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  1. Hahaha I noticed that as well. the shorter name plates have the horns sticking out from the bottom.
  2. Yeah I saw some special on NFL network about him a few weeks ago. I always thought he was a doof from his horrible Detroit days, but far from it. Big time family man too.
  3. Wonder if they could get it to me in Houston.
  4. Was a habanero burger from Dutches (was in FW earlier that day)
  5. All white's looked amazing. Am I the only one annoyed by the '150' patch on all of the Uniforms this year? Esp on ours it breaks up the sweet horn collar.
  6. Tenn is a dumpster fire. The SEC East flat out sucks... Kansas could win the SEC East and i'm not kidding.
  7. I thought he did a good job. Did you know he recently had a full heart transplant? Like less than a year ago.
  8. Hate 11am kickoffs as it seems to eat my entire day. But hopefully we are on our way to 4-0 at that point. 2 home games in a row is nice for the frogs. I think this is the year we curb stomp KU.
  9. Fubu, vue, sling. They all do free trials and should Have big10
  10. He just signed an extension. Dude has made some money in his NFL Career
  11. That is an interesting quote... We may very well be the 6th most "popular" behind those other schools simply because of our size... Popular and good have nothing to do with each other however.
  12. florida in 2006. Bama in recent years. It’s worked before. Shoot. Ohio state needed 3 in 2014. The more the better IMO
  13. Typical. My Auburn buddy was moaning today about how many ranked teams Auburn plays and how Clemson plays no one. so annoying.
  14. Off topic- when do they announce the SMU game time?
  15. Max does look small. He’s young. But he doesn’t have a thick build at all.
  16. Oh you know what. It was on FSSW plus for me. I have PlayStation Vue. Highly recommend
  17. Its on Fox Sports Southwest.
  18. Man I wish Chris Hackett would have stayed for his senior year.
  19. Gym. A little gameday. Walked to the taco shop with the dogs. Wife is organizing. I’m sitting on my ass. Should be a good day
  20. Brent Hacket! I had a group project with him my sophomore year. Super nice guy and very bright too.
  21. Super annoying... I'm dealing with something similar for the Purdue game...
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