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  1. Don't kill me @PurpleDawg but damn. The white, black, white may be my fav uni combo of the new uniforms. Freaking fire.
  2. I wasn’t at the game. I got rid of my season tickets after the 2017 season. But I’ll say this. Weather plays a HUGE factor in all of this. 90+ degrees, full sun, no airflow? That creates an absolutely miserable game day experience. Why would I spend thousands of dollars a year to have half of the games in that environment? Its no ones fault really I guess. It just is what it is.
  3. Wth happened to Justin Funtes team?
  4. I wasn't at that game but I remember it. Ruined my 25th birthday... And OU ruined my 30th Birthday...
  5. The game has become very stale. Its like, Coach moans about not having people in the stands, but who wants to sit through that silly game in 95 degree heat and then get our ass beat? No thanks.
  6. Ramblings of a tired man right now but I had a thought- Lets say we lose to KU. And look awful, on both sides of the ball. What happens? Do big changes happen?
  7. If we lose a back to back to SMU & KU. Idk what I’d do. But it won’t be pretty. Let’s not think negative like that. Lol
  8. We want BAMA!! Okay no we don't. Give me Tarelton State or TWU
  9. Fire Gary? But in all seriousness. Becoming a little frustrated. That rose bowl and peach bowl are becoming awfully far in in the rear view mirror
  10. We're a Tennis school anyway
  11. Made me laugh harder than it should have
  12. It was a little of both. Turnovers inside our own 20 didn’t help. But the Defense played poor. We actually out gained SMU. But yeah. I feel a little better this morning.
  13. Cumbie didn’t call a great game. But execution was very poor
  14. Probably. But if we beat KU, ISU, and KSU we may sneak back in there
  15. See. I thought he played horrible. Over threw guys left and right. Made horrible choices. We’ve got true freshman QBs all over the country playing much better. Color me not impressed.
  16. Where are you seeing this? I'm interested.
  17. Hate the Cards and the Cubs, but man that was a shot to Left Center by Carp. Good to see.
  18. I turned it on too. Very Entertaining. Also, Tulane's coach, Willie Fritz, his daughter works for Chanel 2 down here in Houston... 😍
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