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  1. Wow. I wouldn't have thought Saban to go there in 1,000,000 years. His ego must be bigger than I imagined.
  2. That's an awesome history. My Grandpa is a Dallas (well, Garland) native and he used to read the Star Telegram and DMN every single morning, he still might. I'm sure he remembers who you are. Would love to meet you one day and hopefully pick your brain.
  3. I wonder what Gary orders at Subway... Seems like a BMT guy to me. I bet Art Briles orders the veggie sub.
  4. Geeze. He is a tough SOB... I would have cried my way to the bench.
  5. Some decent conversation over on the General Boards. Wish more people would wander over there. Found the blog section tonight. Some awesome stuff in there!
  6. Thanks for the advice!! I'm not confident in my poker ability to play with the big boys at casinos yet. I'm a blackjack and craps type of guy.
  7. OS, you covered the Oilers? What publication did you work for? Sorry if this is common info, I'm new to the scene.
  8. Have you ever been in a shoot out? Its not easy. Gotta have a steady hand.
  9. I just finished last season but not in time for the newest one. Ahhhhhhh I hate it.
  10. Exactly. And Aggie had approx. 27 NFL caliber linemen starting for them last season. TCU; -2. Boykin is going to be a STUD. If he can stay healthy
  11. I will work on getting sound tomorrow. Lets use this for out formal communication. I will probably need a head count on Wednesday or so.
  12. This is a good point that hasn't really been discussed. Clearly he was a good QB. Looked like CP4's younger brother too.
  13. They talked about it in the LT documentary. Not really sure why he made it though.
  14. About that late hit? He straight superman'd Kap out of bounds. What an athlete.
  15. I think I've voted like 5 of your posts up already. Well done.
  16. As much as I hate the Whornes, I would love to see them come to our house ranked In October.
  17. So you're the guy that likes Pregnant lady adult films? Always wondered who that catered to.
  18. I could see Jerry doing this actually...
  19. Welcome. You'll love it here!!
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