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  1. Vlade Divac

    TCU/OU Predictions

    I was pretty drunk when I wrote that. And damn, I’m proud of my typing skills.
  2. Vlade Divac

    TCU/OU Predictions

    Pathetic showing by our students. We were down two scores before they even filled out the best seats in the house. And then to chant for Collins and put down Robinson like that? Go #$%@ yourself, students. You weren’t even there to know if SR deserved to be benched. You just had a home game against OU and you couldn’t show up at 11:00? The best home game I had in my time was Wednesday night against Louisville in the cold rain. You’re entitled Millennial turds.
  3. Vlade Divac

    Riley owns Patterson

    Riley has the perfect counter to GP’s 4-2-5. And with better talent, it’s no match. Our best hope is for Lincoln to go to the NFL. He’s an offensive savant the same way GP is a defensive savant. And we’ll never recruit at OU’s level. We can only hope that they have a major drop off after Baker/Murray. If I’m Kelly Bryant, I know where I’m going.
  4. Vlade Divac

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    Needs more black.
  5. Vlade Divac

    TCU/OU Predictions

    OU - 27 TCU - 17 Never really close though. Always a two-score game. Patterson plays it very conservative to keep our chances for a few big plays at the end to make a difference. But they never happen. Also, we all come on The Frog Horn afterward to talk about how painful it was to watch.
  6. Vlade Divac

    Whatever happened to ...

    Super bummed. I had high hopes after his crazy first touch against Jackson State last year.
  7. Vlade Divac

    Bowl Eligibility

    I’d guess we’ll be Cheez if we make it to six. Can’t imagine them putting a P5 team in a home bowl game.
  8. Vlade Divac

    Bowl Eligibility

    College Football Playoff Semifinal: If Selected 1. Sugar Bowl vs. SEC 2. Valero Alamo Bowl vs. Pac-12 3. Camping World Bowl vs. ACC 4. Texas Bowl vs. SEC 5. AutoZone Liberty Bowl vs. SEC 6. Cheez-It Bowl vs. Pac-12 7. Armed Forces Bowl vs. American Athletic
  9. Vlade Divac

    Bowl Eligibility

    We sit at 3-3. We’re wasting a great defense. At this point, all we can do is hope we can find 3 more wins to become bowl eligible. Leave Robinson out there with one focus: protect the ball. Wasted season for a couple of special seniors in Turpin and Banogu. Get reps. Practice through the winter. Get better. Next season. Oklahoma - L @ Kansas - W Kansas State - ?? @ West Virginia - L @ Baylor - ?? Oklahoma State - L
  10. Vlade Divac

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    We’ll be in the same combo as we wore for tOSU. It’s a great look.
  11. Vlade Divac

    Tech Predictions

    9-6 Frogs.
  12. Vlade Divac

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    I’m guessing this tweet is a sign.
  13. Vlade Divac

    TCU vs. Oklahoma

  14. Vlade Divac

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    Once vs. SFA. Pretty sure this was the very first game after this set was unveiled.