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  1. Have 3 tickets to Baylor

  2. Have 3 tickets to Baylor

    One of of my group cant use their Baylor tickets so I have 3 tickets available. Sec 220, Row Q, Seat 1-3. $100/each I live next to campus and office off of University so pick up is easy. Thanks!
  3. 2 Peach Bowl Tickets For Sale - Section 122

  4. 2 Peach Bowl Tickets For Sale - Section 122

    $125 each?
  5. I have 2 tickets, section 122, Row 29, Seats 19 & 20. Lower level, corner endzone. Will sell for $150 each (face)
  6. Notes on a Scorecard (Meet the Frogs Date & Time)

    I agree somewhat. Would be cool to take a football or helmet to get signed but on the other hand it sucks when I have my 2 boys there and I'm waiting in line behind someone who has a backpack full of crap to get signed. Loved it when they ran drills with the kids. A couple of years ago my son (then 5) tackled Matthew Tucker in one of the drills. Pretty neat experience.
  7. Rumors True: Sonny Cumbie Leaving the Dirt!

    Anderson should coach the DT's and let the "Stache" continue to work his magic with the DE's.
  8. Lets go Bears (or anyone that plays tech)

    What's up with the Baylor scout team dancing on the sideline? I wish they would quit showing them on tv.
  9. Lets go Bears (or anyone that plays tech)

    This is a tough one. Don't know who I hate more....Tech or Baylor.
  10. GP to tone it down? FWST

    I don't have an issue with him getting on players and barking at them when they mess up but I'd like to see him out there high 5ing guys when good things happen.
  11. I feel good tonight

    I feel better about the teams mental state after tonight . Our OC's are still idiots. Too much talent on this team to run stupid ass bubble screens.
  12. #FreeMatthews

    Burns and Anderson are fun killers. Remember when TCU offense was fun to watch? OTOH I was proud of the players tonight. They played with heart. But Burnderson set our defense up to fail. They played amazing but were gassed due to the countless 3 and outs. Latham and Kindred are stars in the making.
  13. Derrick Kindred -- one of ESPN's unsung heroes

    He's going to be a really good player for us. Seems to always be around the ball.
  14. Good game Tech, Congrats on the Win

    Your'e right, didn't hear/see Verrett much which I guess if you're a corner back that is a good sign. The time I did see Verrett, he clobbered Jace Amaro. Not many cb's are going to win that battle.
  15. I love this picture!

    I don't think that is Malcolm. Do we have an assit. coach with the the Pats?