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  1. ESPN/Todd McShay's Mock Draft

    He gone.
  2. CDC gone to Austin

    I’m not saying I have sources in Austin. My totally uninformed opinion is that CDC made his name navigating the MWC ➡️ Big East ➡️ Big 12 drama. Texas knows what’s on the horizon and wanted someone with that experience. Watch what he says over the next 2 years. Oklahoma has already let it slip, so it’s in UT’s court to leak next and begin the destabilization.
  3. CDC gone to Austin

    Hold onto your butts. The PAC-16 is happening.
  4. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    I'll bet GP brings back the look from the Oregon game. Big 12 will be in dark jerseys this year. Last year's press conference helmets were accurate for what was worn on the field. So based on this photo, the Oregon look is possible, and Stanford has changed to white facemasks for some reason.
  5. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    Probably climbs to 3.5-4 if Love decides to sit it out.
  6. 2018 TCU football

    I just went down a Boykin highlights rabbit hole on YouTube. The way he was able to stretch the field was incredible. And Doctson and Listenbee just knew how to go get the ball.
  7. 2018 TCU football

    GP never actually trusted Kenny, and thus Cumbie was never allowed to open up the playbook. That's why our offense was so frustrating and boring this season. Robinson will need to show GP that he can shake off mistakes, so I hope they give him a chance to sling it around against Southern and SMU. Kenny was the type that let his mistakes snowball into implosion -- implosion that went beyond himself and ruined games. Boykin played wheels off and made mistakes, but he didn't let his mistakes slow him down or change his style. I miss Boykin.
  8. Bowl Matchups 2017-18

    4 teams are bowling in their home stadium: Miami, Memphis, Navy, and FAU.
  9. Bowl Matchups 2017-18

    I wish SMU, FAU, and UAB would’ve drawn mildly interesting opponents. Heart of Dallas Bowl landed a great matchup with WV vs. Utah. Armed Forces Bowl will be very interesting. SDSU is solid and Army’s triple option is fun to watch. Independence Bowl has me very intrigued. Huge for Southern Miss to get a shot at a weak FSU team. Camping World will be fun to watch. I would rather be there playing VT than San Antonio playing Stanford. Tech is gonna get housed by USF.
  10. 2018 TCU football

    OL and CB depth are my concerns. Our DL and WR groups will be nasty. Hope Banagu stays. Reagor is going to be the best true WR we’ve maybe ever had. Safety will be solid with Small, Issahaku, and Gaines all back. Hope Sewo can develop some elusiveness and be a solid relief option for Anderson. It’ll be interesting to see how much of the running game goes through SR12. He looks like the type that would handle RPO well. And will Rogers redshirt? If so, who is our backup QB? Snell has the potential to be our next big difference maker. Cumbie needs to find some interesting ways to get him involved.
  11. Early Season Games 2018

    Since these bowl games aren’t doing much for me, I’ve started looking ahead to next season. The Big 12 has some really nice OOC matchups. Week 1 Alabama vs. Louisville (Orlando) Auburn vs. Washington (Atlanta) LSU vs. Miami (Arlington) Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss (Houston) West Virginia vs. Tennessee (Landover) Michigan @ Notre Dame Week 2 Clemson @ Texas A&M Mississippi State @ Kansas State UCLA @ Oklahoma Iowa State @ Iowa Michigan State @ Arizona State Colorado @ Nebraska Week 3 Ohio State vs. TCU (Arlington) USC @ Texas West Virginia @ NC State Boise State @ Oklahoma State SMU @ Michigan
  12. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    Or VT, since ND has apparently accepted a Citrus bid to play LSU.
  13. To the Alamo Bowl we go

    That would be great. I’d rather end up in Orlando against possibly Notre Dame.
  14. Big12 Conference Championship Game

    Hey, the second quarter was awesome. Let’s do that all next season. State Champs baby!