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  1. Fantasy Baseball 2018

    Lets get this filled. Do it for the Froghorn!
  2. Pulling back the curtain a bit....

    I should make a snarky, personal insult comment, just to squash this sentiment... Thanks for the compliment, though. I think your posts are usually diplomatic too (although there are probably personal digs hidden in paragraph 11 or 12 I might miss ) I like the thread... a lot actually. I like the back and forth discussions with different viewpoints. If I thought someone was making pushing buttons I would either play the "hey, are you're trying to push my button?" card or the attempted humor card. Emphasis on attempted. Did that with crunch a few times, and he always backed down once you let him know you weren't affected by his banter one way or the other. I usually took the tactic of "we're all Frog fans here".
  3. Pulling back the curtain a bit....

    Yeah I was exposed to none of the drama until I opened this thread. I am a nobody I guess. I feel your pain Charlie Brown!
  4. Pulling back the curtain a bit....

    As some one who has no idea what is going on (a statement with truthfulness both on this board and, according to my wife, in real life), appreciate this explanation. While I can't say that no one should ever be banned (endzone, cough, cough) I really think that should be rare event, and I have seen nothing on this board close to deserving a ban level. I am disappointed in the decision to revoke crunch's posting capabilities. As someone who has sparred with him on various topics and been offended even, I think he is a good Frog fan with a good heart. But even if he wasn't, I think it sets a bad precedent. We can't control what others say, we can only control how we respond. Many of us (including me) need to work on how we respond.
  5. Texas Elections 2018

    Cruz is making fun of O'Rourke's "Beto" nickname. Two thoughts on that. One, isn't Ted a nickname? Two, isn't that a little petty? Seems like tagging him a liberal is a solid strategy that doesn't go low. I guess he sees the success Trump has had going personal, but I don't know that a. Trump winning had anything to do with that approach and b. others can get away with it like Trump did.
  6. Texas Elections 2018

    I was wondering what the Cook report solid, likely, lean qualitative designations meant. 538 looked historically- Solid- 95% Likely- 85% lean- 75%
  7. Texas Elections 2018

    I'm not in Texas, but I've read a few articles on O'Rourke and seems to have a good strategy- ground game/ town hall speeches focusing on the issues, avoid getting in the mud by making personal and direct attacks at Cruz, appeal to business/ chamber of commerce side of the Republican Party. Also conditions are decent with Trump pretty unpopular, the midterm party in power swoon, and an apparent enthusiasm toward the Dems. Add in changing demographics and I can see why the political prognosticators have pushed it to a likely Republican state instead of a solid republican. That suggests a race in the 5-10 point range- enough to pay attention, but unlikely to end in an upset, barring a game changing event or story.
  8. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    i wish we hadn't gone back to back cold from 3. Then we have to play KSU who defends them well.
  9. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I just want to play well, win or lose. I don't think a loss will affect our seed much. While a win would prob move us up slightly the seed ladder, at this point whether we are a 4, 5, 6, 7 seed probably doesn't matter. We just need to be playing with confidence heading into the tourney.
  10. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Ha! Brain autocorrect.
  11. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Bubble watch articles aren't as exciting now that we are a lock: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/page/bubblewatch030218/final-tests-champ-week https://theathletic.com/258421/2018/03/02/the-fieldhouse-bubble-watch-living-on-the-edge/ There is this blurb in the athletic: Let's give it up for the Horned Frogs! As noted earlier this week in a piece about Pitt's stunning decline, TCU was one of two high-major programs in the past five seasons to go 0-18 in conference play. Now the Frogs are playing top-10 offense en route to their first NCAA Tournament berth since 1998. It seems that Jamie Dixon guy might know what he's doing after all. Pitt fans, your thoughts?
  12. New AGCS Renderings

    I was wondering if people would pony up for the Loge boxes being on the 5 yard line, but they said they are already 60% sold when I called. You do have your own club, so that's a big perk.
  13. New AGCS Renderings

    Looks like the new tax law is affecting their approach. For the club seats, they have a one time (or installments) "capital expense", then the yearly tickets are way more expensive. No yearly seat license like they do in the east side. Those are no longer deductible I don't think. Any experts here- will the capital expense be deductible? Edit- I did call. The capital expense is deductible because it is not tied to a benefit (i.e. a seat). The yearly cost will include a seat license, which will not be deductible because a benefit is received.
  14. Fantasy Baseball 2018

    This is a low key league and gives you something to follow during the sports lull of mid summer. If you are on the fence just join.
  15. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    https://theathletic.com/255405/2018/02/28/once-proud-pitt-continues-to-reach-new-depths-how-low-can-the-panthers-go-and-how-long-will-it-be-tolerated/ Article on the depths of Pitt basketball in the Athletic. Several references to Dixon of course and TCU.