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  1. Yeah, agree. That class is going to have to step up. Lots of question marks heading into next year. Dixon is going to have his toughest challenge since he's been here. He had a pretty full cupboard that Trent Johnson left him with Kendrich, Vlad, AR, Miller, along with the Seniors the first year (Shepherd/ Parrish and Williams). This will be the first year it is100% CJD recruited players.
  2. I still suspect he will go after some JUCOs and/or senior transfers now. He has no juniors for next year other than Ascheris. Samuel, Nembhard and Mayen will all be in the third years with the program, though). Seniors- Bane (assuming he comes back, which looks likely) Juniors- Ascheris (walk on to schollie) Sophomores- Samuel, Nembhard, Mayen, Davis, Barlow, Kennedy (will sit out and be Soph in 2020-21) Freshmen- Fuller, Farabello, Smith, Pearson Point guards: Davis 5-11 Farabello 6-1 Shooting Guards: Bane 6-5 Nembhard 6-4 Fuller 6-4 Kennedy 6-4 Ascheris 6-1 Forwards: Mayen 6-9 Smith 6-7 Pearson 6-7 Centers Samuel 6-11 Barlow 6-10 Seems like a Juco forward or two is in order
  3. So assuming Lat, Kendrick, Samuel, Nembhard and Barlow are returning, there's something to build on. I suspect Bane will be back. Talented freshman class coming in, but the lack of Juniors gives us good opportunity to add a few Junior transfers to the roster and promise the chance for immediate PT. Will be interesting to see what Dixon does.
  4. Basketball teams can reload quickly, but Dixon needs to recapture some momentum.
  5. His defense needs more work- guys can get by him too easily. And his ball handling skills are too erratic. Another year will probably do him good. But I'm biased...
  6. Makes you wonder if UCLA was the road block, not TCU or Dixon. Could they (or their pawns) put the Dixon almost done rumor out there to speed up negotiations with other targets?
  7. Probably should just take that statement at face value, but seems like there are some read between the lines opportunities there...
  8. Cronin it is... http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26478769/cronin-leaves-cincinnati-take-ucla-job
  9. Back to TCU news. Maybe already out there, but heard that Noi is likely not returning. Hopefully just a rumor.
  10. Big 12 is chronically underrated because it hasn’t had an NCAA run lately by a top team. But with no bad teams and several good ones, the numbers bear out it’s strength. It also is probably underrated in football.
  11. Has Dixon made a statement? Is is odd he hasn't?
  12. Sounds like he is staying. So assuming that, this is pretty easy PR. Just extend him or some sort of raise, announce it, Dixon says he’s here for the long haul, spin is if UCLA can’t pry him away no one can, get back on the recruiting trail. Done.
  13. A few hours, older but it’s a sobering take by Feinstein on UCLA: https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/sports/colleges/ucla-cant-hire-any-basketball-coach-it-wants-but-try-convincing-ucla-of-that/2019/04/05/8791dae8-57d1-11e9-814f-e2f46684196e_story.html
  14. If TCU plays hardball in an unreasonable way, there a risk that make it more difficult to attract future coaches. I think if Dixon really made it clear he wanted to go, we'd make a reasonable effort to work something out. Part of me wonders if Dixon is being used by UCLA to spur negotiations with other candidates, or there is some other extenuating circumstance. We just don't know what is going on behind the scenes. Whatever it is, this is a bit clumsy.
  15. The situation where Dixon is willing to go to UCLA under the right circumstances but the those circumstances (i.e.buy out) cannot be worked out is awkward but there are ways to move forward. Both TCu and Dixon have to say the right things. It could hurt recruiting a little but probably not that much. That is assuming he’s not genuinely unhappy and looking to leave.
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