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  1. Would you rather have... 1. Reagor to put us on his back and get us to 7-5 and a Texas Bowl berth, thus re-bolstering his draft stock so he can go pro. 2. Things to continue as is, possibly miss a bowl, but get Reagor back next year to work under a new OC and Sophomore Duggan.
  2. Demote Cumbie now and give Luper the lead on playcalling. Something has to change. Cumbie can’t establish a rhythm. Nothing feels natural. This offense has way too much talent and our young QB is absolutely not the problem. Wake up, Gary. You’re loyal to a fault. Don’t let that waste these seniors’ final year.
  3. As expected, terrible looking game. Looked like a JV spring game. Not a thread of black on the jersey or pant. Retire this combo forever.
  4. ISU 7 TCU 3 Duggan gets pulled at half and we just run the ball with Delton, Jet, and Sewo from then out. We throw some bombs to Reagor late but he’s double covered. Defense plays great though. Cumbie handles press conference solo. Message boards meltdown.
  5. This is the worst of CFB uniforms on display. Red, yellow, and purple available. Both teams wearing black and white for no apparent reason. This is going to be such a disgusting looking game. ISU 7, TCU 3.
  6. I expect we’ll go purple/white/white. But I hope we go purple/white/purple.
  7. We should be back to getting some votes if we beat ISU. And if we can rattle off wins @ISU and @KSU, with enough attrition we should be back in the Top 25 by the time we're playing Texas. Now, do I think that's going to happen? No.
  8. Does anyone else only read this thread while taking a dump?
  9. @ Cal FCS (likely one of the HBCUs) @ SMU
  10. Black/purple/black vs. Kansas.
  11. It’ll be interesting to see what we opt to wear this week. Would’ve been good to hold white/purple/white back for a 2:30 kick. I’ll predict purple/purple/black, which hasn’t been worn since the Peach Bowl season.
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