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  1. I could see Brian Howard getting called up in the next year or so. I bet he's in the A's long term plans.
  2. Great story, love to see Coach out there hustling and sliding into DMs
  3. A little of it is/ was “Tarzan in the weight room. Jane on the field”. But he seemed to finally put it together last year. If he had a good season and puts those numbers up at the combine he should be a mid round pick. Problem is. RBs, outside of the elite elite are a dime a dozen at the next level. Edge rushers, Corners, left tackles, and QBs are who make the big bucks these days. Safetys, LBs, and RBs are somewhat comiditized
  4. Not sure why Austin and Stewart kept getting playing time over younger, more talented guys. By the time they were Juniors and really never lived up to their hype, it was time to move on IMO.
  5. He keeps producing and he's 100% a top 15 pick. Reminds me of Desean Jackson
  6. The Colts GM is considered one of the best if not the best in the NFL FWIW
  7. Man. Both top 50 picks! That’s should help recruiting.
  8. Not sure what the Dbacks are waiting for. That is the definition of tearing the cover off the ball.
  9. No clue. But holding a stack of cash up to his face is kinda tight. Albeit immature. You’re a HS kid. Relax.
  10. Not sure if I love, or hate that image. Going to go with love. lol.
  11. Seems right. I'm going to guess LJ being in the top 50 and BB being in the top 100 though.
  12. Have you heard when Don Lemon asked Kamala Harris the same question? He was shocked by her answer. The left has done gone nutty.
  13. 250 some odd young men get drafted every year. Between D1, DII, and DIII there are what? 10K+ players? I bet you'd ask every single one of them. 75% legit think they will play in the NFL. People need to damper these kids expectations, IMO. Its good to dream, but you gotta be realistic.
  14. Wait. Was he their interim coach during the tourney? Just clicked the link. NICE HIRE!
  15. Kiper has him as the #34 prospect.
  16. Just look what happened to Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in 2016. Though I'd argue Cruz isn't as fiscally conservative as he says.
  17. Anyone going to the game tomorrow? I may catch the last half
  18. I don’t think tbey will. Too many other needs
  19. Sucks. But there are always going to be kids that want to play for the big school. Just the nature of it. Will always be that way.
  20. Same. I think BB is going to be VERY good in the NFL assuming he gets a proper chance and the right coaching. He could be downright dominant in college.
  21. Agree, numbers look awful. Otherwise, I like them.
  22. My draft predictions- LJ goes in 2nd BB goes in 3rd Ty goes in 5th Turpin signs as a free agent and sticks. The others sign but don’t stick.
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