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  1. Okay. So do the math. 7th round pick get say $225k sign on bonus. Say he plays in the minors for 4 years having never made the show. He’s now 26. He’s made approximately another $150,000 in total salary over those 4 years (assuming he works up to maybe AA or AAA). So now he’s at $375k in career earnings at 26 years old and he bet on himself and could potentially earn a lot more if called up? Not bad. He just averaged $93k/ year in his first 4 years of working. That’s Investment Banker analyst money.
  2. Hey that’s not bad. The MLB is littered with guys taken in the 7th round. Better than going and getting a real job at 22. What is a minor leaguers salary?
  3. I think cause H is the 8th letter of the alphabet?
  4. Cron is looking like a RG on the football team... was he always that Thicc?
  5. Whoever told him to skip his senior year gave very poor advice.
  6. I like Oveido but he’s a butcher at SS. Do we have someone else next year? Or is he our guy again?
  7. Taking a look- They were a 4 seed that year. We were actually a 3 seed in the Ok. state regional. Lost to Wichita state in game 1. Won game two. Then we’re eliminated by OSU. I have zero recollection of that year. We had Carp and Arrieta and Cashner that year?
  8. As a life long Reds fan I’m very much hoping for Lodolo to be there at 7 and the Reds to take him. They need lefties
  9. You really think you'd lose your Dad's rolex? What model was it? do you recall?
  10. Because I'm procrastinating (again) at work. Thought I may start a thread on watches- luxury, vintage, cheap, whatever! I think I've always been "into" watches. As a kid I saved up and bought a stainless steel fossil sports watch with the chrono dials. It was probably $75-$100 but man I thought I was cool! Not ever sure what happened to that thing. As I got older and into my teens and early 20's I never stopped liking watches I just didn't have the time, or the money to really commit to it. Plus I never really wore jewelry. Fast forward to 5-6 years ago I realized my Grandad (Mom's Dad) was also very into watches having owned 20+ Rolexs and Omegas over the years. I started buying "cheaper" swiss and American watches at the $200-$300 price point. A few I've really liked, a few not so much. But I always had my eyes on true "luxury" watch. Before I could buy one myself, my wife got me Rolex Submariner, circa 2005. I freaking love it. Wear it almost daily. Since then, I've inherited an 18k Gold Rolex Day Date (the President) from the above Grandad, circa 1974, that is at the Rolex service center in Dallas getting serviced. I've now got the "bug". Which sucks, because it's an expensive hobby buttttt they do typically hold value. If not increase in value. Anyone else into watches? Right now I've got my eyes on a 1960's vintage Omega SeaMaster and would love a Rolex GMT master "pepsi" with a Jubilee bracelet but that might be a few more years. Will post pics soon!
  11. Question about double coated dogs- Little Boy, our 6 year old lab/ husky mix has a double coat and sheds like you can't even imagine. I feel like we drown in dog hair year round, but especially worse this time of year. Add the mutt and the Brittney to the mix and no amount of vacuuming helps but for more than half a day. The last few years we've gotten him shaved which has helped TREMENDOUSLY, but the wife has since read some things talking about how shaving them doesn't actually keep the cool, and in fact does the opposite. I call BS, but wanted to get y'alls opinion.
  12. In order to make ANY noise this season, we need Bane to be huge this year, and I think he knows it. I expect him to log 35 mins/ game. Luckily he's generally a healthy dude who's built like a Strong Safety.
  13. LOL. Do you think that was on purpose?
  14. I've never liked Mosley... Dude, everyone outside of Baylor knew FArt had been a lying cheat since the 80's.
  15. Most of the reports I read said "dementia" but it looks like he actually had Lewy Body Dementia, which seems like a nasty cross of Parkinson's and regular dementia. I was always fascinated by his story. I very good, if not great player for a long, long time who's career is defined by literally ONE play.
  16. Not trying to start any official prediction here as its still way early- but I'm procrastinating at work and was getting excited for football. Depending on QB play (which when is it never depending on it?) There is a VERY real chance we could be heading into the UT weekend sitting at 6-0. Ark. PB- Come on @ Purdue- could be tough, but weather shouldn't be an issue and we have an extra week to prep. I like our odds. SMU- We always play down. But this aint the year. KU- They don't beat us twice in a row, and its at home. @ ISU- First test of the year. They lost a few guys. I like us. @KSU- Always tough, but again. They aren't beating us. Also, the bye before this one helps too. Past that, our schedule gets dicey. But we could be in for a fun season. Again, assuming we get some decent QB play (my guess is Rogers). UT has a much tougher first 8 weeks, but they will likely be ranked. Especially if they can beat 1 of LSU or OU and win the rest. Anyway, I CAN'T wait!
  17. 7 is pretty young still. He might eventually get into sports. Especially as he gets a little older. You ever take him to TCU games?
  18. Okay, so I'm going to tread lightly here as I know there are a lot of JJ fans around Fort Worth and TCU. But I legit had never heard of the guy until probably 2012, most likely on a TCU message board. So what is the big deal with him? Just because he was on the tour? Doesn't look like he's had a ton of success or anything. When he did the Riff Ram video a while back, I was like "who"? Anyway, not trying to be rude. Just curious.
  19. Those were some bad dudes that wore 96 for us. Chucky was a beast. So was Wayne also. Tommy Blake. What could have been.
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