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  1. I always felt like I missed out not growing up in Fort Worth... but then I probably wouldn't have gone to TCU...
  2. That's what I said. And one of the mods told me to basically be "grateful". I don't need that patronizing talk. I've got a GF for that.
  3. Has Vlade joined over here yet?
  4. 100%. Link there too. What a BA! Had slick picture with an eagle too.
  5. Hahahaaaaa. Didn't see that. Logged off but just got an e-mail saying that Scott had started a personal conversation with me. Title: Knock it OFF! Subject: Or Move on!!! LOLZ @ those guys. I feel like the federalist up in here. A bunch of modern day Tom Pain's.
  6. Way better than Joe T's. Didn't find out about it until my senior year. Wish I found it sooner.
  7. I threw one last pipebomb in the "New rules thread" before I left. Feel free to find it. EaDoFrog was my name. Here for good.
  8. Then they acted like they were doing us a favor. Whatever I'm done. We are the customers.
  9. How many new members in the last 2 hours? I know they banned Rod. Too little too late IMO.
  10. Pretty sure mine is coming soon. Oh well.
  11. You sound like a beaten puppy. Don't worry my son, it is safe here.
  12. Actually the short "runner" rugs are in style these days. I have to admit. I'm a fan.
  13. Happy to be here at well!! Lets make this the best TCU board on the web! It will be interesting to see how membership spikes over the next few hours.
  14. At least the game is on TV for us Out of Towners. Well it is on in Houston at least.
  15. Watched it last night. Loved it all. Cool TCU clips in there. Its a shame he didn't play at TCU during a very fruitful time.
  16. Looking forward to my medium!!! I was right. The muscles were too big for the small
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