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  1. Official FrogHorn Tailgate

    It all looks great, i will try and stop by. I will have a first timer with me he is a 7 year old family friend, who will be attending his first big time game. Dad is an ACU alum and mom is San Diego St alum. He will probably be glued to frog alley. Btw Turk, awesome job but dont hate on us oak users!
  2. "Well connected source" strikes again

    Not worried at USC, they have their sights set on Jack Del Rio a former USC LB'er and d coord at Denver (for those that dont know). I would be more concerned with UT, I believe that is one of his "5 opt outs" in his contract. I could be wrong but I believe I remember seeing that. Do I think he would entertain Austin if they came calling... I dont know but. Also what the article does not say is probably what the actual quote sounded like. "I would love to coach the USC Trojans, if I was not part of a strong program as it is" or something like that, Just my thoughts
  3. Friday at 7 P.M. or Saturday at 11 A.M. ?

    It was also against Oregon St. Probably part of the reason why is was less interesting. Wait... wasnt the BYU game 2 years ago on a Friday? If so that was also game 7 of the failed world series.
  4. Tex-Mex Restaurants

    Im going to let you all in on a little secret, dont tell anyone, but give Dos Molinas in Northside a shot. Just a block or 2 north of Exchange and 2 blocks west of Main. Lunch special for 4.99 and everything is homemade. The tortillas are the best I have had. Remeber this is out little secret. Also try Fernandez Cafe on Vickery, the enchilada gravy is worth a trip. Plus if you see a parking lot full of cops you are probably in a solid place.
  5. New Member

    Glad to be here!!
  6. An Exodus?

    Just joined, been a member of the other guys for over 10 years, actually it is quite sad what is happening. I guess the greater atrocity is that those who have power dont seem to care. Glad to be here and excited to read and be a part of relevant discussion concerning all things Frogs Give 'em Hell! Evlo59