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  1. Quite disappointing to enter my favorite time of the year without the Frogs on the slate somewhere. Hit me with your favorite non-major bowl matchup to watch. Mine are: Cheez-It Bowl: Washington State vs. Air Force Contrasting offensive styles. Mike Leach in Cheez-Its gear. Baseball stadium. Let’s get weird. This should’ve been GP vs. Leach. I am sad. Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State vs. Washington The Chris Petersen Farewell Bowl. The game is starting later than usual so we should get some action under the lights. Camping Bowl Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Iowa State I love this matchup on paper. But I love most the off paper “coming of age” story this could be for Campbell and Purdy. Independence Bowl: Louisiana Tech vs. Miami Virtually a home game for LT in Shreveport. They’ll be fired up and Miami will be in culture shock. Holiday Bowl: Southern Cal vs. Iowa Rose Bowl Lite Texas Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M Big XII rivalry renewed. Will Spencer Sanders be healthy?
  2. Give me LSU to cover all day. Boomer Sooner to be 0-4 in the CFP.
  3. Well, I heard there was a wonderboy, That many teams would not employ, But you don’t really care for Euros, do ya? So where would he go? The fourth? The fifth? Or would he fall and be a Knick? The baffling Kings took Bagley over Luka... Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka Well his game was strong, but we needed proof, We hadn’t seen him play Mizzou, But his playmaking and passing overthrew ya, And he led the break, it wasn’t fair, His stepback three flew through the air, It fell and Dallas traded up for Luka... Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka Well maybe he should’ve been your pick, Even though he’s white and thick, He’s colder than a tall glass of Kombucha, And we all cheered for his debut, An injured Dirk was cheering too, And every Mavs fan shouted “Halleluka...” Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka
  4. If OU embarrasses Baylor, Utah doesn't stand a chance. As a Frog fan, you should know the effect of a blue blood CCG blowout.
  5. Any of the three teams (Oklahoma, Utah, Baylor) are going to get murdered by Ohio State or LSU. As fun as it would be to watch Baylor get embarrassed, I don't want them to have that month of Playoff bliss to enjoy. And I don't want Oklahoma to lose a Playoff semi for a fourth time (previously Clemson, Georgia, and Alabama). That just starts to get embarrassing since they're the Big 12's flagship team. So by elimination, I'm rooting for Utah, which means I'm rooting for Utah to blow out Oregon and Oklahoma to stumble their way into an ugly win over a shitty looking Baylor.
  6. This spread seems high based on how they’ve been playing and a high chance of rain. But with bowl eligibility out of the question, Vegas must be banking on some give up from WV. I expect a very physical effort from our Frogs, with GP letting the senior RBs shine on Senior Day. We break their will in the fourth and run away with a win. TCU 28 WV 14
  7. Fire Cumbie! Max is gonna kill in the Schultz short-side option offense.
  8. Reagor is about to have his best game of the year. I see 2 receiving TDs, and maybe another via punt return or reverse of some sort. That said, I don’t think it’ll be enough for an outright win. But it’s an easy cover. 41-34 Sooners
  9. Did you intentionally find a bard GIF with white shirt and green pants?
  10. Baylor has a good defense. We will have to hold them below 24 points to win. We lose 27-21. Tied 14-14 at half. Go down 24-14 in the third. Delton, Sewo, and Jet start to wear them down in the 4th, but Sewo fumbles inside 2 minutes on what could've been the game winning drive.
  11. Can't wait for some Rosa's commercials starring Max Duggan.
  12. I wish they looked as cool as they look after the settings adjustments UNISWAG made.
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