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  1. They closed the poll early. Must’ve gotten word of my Russian scheme to influence the vote.
  2. Bumping thread to make sure everyone has voted for all purple.
  3. Ridwan doesn’t seem right. Hopefully someone will intervene.
  4. https://twitter.com/cheezitbowl/status/1135977601154002944?s=21
  5. Well, it's the concentrate that's the felony. And that shit's legit.
  6. This. Drove me crazy all season. They were workout warriors that never had natural playmaking ability. I'm sure they were always in the right spot and blocked well, but that doesn't get you very far in a spread P5 offense.
  7. They got rid of the unnecessary black on the navy jerseys and pit stains on white and yellow.
  8. MSU looks like a late April Fools’ joke. I doubt Baylor will wear the all yellow. Same way we’ll probably never wear all purple. I’ve come to like the simplicity of their unis. But the font notches and logo suck though.
  9. Yup. I got the white helmet specifically with autographs in mind.
  10. West Virginia will be dropping new threads today as well.
  11. Some slides, shorts, and a football. I’m regretting not getting a baseball jersey, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger since I was already dropping a good chunk of change on the helmet.
  12. Scored the Peach Bowl helmet I wanted. White with chrome mask. Success.
  13. By the time this rolls out, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to buy a bundle of Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+. “Hulu has live sports” and all. Big cable is dying. Let’s see what this AT&T package looks like. I’m encouraged that the Big 12 is in early.
  14. Thanks, y’all. Look forward to finally meeting you, Newbomb. I’ll be the fool watching Tottenham on my phone at 6:30AM waiting for the doors to open.
  15. Has anyone been before? I’m going for the first time this Saturday. I’m told the line forms at the loading docks, but I have no idea where that is. Am I a fool to get in line at 6AM? Or is that necessary to get your hands on premium items? Thanks in advance.
  16. Yes, I do. I love all things sports aesthetics.
  17. The last big bubble game tonight is the PAC-12 CCG. Washington is a lock to get in, with Oregon in the First Four Out territory. Need a Huskies win to stay firmly in the mix.
  18. St. Mary’s over Gonzaga in the WCC CCG is not good for the bubble.
  19. What I wasn’t factoring in were potential small conference tourney upsets. You may be right that we’re out with a loss to OSU.
  20. From what I can tell, a win over Oklahoma State on Wednesday will lock us into a 10 or 11 seed. A loss will put us on the bubble, but probably not dropping out of the First Four round unless it's a disaster.
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