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  1. Seems likely to have the three pointer record. Santee will get more TV time than the average assistant as he gets close. Points seems out of reach unless We have long lost season runs.
  2. I like this team. Under no illusion it is going to be a top 25 team, but seem to play hard, have a good attitude and seem to be getting a nice rotation developed. Really like the defense. Farabello is a good perimeter defender and Samuel is coaches' dream on defense. Thought Farabello's defense on the last shot was perfect. Thought McClure was fine, but didn't realize that was who it was, either. I probably would have been harsher in my judgement had I known.
  3. Didn't watch the very end. We got outscored 11-2 over the last 1:58 then. Even with a big lead our end of game execution is spotty.
  4. Dennis, Rembhard, Bane, Grayer and Samuel is a high ceiling main 5 I think. Still need to develop timing and trust but skills wise I could see that lineup really being effective.
  5. Nembhard still not shooting efficiently over all, but he is clearly going to be one of our primary options, including end of game situations, where he gives Dixon a lot of options. Other big development is Dennis getting 27 minutes to Farabello's 13. Farabello struggled a bit last night. I think Dennis might start getting more minutes consistently at the 1. Bigger body that can take it inside and be a threat to score or send it out to Grayer, Bane or Nembhard for a 3. LeDee's pick on Nembhards game winning three was one of the best I've seen in an end of game situation for TCU in a while. Solid, no movement, and he was back in position for a possible rebound. Team starting to take shape and a game like that should give them some confidence. Still a long way to go, though. Freshmen need to show they can ascend a steep learning curve next several games. Really need Smith to show what had Dixon bragging about before his injury. Fuller with all kinds of talent, but needs to be under control more. Farabello looked great last game, not so much this one.
  6. I hope you’re right. But it occurs to me that I don’t really see him as the kind of player you isolate at the top of the key with 5 seconds on the shot clock and be able to create a shot in a one on one situation.
  7. My quick thoughts. Not sure what the ceiling of this team is, but don't think we are close to it. Was impressed with Farabello- true freshman with a ton of poise. Hit some open threes. Plays good defense. Samuel had a great game. No one in his league. Bane struggled, and more concerning looked a bit rigid and awkward. Thought he was much more fluid first two games. Rembhard much improved, but doesn't look like a go to guy yet. And in that regard, we struggled a bit as the shot clock was winding down. That could be an issue moving forward. Bane really isn't the kind of player that can create for himself. Dixon is going to have to have set plays with the shot clock winding down they can go to. Not hard to see the basic rotation: 1. Farabello and Dennis 2-4. Bane most of the game with Rembhard, Fuller, Grayer and Smith splitting two positions. 5. Samuel, Ledee and Barlow (may get squeezed out of minutes now) With regard to end of game situations, I wonder if Dennis could be the answer. Not a lot to go on, but he seems like a guy that can create his own shots and power to the basket and either finish or kick it out to an open three. Farabello just doesn't command enough respect heading to the hoop to really draw defenders when the shot clock is winding down.
  8. compare to Baylor schedule: * 4 away games at P5 conferences * 7 home games * "Gimmie" away games at KU and Rice; only 3 tough road games, none of which were ranked at the time (@KSU, @ ISU and @TCU) * No back to back road games; 5 of 8 at home during meat of conf schedule while we were 5 of 7 on the road. * Off week break in mid October in the middle of conference season Of course this favorable schedule also resulted in no respect for them in the playoff rankings when they were 9-0. Still Baylor is 5-1 in 1 score games. Can't say whether the schedule has helped them close out games (other than last week!) but it can't have hurt.
  9. Yeah could be a sparse crowd. Friday is a work day for some. Hopefully fighting for a bowl game will be enough motivation.
  10. In terms of schedule quirks/variables more than quality of opponents, this was probably one of our tougher schedules: * 4 home conference games, 5 away conference games year; 6 total P5 teams on the road (I think that may tied for the most of any P5 team). * Mid season stretch of 5 of 7 on the road, none of which were against conference bottom feeders; home games against ranked opponents * No bye week after week 5 * "Worst" Big 12 teams at home; therefore no "easier" conference road games Those things don't really show up in "SOS" but can increase the level of difficulty of a schedule. Not an excuse for middling year, but with so many close losses, wouldn't take much for us to be 7-3 and fighting for a spot in the CCG this week instead of 5-5.
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