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  1. Gawd. Kevin Brown's arms!?!?! Roids much? Also. Darryl Washington was a baddddd MF'er. Both on the field and real life, unfortunately.
  2. Ah forgot to talk special teams. Who are the Returners? Who finally wins the kicking job? Song or Bunce? Is the Aussie Punter all we expect he is?
  3. So I was looking at the roster today. Going to give my brief analysis position by position. QB- 6 guys. Pros and cons to all of them. We've discussed it, but I think its Rogers. Others think it Collins or Delton, and some even are CONVINCED (other board) that its Duggan. Rogers and Duggan clearly have the most upside. I bet we see more than one guy this season. Very much a source of concern, but I think we end up okay. RB- Pretty stacked assuming Anderson and Sewo have their heads on straight. Good backups too in Barlow and Demercardo. We should be set here. Lots of Talent WR- Reagor is obviously a stud, but who steps up opposite of him. What about the slot? Lets hope that hunt, barber, or one of the Davis boys can shine. Not too worried about this group, but we need a good #2 TE- Do we use those? Pro Wells came on last year and is big. There is another guy too who is big and athletic. We will see. OL- Finally seems like a really good group. Niang is playing for first round $$. Good experience all over. Can someone step up at Center? DL- Even though we lost two studs, we still have guys all over the place. Can Bowen finally stay healthy? Can Blacklock round back to 2017 form? Also have a RS Fresh who can contribute. LB- Group I'm most worried about. Not a guy over 225. I really like Wallow he is just still toooooo dang small. Who plays on the other side of him? Generally we do a 4 man rotation. Wilson has a lot of years in the program but can never stay healthy. Need some one to step up big time. CB- A lot like DL, talented experienced and deep. Gladney is a potential first round guy. Lewis has been around forever. Reed and Daniels can play.' S- Also super deep, but who steps up? Gaines is a bad dude who can play on sundays. Scott is solid and Van Zandt seemed to start to click last year. A few other guys like Vonger and #22 (wont even try to spell) could make some noise. Overall I'm super excited and optimistic (I always am) but this year, the D should be nasty. If a QB steps up, a #2 WR emerges, and the OL plays like we know they can. Watch out Big 12, watch out NCAA. I'm saying 11-1 regular season (we still don't figure OU out but UT, and ISU do) with a drumming of a 1 loss (that loss is it us) UT in the Big 12 championship.
  4. My guess- he starts 2020 in Dayton (Low A) or Daytona (High A) and finishes up in AA (where the real studs are). 2021 he goes to the big league camp but starts in AAA. They end up calling him up mid season. I think they are close to shutting him down for the year. Better act fast
  5. I think Izaih Filikitonga is going to be a big time player for us.
  6. I'm an active stalker on the Red's message boards and they are already crowning him the savior. With a Sept 2021 call up.
  7. So the NYT wrote that? Interesting times we're in.
  8. I really don't, as close as Trump was to him. Slick Willy was wayyyyyy closer. What a creep.
  9. Oh yeah, I don't know anything either. But 2 things. 1) When have we ever trusted Gary to show his hand (accurately) when talking about injuries or availability. Mike Freeze, Tommy Blake, Listenbee, Boykin, the list goes on and on. Who knows what Gary is actually thinking. 2) I know what my eyes showed me in his 2 snaps in the cheese itz bowl. The dude is a beast. 99 out of 100 D1 QBs don't make the play he did. Rogers, assuming he is mostly healthy. Is the guy. And I don't think they are playing him 9 months ago if he wasn't close. Collins is just a guy. A backup. Delton, like Angelos said, unless he learned how to pass in the offseason, I'm skeptical. They very well could start the season, but if we end up with those 2 guys in November we aren't winning more than 8 games. Duggan is a True freshman and needs 15-20 lbs. Its not him, not this year. But again. What do I know?
  10. Considering Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, and Zach Greinke have all pitched for the DBacks. That is impressive.
  11. I just don't see it. I still think its going to be Rodgers. Not sure why everyone says he's not healthy. He played in the bowl game and in the Spring. Dude is fine and even if he's "only" 90% he's still 5x the talent Collins is. With Collins as the backup. A strong Backup at that.
  12. Hopefully he can get on with a a G- League team
  13. Isnt double A kind of considered primo over AAA even cause it’s where the top prospects develop? The top guys generally don’t spend much time in AAA
  14. It irritates me more than it should how much of a ripoff their logo is of ours
  15. Not limited to- disappearing on team night before super bowl and no showing. Arrest. Drugs. Etc. He was diagnosed bi-polar I believe
  16. Yeah. When springer comes back someone is losing their job
  17. What a weird and bitter thing to tweet. Didn’t he quit the team before his senior year but then came back?
  18. Not my point. My point is that gun laws don’t change things one way or the other. 2017 Houston Astros World Series parade with 1mm people had zero gun incidents. And our laws are far less strict than Canada’s. Do you honestly think that the shootings would have doubled or tripled if Torontos gun laws were similar to Houston’s?
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