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  1. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    What a team returns matters though. They have Graham and that's about it. They do have some role players back, get some nice transfers and a couple top recruits. I think they will be good but #3 is generous and based largely on name.
  2. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I think KU is overrated. Mason was nails and they have to replace a lot more than him. They will be good, maybe even win the conference again. Some strong transfers and Frosh. But #3 seems like a "name" rank.
  3. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Not only picked third, but by a large margin.
  4. AP Top 25

    Oh I agree, there are scenarios where a 12-1 champ gets left out especially with multiple 1 loss or less teams. But in general with the usual attrition a 12-1 champ is in good shape.
  5. AP Top 25

    Depends on who else is one loss or better, but in general I think any scenario that ends up with us 12-1 with a win in the CCG results in us in the playoff.
  6. Week 8 TV (10/21)

    Plus we will be a top 5 team. Any sort of close game will get some eyes looking for the upset.
  7. Week 7 - Other Games

    Couldn't have asked for much more from that week. 5 of 13 undefeated teams lose and one of them wasn't us. PAC-12 and ACC take big hits.
  8. Week 7 - Other Games

    10-0 Cal. First qtr.
  9. AP Top 25

    Definitely changes things...
  10. God save us....

    made me laugh Hannity is being a bit ridiculous lately. In his defense, the way Trump treats people- you're either the greatest or you're "SAD!"- encourages excessive nut hugging.
  11. U.S. v. Trinidad & Tobago

    Sorry if dumb question about the "broken" US soccer system. US women's soccer seems to have more success. Do they have the same development system as the men?
  12. AP Top 25

    Or Arky win against A&M.
  13. AP Top 25

    It depends on what everyone does in the meantime. But our 2 P5 road wins plus the wins over SMU and WVU with winning records makes our resume the strongest. Having said that, if Arky loses 9 games, and SMU does the SMU thing, all of the sudden those turn into nothing wins.
  14. God save us....

    I think we can all agree that no one looks worse in a hat than Trump. Not sure if it the hair but it just always looks awkward.
  15. AP Top 25

    Agree. I love to think about an undefeated season as much as anyone, but odds are we lose 2 games to end up 10-2. For perspective, according to football study hall we have a 34% chance to go 10-2. 30% chance of going 11-1 or better (yah!), but 35% chance we are 9-3 or worse (boo!). Plus if we make the CCG we have to win to have any chance at the playoff. Lots of things have to fall our way. I'm trying to just enjoy playing in big games for the time being.