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  1. TE Bryant cost us a first down early in the game with a horrendous missed block when he pulled from the left side to contain the outside linebacker.
  2. A rumor site we've never heard of quoted a tweet from a guy who supposedly has a "well-connected" source.
  3. Kansas had a great drive against Tech's second string defense. Great TD pass and fantastic catch for a TD with 7:43 left. Then their kicker misses the go-ahead. Lol
  4. Same here. Add that to my kickball game last night and consequent lack of sleep, and my employers are getting screwed...
  5. I am not saying it will be adequate prep work, but having a former TCU defensive coach on their staff has got to be a big advantage. He will know the weak points in our zones and direct Mayfield accordingly. Then again, Patterson obviously knows this and has probably made adjustments. And hopefully Mayfield won't have time to exploit the holes in our zone
  6. I think we win... but I am not sure by how much. - Tech is worse in every aspect of the game than LSU and we played LSU to the last quarter and had a legit shot at winning if a few cards fall our way. In particular, the performance of our secondary (especially the corners) and run defense are bright spots that should be even brighter against Tech. - Tech/SMU was a contest until the 4th quarter. Tech struggled to contain Gilbert, who is less mobile than Boykin. SMU also had some success with RBs and ours are just better. More, SMU's passing stats don't show the many drops their receivers had that could have extended drives - point being that the receivers were open. Boykin has impressed me with his improvement as a passer and I hope to see it highlighted tonight. - Tech's defense is all around bad. 490 yards to SMU and 364 to SFA. They are reasonably good in the red zone, but I think our running attack and Boykin scrambling can make the plays needed for TDs. - On offense, Tech has played well no doubt. But they haven't played a defense with a pulse. I think that they will rely heavily on Amaro because Ward will be covered up by Verrett. Tech's run game is very weak, with just 48 yards against SMU (granted, over 250 against SFA), and run defense is one of our strongest suits. This will make them one-dimensional as the game goes on, especially if we get an early lead. Keys to the game: - Pass rush. Mayfield is good, no mistake. But he is also a freshman who had never played a defense as fast and strong as ours. If we can put pressure on him, he's going to start making mistakes. If we sack him a few times, he will start to run scared. OTOH, if we give him all day to pass he will find an open receiver and it'll be a long night. I want to see some blitzes, especially at the start of the game to rattle Mayfield. Break his rhythm and he will make bad decisions. - Contain Amaro. Amaro's value has been overstated by Tech fans, but we have to prevent him from functioning as a safety valve for Mayfield. You don't want him to have any throws he feels comfortable with, or he will make us pay. - Control TOP. Tech can score very fast, so it is key to keep their defense on the field. Run the option all night and set up some deep balls. Get all three RBs involved from Play 1. Tech had a lot of trouble against Gilbert running, so let's capitalize. - Dominate the line of scrimmage. This is one of few games where we probably have an advantage on both sides of the ball on the line. If we can push them back then just run up the gut and make their linebackers cheat. Collapse the pocket on every play. - X factor. I suspect Tech will throw some trick plays at us. WATCH THE FAKE PUNT - Finally, special teams. It seems we may have finally found a return man worthy of Jeremy Kerley's legacy. Tech has been pretty good in coverage and also has some shifty (though unproven) return guys. So, everybody needs to do their jobs and I think Catalon might make a big play happen. Oberbomb should just kick it out of the endzone.
  7. How much prep time have they spent getting ready for it, though? With Haverty at Tech, they'll be able to practice pretty much exactly what our defensive schemes are.
  8. Ich bin heute Mitglied des TheFrogHorn.coms, jedoch bin ich auch ein Mitglied des anderen Forums. Wie kann man entscheiden? Wer weißt das? Ich erzähle, ich bin nur ein Krötenesche. Heute sind wir alle Kröteneschsen. Ich hoffe, eines Tages versteht diese Tatsache alle. (finally getting to use my German degree...)
  9. Let's not go down the attendance smack road. There will be over 50k there and the only reason it hasn't sold out is the Thursday timing. It may still sell out, really. However, the guy clearly doesn't know what he's talking about with regards to our team. 1. Secondary is overrated? I'll just leave that one alone, I think their performance against LSU speaks for itself to anybody paying attention. 2. Fields was not brought in to win the game, Patterson had stated before the game that he wanted Fields to get playing time before Thursday. Plus, if Patterson was so willing to play Fields to win a close game, why didn't he come in vs LSU?? 3. Keeping a spy on Boykin might slow Boykin down, but we have two very talented RBs that this guy doesn't even consider. Keeping a spy all the time is also a good way to get beaten on a lot of drag routes since you won't have that extra coverage man. Btw, first post here! Hopefully you'll remember me from KFC.
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