last 15-20 years. I thought Rocketman was just okay. I really wanted to like it a lot more than I did. Bohemian Rhapsody was far better, in my opinion. A similar fiction music movie, Yesterday, about the glitch that caused the Beatles to never exist and only one guy remembered them was a pretty good film. I really enjoyed it.
  12. At the encouragement of a fellow poster, I am sharing big news about my son from the past week. He is on youtube and has his own channel if you search for Zak McAllister Just a follow up on my son’s week at the 2019 International Juggler’s Association Annual Festival. So, he won the three biggest awards:World Champ for Individual World Champ for TeamsPeople’s Choice Award (voted on by ballot by all festival attendees for their favorite person at the festival)He also got four gold medals for lesser events and won another audience voting performance competition. He’s only the second person ever to win all three big awards in the same week. Essentially, every single thing he was eligible for, he won. He was on fire. It is a niche group of performers around the world, but in that world, he is on top for the moment. It was a very cool dad moment for me to see him compete against people from around the world and come out on top.
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