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  1. This is clearly an up and down middling team. As long as we stay relatively healthy, I think we will have some decent wins, along worth some disappointing losses. 6 or 7 wins is probably most likely outcome. Bottom could fall out but I doubt it. Could even get on a roll if Duggan develops quickly. He had some impressive throws that second half.
  2. Agree. This is a big game. We’ve looked totally dominant in 2 games this year. We really haven’t had dominant games like them since 2015. Or is this a middling team like it looked in the other two games this year. I think this game will tell a lot.
  3. TCU 31 SMU 30.5 Ball hits the upright and splits into two with half going through the uprights. Officials pull out an obscure "watermelon" rule that states if "just as it is possible to eat half a watermelon, if half of the ball goes through the goalposts, the kicking team shall be awarded half a point." GP adjusts his mantra to "win by a half a point" in a wandering post game interview where, among other things, clandestine WWI military tactics by the "neutral" Dutch and whether the sitar is a rock instrument are discussed.
  4. Talked to one knowledgeable fan and the person he was most disappointed in was Blacklock. Thought that was an interesting take with some merit. Two years ago he would have been a dominating force in that game. He’s definitely not back to that level yet.
  5. Definitely didn’t meet expectations. Line was 55 and S&P+ has us as +72. This was a terrible FCS team last year- one of the worst. Biggest disappointment for me was that we didn’t control the line of scrimmage like I expected. Maybe they are much improved there, but I doubt it. I heard that we really like our OL this year going 10 deep but I wonder now if it is just 10 shallow with no one separating themselves. Both QBs looked capable but not great. Duggan made better throws but looks small and will be no run threat. Delton was strong in the running game but definitely more inaccurate throwing, although he did have a couple of bad drops. I know the sentiment is that Duggan is the better QB, but two scramble plays stuck in my mind. One, Duggan looked uncomfortable under duress with the ball awkwardly slipping out of his hands for an almost fumble. The other Delton was under pressure, escaping outside the box, and able to look downfield and find a guy for a first down. Bottom line is we are going to need both guys and both have things to work on. Tough to say say much about the D. Looked strong over all but I also thought didn’t dominate the line like I expected. Gave up over 200 yards with a few breakdowns. Should be a strong D though. Not sure what I think about the bye week. On the one hand we have a lot to work on and can get healthy early. On the other if Ark-PB is so bad we could be surprised the step up in speed and strength against Purdue.
  6. Heard Collins was out of the boot watching practice the other day, FWIW. No idea his timeline but took that as a good sign. Delton looks strong in practice. Duggan making freshman mistakes but looks good.
  7. Moving to ESPN. Along with his S&P+ rankings. Dan Jenkins nod in his announcement
  8. 85 seems like an eternity at this point, especially since I'm pretty optimistic about this season. I think this will be a good Frog squad.
  9. Didn't phrase that correctly. Meant to point out they are in the their third year at the school.
  10. Nembhard and Samuel are redshirt juniors, FWIW. This will be Bane's fourth year with the program, Nembhard and Samuel's third, Barlow's second and nine (!) players in their first year with the program.
  11. Yeah I think he's going positionless at the other four positions. I would guess Farabello and Dennis would be the primary ball handlers. Early games are going to be interesting to watch. I really don't know what to expect.
  12. Heard the last player not returning is Mayen. If true the roster is: Seniors Bane 6-5 G Greier 6-5 G (Grad Tr George Mason) Dennis 6-0 G (grad Tr UTA) Sophomores Samuel 6-11 C Nembhard 6-4 G Barlow 6-10 C Ledee 6-9 F (Tr sit- Ohio State) Easley 6-6 F (Tr sit- Chattanooga) True Freshmen Fuller 6-4 G Farabello 6-1 G Smith 6-6 F Pearson 6-7 F Todd 6-2 G Will be interesting. With Samuel and Barlow basically splitting a spot and Ledee and Easley sitting out, going to have 9 players filling the minutes of the 4 other positions.
  13. Well Dixon will have his work cut out for him this year. Don't see how we won't be picked last in the conference with this much turnover. Could have had have had 11 returning players from last years opening day roster... now only have at most four.
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