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  1. Some idiot on the Radio kept talking about him cheating on his wife, I kept yelling "HIS WIFE DIED 6 YEARS AGO YA GOON". That being said, he apparently has a 39 year old GF. I'm sure she's not interested in his $6 Billion...
  2. Coach Sweeney is something else.
  3. Hate that. We don't deserve dogs.
  4. Idk why everyone is freaking out. He shook that defender in the bowl game like a wet noodle after coming off the bench totally cold. He will be FINE with another 9 months of recovery.
  5. shoot. Tough to win on the road. We HAVE to split KSU and TTU then beat UT and hopefully make a run in the conference tourney
  6. Looks like he pitched one inning. Zero runs. Zero walks. 1 K.
  7. Finnegan is Starting for the Reds this afternoon in spring training if anyone is interested.
  8. Easier round 2 as a 10 seed if you can get through the first round.
  9. Holy cow. That is huge news. Kelly was a beast at OU. Didn't know he was coaching. This is EXACTLY what we need. Young dude who can coach em up and say "I did this not that long ago".
  10. This is good news. Need to win tonight. Then hopefully split the next 2. Should be a fun few games
  11. I enjoy those. Up there with the love ya blue oilers
  12. Figured I'd post here as its only mildly TCU (if at all related) Article on the Indians Trevor Bauer. He's a weird dude, but kind of charming in his own way. Remember when he and Gerritt Cole just destroyed us in the Supers back in 2011? That was Brutal. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/02/19/trevor-bauer-cleveland-indians-training-tools-twitter-controversy-cy-young
  13. We were crazy healthy for a few years there. Well at least in 2014. 2015 saw Doc, Kolby, and Tre go down. 2014 is an outlier
  14. Oh trust me. I was a Bengals fan long before Andy was the QB. I remember thinking Akili Smith was the savior. Andy has done some great things for that Franchise. And I don’t think he’s done yet. But I also think this is by far the most pivotal year in his career.
  15. Its been 8 years and nothing to show for it. Most of it not on Andy. Some of it on him.
  16. I think this is a do or die year for Andy. I don’t see the Bengals drafting a QB in the top 4 rounds this year. I really think the new coach is in on him. If he has a comeback year then they lock him up for another 5. If not, he’s done and they are going for someone in the first round in 2020.
  17. The Reds were one of the most active teams this off season and still may add another MOR or TOR arm. It’s looking like Finny May be the odd man out. They certainly had high hopes for him and I think he was on the way, but injuries have played a big part in his set backs. Hopefully he has a good spring.
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