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  1. Listenbee is suing TCU, GP, and Big 12

    This is the same Jordan Ray that wrote terribly for KF.c when he was in school. The kid’s shit. “Audience Growth Editor” = Clickbait Engineer
  2. That’ll be a tough flip. He’s from an Aggie family. He’s damn good though. He’s only missed one PAT in his career. Unfortunately it was in OT of the playoffs. http://texashsfootball.com/cedar-ridge-edges-coppell-overtime/
  3. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    CBS has us as a #7. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/bracketology/
  4. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    3 conference losses by a combined 6 points. A poorly coached team would have that break them. A well coached team grows from it.
  5. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    We could make a run and win the Big 12 Tournament, but we’ll finish #5-7 on the regular season table. Which is still a remarkable season considering where we’ve been. I’d just like to get into the big dance and be competitive. That’ll be a satisfying season from my perspective.
  6. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Which wouldn’t be terrible, honestly. That still probably gets us into the tourney at a 9-11 seed.
  7. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Thank God for the 3 ball, or this would be out of reach. We’re getting dominated in the paint on both ends.
  8. Early Season Games 2018

    Edited to include FSU @ VT on Labor Day.
  9. CFP Championship Game

    True. And if that system was applied to football, they don't play enough games for anyone to pull away from the field to the extent that City and Chelsea have done in recent years. I would actually love an EPL style system be applied to CFB but it'll never happen as long as each conference operates independently.
  10. CFP Championship Game

    And the EPL model has its flaws. For example, we still have months to go but Manchester City has pretty much locked down the title. Fortunately we have a tight race for the 4th spot (Champions League) to entertain us. There is no perfect system, because perfection is unattainable.
  11. CFP Championship Game

    Yes. And unfortunately, the public doesn't have much to back up their moaning. The biggest winner last night was the Committee, not Alabama. They've only had to make two decisions of any consequence: Ohio State in 2014/2015 and Alabama in 2017/2018. Based on the game results and ratings, they can write off all moaning as biased butt hurt. Could TCU have won in 2014/2015? Probably. Could Ohio State or UCF have won in 2017/2018? Maybe. Ohio State or Stanford probably could've done it in 2015/2016 too. Until there is an automatic bid for every conference, OOC scheduling is equalized, and the number of conference games is the same for everyone, there will always be someone that disputes the National Champion. It is absolutely an Invitational, as are all tournaments that have any element of a selection committee. Only the pros have true playoffs. But even with a playoff, the "best team" is not always a champion. See Patriots vs. Giants in Super Bowl XLII. I enjoy the CFP for what it is: a biased system that serves to feed the CFB/ESPN hype machine and drive revenue. I'll never let that tarnish anything my team accomplishes. The Rose and Peach Bowls are nearly perfect memories. And I love that UCF is defining their own reality rather than letting CFP/ESPN define it.
  12. CFP Championship Game

    You play to win the game. Could’ve been interesting to give SR12 a shot in Ames.
  13. Early Season Games 2018

    USC is losing tons of guys. Texas should handle USC at home and be 3-0 when we go to Austin in Week 4. If we can take care of Ohio State, that’ll be a Top 10 matchup. GP is already gameplanning for a huge 4-game stretch for the program. Southern @SMU Ohio State @Texas
  14. CFP Championship Game

    If you didn’t watch, you’re an idiot. I’ll take every second of CFB I can get. If Tua can keep that up and Saban finally has a dynamic QB with an arm, watch out. It’ll be interesting to see if he can win the job and if he does, how he handles being gameplanned against. Heartbreaking for Georgia. Hate the SEC all you want, but they stand out. Their fans have class and loyalty. What a season for them to win at South Bend, SEC Champ, Rose Bowl... Would’ve been the ultimate capper.
  15. CFP Championship Game

    Can we get some predictions started? I’ll go: Alabama 24 Georgia 17 Boring and ugly. Field position battle throughout the first half. Alabama dominates the 3rd and Georgia scores late to make it look close.