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  1. You're probably right. Still better than the current two team playoff we have right now though.
  2. Probably not a bad thing in this instance.
  3. I've been wondering that too. I think if we didn't have a mini "controversy" between #4 and #2 then we would see him a lot sooner. But the coaches need to see the first two play a lot too. I'm excited either way!
  4. Don't feel bad. Every group needs their share of Bad Asses and Goody Too Shoes. Some of us just prefer to be the former.
  5. Maybe not lesser teams, but preseaon, etc. At least that's how I took it.
  6. I mean, I have a good friend who is a mod on a USC board. But I don't log on, and I certainty don't have 10k+ posts of pure trolling. Just odd to me. Oh well. I'm over it.
  7. And I thought my 3 year ban was bad... Aggressive.
  8. Thanks! this is a breath of fresh air. Not a bad idea... I'm sure they banned him anyway Ditto. And I hadn't even been a long time poster. The mentality over there just seemed soo assbackwards. Looks like he got that suit from express or something... I guess boise isn't paying their players. Real question: Did we ever figure out who that guy is? So bizarre.
  9. Scott I know you're reading. Just exposing you for the petty asshat that you really are.
  10. Now Scott is calling me a Sissy for reposting PM's Whats next? Threatening my family?
  11. I mean letting the Trolls take over the place is one thing. But personal attacks. That is childish.
  12. That is EXACTLY what I pointed out to Scott (Before getting a 3 year ban). I talked about my business and how you can't be running your good customers off etc, etc. and he said that my analogy is "very incorrect".
  13. Update. I am now banned from KF until 2016! Got a message from Scott that says the following: I appreciate the response. However, your analogy is very incorrect. Please look at the bottom of the front page. You will notice the followers on this forum. The site you have gone to is run by two female feminist. Good luck with that. We have endured well before you arrived & will be here long after you left. BTW...I don't intend to "sit on your face" What a jerk.
  14. Eh kind of got funny. But damn. Do they rule with a heavy hand over there.
  15. This is my last post about KF and then I'm done. They literally scrubbed that place clean of any "uprising" within an hour. If I had been out of the office I would have been wondering what happened to all the cool posters and where the "new rules" came from.
  16. Someone started a thread about Rod ruining it for everyone (not the first time). But it started gaining A TON of steam with everyone coming out of the woodwork saying how KF had gone down the tubes. A few people were banned. But not before The Frog Horn was mentioned. The Vlade Divac had one of the most epic sign offs ever. Go over there right now though and all evidence has been destroyed.
  17. No need to fret. You're home now.
  18. I missed the sexcapades. Curious to hear about Jon Swanson's though.
  19. I hear they are purple but dusted with 24 carat gold flakes. Just a rumor though.
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