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  1. Testing shortage is even worse than portrayed in press. ARUP, Labcorp, Quest, Mayo completely overwhelmed and most not accepting samples today. State labs overwhelmed. Drive by testing rapidly increasing samples and they aren't ready for the volume. Unless you are really, really sick you won't be able to be tested.
  2. 3 games minimum left. Maximum, something like 12. 2 regular season and I’m going to assume 3 post season games for 5 more games. So assuming current averages, Desmond probably ends up #3 in scoring, anywhere from 5th to 7th in steals, #1 in 3P FG made, And # 10 in assists.
  3. That 18-1 run to go from down 4 to up 13 is the greatest run in TCU basketball history.
  4. That was our best win of the year because we did it from the inside and at the foul line in a game Bane had an off night. Solid defense, especially in overtime. Obviously Samuel the player of the game. Just an impressive performance on both ends of the floor. Seems like the game might be slowing down a little for Fuller. Nembhard at point is growing on me. Not a natural fit but seems to give opposing defenses trouble. Hopefully Farabello is OK.
  5. Bane obviously the mvp of the game but Grayer a close second.
  6. Lost our mojo. Feel bad for the kids. They just can’t handle pressure D and opposing team are taking advantage.
  7. Manchin to vote convict so no Dems to acquit.
  8. Trump the only president ever to have a member of the Senate of his own party vote to remove him. I guess that’s something.
  9. If the president determines his re-election is in the best interest of the country, he is allowed to do whatever he wants to get re-elected. That's just common sense.
  10. I'll take it, since that means Trump wouldn't be re-elected. Heck i would take about anything over Trump being re-elected, including, gasp, a Baylor national championship.
  11. http://bracketmatrix.com/ This website looks at all the difference brackets out there. Not too surprising given our NET ratings and nonconference resume, but we aren't even in one bracket. Basically the "out" group is 20 teams, not including mid majors. So we have a lot of work to do. Arkansas is an 8 seed. Would be huge to get a road win. I'd probably trade an 8-10 conference record and a win at ARky over a 9-9 conference record and a loss, unless the conference win was a win over KU or Baylor. But a road non-conference win over a tourney team folowing the win over Tech would get us on the bubble radar for sure.
  12. After a couple of "maybe we aren't very good after all" games, nice to get a big win. Diante Smith the biggest positive, IMO after Bane of course. Played tough and game seemed to slow down a bit for him yesterday. Good defensive game and the run in the second half was nice to see because it didn't rely on the 3 pointer. Samuel played better after a couple of tough games. Might as well talk tourney. Think we are a long shot at this point, but still a shot. Nonconference schedule not doing us any favors- we didn't excel and many of the teams we played are at the bottom of their conference standings. USC, Winthrop and UC Irvine at or near the top of their respective conferences, but the rest are bottom feeders. Even Xavier is 1-4 in the Big East, although they have had a tough conference schedule so far. Nonconference schedule wise, a win at Arky would be huge. Will be tough, but right now any committee comparing nonconference schedules isn't going to find a lot they like about ours. A road P5 conference win would give us something for a committee to hang their hat on. But even if we lose Arky, still a shot if we get to 9 conference wins. 8-10 in Big 12 has been enough recently, but really worry that our nonconference schedule would be too big a negative. Maybe if a couple of those 8 included wins over KU, Baylor or WVU I guess. Hard to know because how others do obviously influences the bubble. But really don't think "8 is enough".
  13. Seems likely to have the three pointer record. Santee will get more TV time than the average assistant as he gets close. Points seems out of reach unless We have long lost season runs.
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