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  1. Finnegan was optioned to the minor league camp yesterday. But I think still remains on the 40 man roster.
  2. 1 year prove it deal... If he plays well and stays healthy. He will get PAID
  3. Probably for an extra year of control too
  4. Where are you seeing this? I know they like him a lot there. He can play in the NFL for sure.
  5. I turned it on when we had a 14 point lead. We promptly blew it. I turned it off. We won. I won’t be watching the next game.
  6. He lived down the hall from me Freshman year in clark.
  7. Excuse you. Democratic Socialism.
  8. Didn't he also have a top 5 40 yard dash? He will be a 3rd round pick. Though 250 is light for a DE
  9. Only stayed for 5 innings last night... snoozefest of a game
  10. Just walked the 5 blocks from my office to Minute Maid. Bought my tickets for tomorrow. $20 for the day. $42 for a 3 day pass. Already saw some TCU gear walking around the park, hopefully we have a lot of fans tomorrow!
  11. Info babes are good in my book. Both left and right. Though not many left leaning info babes. I have a crush on Kat Timpf. Even exchanged a few IG DM's a few years ago. Never worked out. Sigh
  12. Its early, but the Reds new manager, David Bell, has stated on record that Brandon Finnegan has "a spot on the team". Pretty interesting, could just be positive chatter, but I'm hopeful. Apparently his velocity is back too. Watch for the Reds to battle for the NL Central this year after 4 straight awful years. Lots of new faces and pieces.
  13. The older and more anarcho-capitalist I become, the more Statist loving conservatives irritate me. even more so than nutty liberals/ socialist.
  14. Some idiot on the Radio kept talking about him cheating on his wife, I kept yelling "HIS WIFE DIED 6 YEARS AGO YA GOON". That being said, he apparently has a 39 year old GF. I'm sure she's not interested in his $6 Billion...
  15. Coach Sweeney is something else.
  16. Hate that. We don't deserve dogs.
  17. Idk why everyone is freaking out. He shook that defender in the bowl game like a wet noodle after coming off the bench totally cold. He will be FINE with another 9 months of recovery.
  18. shoot. Tough to win on the road. We HAVE to split KSU and TTU then beat UT and hopefully make a run in the conference tourney
  19. Looks like he pitched one inning. Zero runs. Zero walks. 1 K.
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