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  1. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    NBA opinions

    Good article. Almost good enough for it's own thread.
  2. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    There's a first time for everything

    Not to make light on a serious issue, but thought this headline was confusing: The Guardian view on Donald Trump’s immigration policy: hateful and wrong https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/19/the-guardian-view-on-donald-trumps-immigration-policy-hateful-and-wrong Syntax-wise, is the Guardian view hateful and wrong, or the immigration policy?
  3. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    There's a first time for everything

    Yeah I agree that 100% isn't reasonable. There are many issues with a wall- appearance, upkeep, wildlife, private property rights, etc. And it probably won't stop illegal immigration, anyway. It will probably end up being a big expensive metaphor signifying "loving your solution, not the problem".
  4. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    There's a first time for everything

    And there it is! Playing the "your playing a race card!" card. 😉
  5. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    There's a first time for everything

    I actually wrote mine on Father's Day. Can't say it is my first time- but I can say it is the second. Sure the issue is complex, but not separating families is a simple concept. Zero tolerance doesn't mean zero thinking. Trump has the ability to stop this practice now and as bad as the "zero tolerance" policy is, letting this go on is a worse one.
  6. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    Frogs in the Minors 2018

    I’m thinking about picking up Howard in my dynasty fantasy league.
  7. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    Bill Connelly TCU preview

    https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/6/13/17434332/tcu-football-2018-preview-schedule-roster Always like his statistics heavy analysis. He's pretty favorable but realistic on our chances.
  8. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    God save us....

    When people call Newf "professor", I usually start thinking about Gilligan's Island.
  9. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    God save us....

    https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/06/deep-state-debate-like-mccarthy-era-but-no-communist-threat/ Good artile by Jonah Goldberg at NRO on this "deep state" paranoia.
  10. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    Fantasy Baseball 2018

    That happens in lots of leagues. I don't think a limit is the right answer. Never seen it before in a league. I thought it was a head-scratcher of a rule to begin with, but not being able to use SP/RP eligible pitchers unless you drop a RP is an unintended consequence that makes the rule too obtrusive. I think a better answer than a rule is to adjust strategy accordingly. Free market answer, not a centralized regulation! 😏
  11. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    Fantasy Baseball 2018

    We'll have to reconsider this only 3 relievers rule. Can't pick up a SP/RP to start because of it.
  12. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    God save us....

    #NeverTrumpers had Trump pegged all along https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2018/05/25/nevertrumpers-had-trump-pegged-all-along/?utm_term=.a51d883b7243
  13. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    God save us....

    Interesting Vox article on the topic and risk of dehumanizing language like "animals". https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2018/5/17/17364562/trump-animals-dehumanization-psychology
  14. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    God save us....

    It's true that Trump's quote needs context, but seems to me the Times article is pretty clear on the context: As he has in numerous private meetings with his advisers at the White House, Mr. Trump used the session to vent about the nation’s immigration laws, calling them “the dumbest laws on immigration in the world.” He exhorted his administration to “do much better” in keeping out undesirable people, including members of transnational gangs like MS-13. “We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in — we’re stopping a lot of them,” Mr. Trump said in the Cabinet Room during an hour long meeting that reporters were allowed to document. “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/us/politics/trump-undocumented-immigrants-animals.html Maybe the title should be more clear than "some", but it is actually a pretty fairly written article on this news story, IMO.
  15. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    Bowl Schedule is out

    That Liberty Bowl date and time seems less than ideal. Edit- looked it up - that should be Mon Dec 31st, not 21st.
  16. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    Sciency stuff

    https://www.livescience.com/62454-flat-earthers-explain-pac-man-effect.html Flat-Earthers Explain Why We Don't Fall Off the Edge of Our Planet, and It Involves Pac-Man
  17. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    Greatest TV themes

    A few months ago I heard an all things considered piece on NPR about theme songs with some quotes from old and new theme song composers. Worth a listen if you are into them: https://www.npr.org/2017/09/15/550969394/what-does-it-take-to-write-a-hit-tv-theme-song
  18. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Pictures or it didn't happen.
  19. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    God save us....

    Its hard to know where the President ends and Hannity begins.
  20. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    God save us....

    Which of Hogg's and the Parkland kids activists are extreme? I've just seen them focus on 21 year old age of ownership, universal background checks especially making sure criminal/ mentally ill don't have access and banning bump stocks. Maybe assault rifle ban, too? Debatable, sure, but hardly extreme, when more than half the country agrees with most of those positions. I thought this was a good article in the NYT from a gun enthusiast with ambivalent feeling about the gun culture (rest assured, pro-gun people won't have a lot to gripe over, I think): https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/02/magazine/gun-culture-is-my-culture-and-i-fear-for-what-it-has-become.html It's long but thought provoking for me.
  21. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    The Athletic- boom or bust?

    I had never heard of it until a couple months ago when they ran a story on TCU basketball by Ken Pomeroy. It has a different model- no ads, pay only. It has national stories, but also major cities subsections and just launched a Dallas one. It's attracting a lot of well known writers (a lot of old ESPN and SI writers like Mandel, Ken Rosenthal, Peter Gammons, Seth Davis, but also a fair amount of analytics guys like Pomeroy and as a fantasy buff, one of my favorites- Eno Sarris from Fangraphs). In this day and age of interchangeable content creators and stories written by 'bots and pop-ups gallore, it will be interesting to see if it is a viable model. A lot of these pay/ no ads sites seem to fail relative to the traditional free web sites. Quite frankly when I first stumbled on it, I thought "this won't make it". But it seems like they must be well-funded because they are making a big hiring push in this day and age of cost cutting.
  22. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I'm sure it is a factor in determining how much to bid. Still, it sounds like it is a financial loss for the schools that host. The question is how much of a loss is it willing to take. TCU apparently wasn't very aggressive in its bid(s).
  23. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    FWIW, it is bid dollars that determines hosts, at least according to this article on Florida Gulf Coast putting up big bid dollars a couple years ago (linked from the wiki article on women's NIT). They actually hosted Michigan because they outbid them: https://www.news-press.com/story/sports/college/fgcu/2016/03/30/despite-bid-costs-fgcu--sun-officials-see-payoff-being-postseason-hosts/82423432/ If that article is correct, attendance doesn't matter (other than recouping some of the cost of the bid). So not hosting has to do with not bidding enough to host compared to other team's bids.
  24. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    TCU Baseball 2018 - The Season of the Big XII Championship in Tennis

    Good to see some power!
  25. NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink

    TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    He probably still believes that.