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  1. It was in relation to the post about Dirk being amazing and Tiger being scum
  2. Give me your top 10 list. I got 13 before I even think about Dirk off the top of head in no particular order MJ Magic Shaq Kobe Bird Kareem Wilt Bill Russell Dream Duncan Lebron* Wade Elgin Baylor __________________________________________ from here its subjective but we have the likes of - Stockton Malone Dirk Barkley Pippen Curry* Durrant*
  3. Yawn. One title in 20 years. 2007 is a huge stain on his legacy. Great player. Top 50. Maybe even top 30. Not top 20 and certainly not top 10 like most mavs fans claim
  4. Daniel Hause Jr. likely playing himself off the Rockets (too expensive). I could see GM Wizard Morrey getting KW34 for a magic bag of beans.
  5. Oh. And Dirk is overrated.
  6. Agree. Happy for Tiger. Its good for golf. Good for sports. Good for humanity. Yeah he was a rich guy at his pinnacle who almost through it all away. So hard to feel bad for him in that sense. But I truly think he was at rock bottom. Good for him for clawing back. Most people wouldn’t. Or couldn’t.
  7. I feel dirty saying this. But I don’t hate the new Baylor unis
  8. Damn! That stuff is sweet. I’d love to score #34 football jersey one day
  9. So what all do they sell during the spring sale?
  10. God. I was talking to some Buckeye Nut Huger at a finance conference on Tuesday and he was all "damn you guys played SO well during the first half".
  11. Yeah there is no way Bane grades out as even a second round pick. Not this year at least. I’d bet money on him coming back
  12. Thats basically what our spring game had become anyway
  13. Would be amazing. I heard UT is kicking the tires too
  14. Very interesting... They seemed to trust him and he was playing well. I'm sure he will tag on with someone else.
  15. Thanks for all you do PD! Love this community.
  16. Well bad news from the Reds. Finnegan was DFA'd today... so much for making the roster. Reds fans are calling the Cueto trade that brought Brandon over a huge bust.
  17. Not surprising. Every few years a league like the AAF pops up. First week ratings are good, then they tumble. I think the XFL part 2 will have a similar fate.
  18. Love this stuff! Thanks for sharing
  19. Agree, what gets lost in a lot of these lower tier bowls, tournaments, etc. is that these guys and girls keep getting to play the sport that they love to play. Pretty cool
  20. Watching the TTU/ Mich game today. TTU can freaking mash. Up and down the lineup. Luckily their pitching seems bad
  21. But our potential 2019 starter is a Transfer and so was Kenny Hill.
  22. The pay disparity between being a first round pick in the NFL and every other round is shocking. Not to mention the second and third chances these former first rounders get. Danny Amendola, OTOH, an undrafted free agent. has 'only' made $26MM over an 11 year career.
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