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  1. Vlade Divac

    Too early to start a 2023 expansion thread?

    It is never too early. Who knows what’s true and what’s not, but I follow this topic across a variety of forums and here are the stories I’d keep an eye on: 1. Frustrations in the Pac-12 with revenues low and lack of national media attention. 2. The SEC’s quiet pursuit of Oklahoma and its willingness to bring their little brother along with them. 3. West Virginia still coveting the ACC. If Notre Dame joins, they’re first in line to be school 16, with UConn a close second. 4. Nebraska’s longing for the glory days. Can they get a dance partner in Colorado to come home with them? 5. CDC’s appetite to drive the next big change in the CFB landscape. Will he jump ship from the Big 12, or might he be able to package up a band of misfits for the Big 16 (Nebraska, Arizona, Arizona State, Houston, etc.)? 6. The role of big cash from tech. If Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc. want to play, will they come in and play by the usual terms? Or will they attempt to transform how deals are made? Could they buy the CFP and make a grand entrance into the space by giving fans what they really want: a true Playoff? Could they dip their toes in early by acquiring a network with inventory? 7. The Big Ten goes south. Texas and Oklahoma are the prize, but one way or another, the Big Ten will expand south. Georgia Tech and North Carolina are legit options, with Virginia as a viable backup.
  2. Any truth to some rumors around these parts that Cal is very anti-letting in a “Christian” establishment?
  3. Welcome to the board. Will you let us into the Pac-12? I once pooped and then claimed we were westward bound. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Vlade Divac

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    Message boards are one thing, but when your fellow students start chanting for your backup... That takes a really unique individual to overcome. Not saying he’s not that, but he’s a kid that’s had a pretty terrible 4 months after having a pretty incredible life up to that point. A fresh start might be just what he needs. To that point, I’m really disappointed with what the TCU student body has become. I wish there was a Frog Factor question in the application process.
  5. Vlade Divac

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    Why would you say that? Who Hurts you?
  6. Vlade Divac

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    That’s cool. But it’s gotta be Collins’ team to start the season. I think we could be going back to a few seasons of defense and ball control, with a spark of trickery when needed. With OU breaking in a young QB next year and UT hopefully losing their playmaker WRs to the NFL, next year is the year for a defensive team to step up and win the conference.
  7. Vlade Divac

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    That’s okay. I’m all in on Collins.
  8. If GMFP wants contrasting helmets, we’re probably looking at this: vs.
  9. I will bet good money we wear this look: Which won’t look very good against Cal’s usual road blue/white/blue. Realistic best case is blue/white/white. Ideal would be a color-on-color matchup.
  10. Vlade Divac

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    Correct. Probably unveiled around the Spring Game.
  11. Vlade Divac

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

  12. Vlade Divac

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    I’d like to see us incorporate red bloodlines on our new set to a similar degree Army did on those. They’re beautiful.
  13. Vlade Divac

    Bowl Projections

    And maybe, just maybe, it’ll be the start of something bigger. #pac16