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  1. Exactly. 98 out of 100 D1 QBs go down after that hit. I mean the LB just bounced right off him and slammed into him hardddd
  2. Liked for Enron reference. Also, Cron looking like he belongs.
  3. Michael Collins is just a guy. You don’t win in the Big 12 with just a guy. You’re not wrong in saying he’s accurate but yeah. I think our sample size was big enough and I can’t recall one “wow” moment. Casey Pachall had them. Andy Dalton had them. Boykin had them. Kenny Hill had them. And in 2 plays in the cheez-it bowl. Justin Rodgers had it.
  4. A lot of meat on the bone there. Good video. I agree with Billy. I think it’s either Rogers or Delton
  5. My old company had season tickets to the Skeeters. Its a cool stadium with cheap beer. Are the Fort Worth Cats still around?
  6. They have a policy about no players with criminal records. Wonder if that was part of it.
  7. Dumb. He’s from Houston not Arlington.
  8. Man, you gotta think a dude like him could come back and get drafted a little higher.
  9. Always wondered why JK didn’t wear 85 in the pros ever.
  10. Garrett Wolforth, the former DBU catcher (I think he hit a HR or two off us) who finished up at Nova Southeastern in Florida, got drafted by the Reds in the 14th round. I've always followed his career as his older sister is a very good friend of mine.
  11. Reagor and Manning together at last for one season. Then we'd get Manning back for his senior year I presume. YES PLEASE
  12. Interesting... is there smoke that he wants back? Wasn't he initially touted as "better" than Reagor? At least bigger.
  13. Still better than the first 4 years of an average student's career.
  14. Okay. So do the math. 7th round pick get say $225k sign on bonus. Say he plays in the minors for 4 years having never made the show. He’s now 26. He’s made approximately another $150,000 in total salary over those 4 years (assuming he works up to maybe AA or AAA). So now he’s at $375k in career earnings at 26 years old and he bet on himself and could potentially earn a lot more if called up? Not bad. He just averaged $93k/ year in his first 4 years of working. That’s Investment Banker analyst money.
  15. Hey that’s not bad. The MLB is littered with guys taken in the 7th round. Better than going and getting a real job at 22. What is a minor leaguers salary?
  16. I think cause H is the 8th letter of the alphabet?
  17. Cron is looking like a RG on the football team... was he always that Thicc?
  18. Whoever told him to skip his senior year gave very poor advice.
  19. I like Oveido but he’s a butcher at SS. Do we have someone else next year? Or is he our guy again?
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