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  1. He just signed an extension. Dude has made some money in his NFL Career
  2. That is an interesting quote... We may very well be the 6th most "popular" behind those other schools simply because of our size... Popular and good have nothing to do with each other however.
  3. florida in 2006. Bama in recent years. It’s worked before. Shoot. Ohio state needed 3 in 2014. The more the better IMO
  4. Typical. My Auburn buddy was moaning today about how many ranked teams Auburn plays and how Clemson plays no one. so annoying.
  5. Off topic- when do they announce the SMU game time?
  6. Max does look small. He’s young. But he doesn’t have a thick build at all.
  7. Oh you know what. It was on FSSW plus for me. I have PlayStation Vue. Highly recommend
  8. Its on Fox Sports Southwest.
  9. Man I wish Chris Hackett would have stayed for his senior year.
  10. Gym. A little gameday. Walked to the taco shop with the dogs. Wife is organizing. I’m sitting on my ass. Should be a good day
  11. Brent Hacket! I had a group project with him my sophomore year. Super nice guy and very bright too.
  12. Super annoying... I'm dealing with something similar for the Purdue game...
  13. When are Final NFL cuts?... hoping Kindred and a few other guys make rosters.
  14. I used to hate the Pats, then it turned to toleration, now its just flat our respect. I hope Tom never retires.
  15. 4 is probably my favorite single digit number. It just looks so clean to me. Quincy Butler could ball. He and Drew Coleman both had longer than average NFL careers. I’d put them up with Verret and White as our best corner tandum ever. CP4. What could have been. Steven Coleman was a good player and damn those white jerseys are prob my fav of all time. So clean. Steven Maxwell went to my HS. He was a year behind me and was probably the best player on the State Championship team that had Paul Goldschmidt and 1st round pick Kyle Drabek. The mavs are stupid.
  16. Also. Good to see Lil Tomlinson making the two deep as a true freshman at CB.
  17. Soooo. Going in reverse order. Downing is the starter, Collins QB2, Rogers QB3 with Delton and Duggan never touching the field.
  18. How have I never seen this before?? Now TCU WR coach, Malcom Kelly free styling after the 2006 Big12 Championship game.
  19. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27356228/how-lincoln-riley-became-football-unlikeliest-qb-guru Pretty good article... Mike Leach's coaching tree is fascinating. Makes me worried about OU again... I think they will be good. Very good.
  20. I saw on the DraftKings sports book, we have 250:1 odds to win it all. I'll be in NJ next week. Def taking that bet. Can only bet in NJ and NV if I'm reading that right.
  21. I like LVZ at LB. T. Howard starter kit... Getting excited for the season!
  22. Yeah Gottlieb was getting roasted, and rightfully so, all day yesterday. Jay Williams from ESPN had the best tweet.
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