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  1. Man that audio is horrible. I couldn’t hear much other than Delton has played a lot of football in his life.
  2. I think the same. You can be a GA for 2 years. Jason Phillips was too before he got promoted to LB coach.
  3. Wow! Love this one too! Keep em coming ADJD
  4. Man. 23 has been a super solid # for us over the years. Lots of good players across all sports.
  5. Good article... I think BJ was the most talented of the group to be completely honest. Hicks and Green had awesome careers for us, but BJ, man I think he was an NFL talent.
  6. I've never really understood the leaving at halftime. The few times i've done it, you spend most of your time walking to or from the tailgate. All for, a beer? And its true, even the HUGE games, it can be super sparse until midway through the 3rd. It's a bad look. None of the big schools allow re-entry, lets start thinking like them. We're not in the MWC anymore. And if people leave without coming back, well chances are, they likely weren't coming back to begin with. People will stay, unless the game sucks, and people would leave any way regardless of reentry policy. Agree. The re-entry thing is High School-ish. I like getting a strong buzz right before kickoff and then kind of riding it, I def don't get lit though. And the $10 for beer? yeah its steep. But cost of doing business. I was at a Reds game a few weeks ago and my wife couldn't get over the prices for beer and liquor. It's just the cost of going to the game honey.
  7. Boom! I’m still sneaking my liquor in. But sometimes you just want a cold ass beer.
  8. True. But does Verlander or Greinke look like they are slowing down? Verlander certainly isn’t. Gurriel just had one the best months ever for an Astro. And they still have what? 4 more year years of control with Correa? I think springer walks after 2020. But he’s replaceable I’m far from an Astros fan, just a causal observer who’s around it everyday down here. And the Astros are everything the Rangers wish they were. Edit- CC is a free agent in 2022, so 2 more seasons. They will either resign him for a Mega deal or flip him. And as good as he is and all the “potential” Bregman has been better. And it’s not even really close.
  9. 6 innings of work. 1 hit 1 walk 0 runs and 8k’s. I truly think he is in their plans next year. If the reds can resign Alex Wood they will have the best rotation outside of the Astros in 2020. Now if only their bats would come around...
  10. I’m still on the Rogers train. Don’t care he’s getting a few less reps. Im probably wrong. But idk. He’s my dude
  11. Toledo, Dayton... I've been to both. Fairly similar
  12. What are we? 4 practices in? Any updates? I've seen some of the short videos. Most interested about QB's.
  13. Man, young is having a hell of a season
  14. Already locked up Bregman and Altuve. Their minor league system is one of the best. Yordon. Management willing to spend. Smartest GM in the game. I like their odds of staying relevant for a long time
  15. If the Astros can stay healthy they are the next dynasty
  16. Also. Since this is the official thread- if you listen to GPs quotes yesterday, there is NO telling who the QB will be. I’m still in camp Rogers.
  17. I feel dirty saying it. But I kinda like them. But then again. Growing up, the Oakland A’s were my favorite uniforms
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