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  1. KU at TCU: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Guesses

    Stormtroopers for KU.
  2. KU at TCU: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Guesses

    We'll be wearing the Jackson State game look.
  3. KU at TCU: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Guesses

    49-21 TCU Offense: Diarse catches 2 TDs Defense: Howard tackles everyone and picks up a fumble ST: Someone is going to block a punt Purple matte helmet, purple jersey, white pants
  4. Presidents have concerns about P12Network

    I'd be fine with that. I just figure that if they're going to do this, it'll be with a network in mind, and thus media markets will be a major factor.
  5. Presidents have concerns about P12Network

    I need a realignment thread in my life at all times. Your actual point is well taken. My first thought was actually... Maybe the Big 12 can make an aggressive move on the Arizona schools? Big 12 East: West Virginia, ISU, KU, KSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Big 12 West: Arizona, Arizona State, Texas Tech, Baylor, Texas, TCU
  6. Presidents have concerns about P12Network

    Pac-12 needs to scrap it and start over, inviting Texas, TCU, Texas Tech, and Houston to the new Pac-16. Put us in a division with the Arizona schools, Colorado, and Utah, and the other division can be the original Pac-8. East: Texas, TCU, Texas Tech, Houston, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah West: USC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State Oklahoma and Oklahoma State need to just get on with it and accept their SEC invite. KU will get their Big Ten invite, and poor ISU and KSU will be left following Baylor to the AAC. West Virginia will then finally get their ACC invite.
  7. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    This is one of my favorite English soccer subplots: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millwall_F.C.–West_Ham_United_F.C._rivalry
  8. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    Oh man, I'm sorry Boston Frog. I assume you've seen this then?
  9. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    I like their coach.
  10. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    Why are they my team?
  11. AP Top 25

    They played last year too. http://www.espn.com/college-football/game?gameId=400868953
  12. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    Come On, You Spurs!! (Yes, I'm celebrating a tie. Perhaps that's why they call it a commie sport? COYS.)
  13. AP Top 25

    They're going to love Notre Dame @ Miami on November 11th.
  14. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    It's a joke I've used myself, so not taking it seriously. More just curious. I'm anticipating much harsher soccer jokes over the next 4 years.
  15. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    Serious question... What is the "soccer is a communist sport" line rooted in?