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  1. On 6/22/2019 at 8:48 PM, Burner said:

    Street & Smith's capsule about  our first opponent:


    "There weren't a lot of positives in Cedric Thomas' first year as head coach at Arkansas-Pine Bluff (2-9, 1-6) but first-team All-SWAC selections Taeyler Porter (1,220 rushing yards, 9 TDs), Dejuan Miller (56 receptions, 801 yards, 6  TDs) and Jalen Steward (70 tackles, 16.0 tackles for loss, 7.0 sacks) give Thomas some playmakers to build around."


    We win by 40

  2. 3 hours ago, NewfoundlandFreeFrog said:


    Which is what makes such a thing happening even in a crowd of nearly 2 million people rather rare. But of course you knew that.


    Should we stop cancer treatments since no treatment cures 100% of all cases or accept the fact that a 50% cure rate is worth doing?



    Not my point. My point is that gun laws don’t change things one way or the other. 2017 Houston Astros World Series parade with 1mm people had zero gun incidents. And our laws are far less strict than Canada’s. 


    Do you honestly think that the shootings would have doubled or tripled if Torontos gun laws were similar to Houston’s?



  3. 2 hours ago, angelosfrog said:


    Very, very speedy.  He ran seven sub-11 sec. 100M's his senior year with a personal best of 10.57 and won the 3A state meet with a 10.7.  Mikel Barkley ran a 10.8 his senior year in California so we're going to have plenty of speed even after Reagor goes pro. 


    1 hour ago, Rothbardian said:

    D. Gray's do well in the program...no pressure.


    I hope he wears #20

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  4. 9 hours ago, Lyle Lanley II said:

    -Arrieta picked up a W last time out for the Phils, pitching 6 innings and striking out 5.  He's now 6-5 on the season with a 4.31 ERA.  Next scheduled start is Monday night in DC.


    -Cashner gave up just 1 run in 6 IP against the Astros at Enron in his last start, but took a no-decision in the O's win.  He remains 6-2 on the year with a 4.73 ERA.  Next scheduled start is Monday night in Oakland.


    -Carpenter has a hit and an RBI in his last three games.  He's now hitting .222 with 9 HR, 25 RBI and a .718 OPS.


    -Holaday has a base hit in each of his last four appearances for the Marlins, including a HR and a double.  Through 7 total games played, he's hitting 5-for-19 (.263) with 1 HR, 5 RBI and an .865 OPS.


    -Cron went deep against the Nationals on Saturday.  Through 18 total games played for the D'backs, he's hitting .237 with 3 HR, 10 RBI and an .865 OPS.


    -Crichton threw a scoreless inning and a third in his first outing for the D'backs since his second call-up began.  Through 5 total big league relief appearances this season, he's got a 0.00 ERA, a 0.50 WHIP, 4 K's, 0 BB.


    -Ferrell is in his second rehab assignemnt of the year as he continues to work toward his MLB debut with the Marlins.  After 1 perfect inning at Class A Jupiter, he pitched a perfect inning and two-thirds for Triple-A New Orleans on Saturday.


    Liked for Enron reference. Also, Cron looking like he belongs. 

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  5. 13 hours ago, Burner said:

    Not that I know much about quarterbacks I haven't seen play, but everyone has an opinion, so … I think Michael Collins in our most accurate passer, and that and good judgement is what I want in a QB. But Cumbie may want more of a runner. Regardless, I think we have four good quarterbacks (I discount the chance of NCAA granting a waiver for someone coming to TCU) and so I think we will have a good quarterback with  whoever emerges from the competition.


    Michael Collins is just a guy. You don’t win in the Big 12 with just a guy. You’re not wrong in saying he’s accurate but yeah. I think our sample size was big enough and I can’t recall one “wow” moment. 


    Casey Pachall had them. Andy Dalton had them. Boykin had them. Kenny Hill had them. And in 2 plays in the cheez-it bowl. Justin Rodgers had it. 

  6. 2 hours ago, AlohaFrog said:

    There are limits to what a state can do as long as a drug is federally regulated.  My company's employees in Washington and Colorado continue to be tested and fired, regardless of the legality of the drug in those states. 


    Damn you Abraham Lincoln 

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  7. 21 hours ago, MercenaryLibrarian said:

    Did some digging on the "appear to be out of baseball" guys. 
    - Matt Purke, at least as late as May 28th, is/was playing for the Sugar Land Skeeters (managed by my hero Pete Incaviglia) in the independent Atlantic League. He still shows on the roster on their web page, but I can't find anything that verifies he's still there.
    - Cam Warner did play for the Canberra Calvary in the Australian league last season (season looks like it ended in January). Even found a trading card on eBay of him with the Calvary. 


    Everybody else appears to be confirmed retired except for Chad Huffman. I'm guessing he's retired, but he's still listed as a "free agent" on most tracking pages.


    My old company had season tickets to the Skeeters. Its a cool stadium with cheap beer.


    Are the Fort Worth Cats still around?

  8. 16 minutes ago, Lyle Lanley II said:

    Catcher update:


    -Humphreys just tweeted out that he's staying for his senior year!


    -Word is Isola is leaning toward signing with the Twins


    Man, you gotta think a dude like him could come back and get drafted a little higher.

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  9. Garrett Wolforth, the former DBU catcher (I think he hit a HR or two off us) who finished up at Nova Southeastern in Florida, got drafted by the Reds in the 14th round. I've always followed his career as his older sister is a very good friend of mine. 

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  10. 51 minutes ago, angelosfrog said:


    A little.  He tweeted "Go Frogs" the other day and there apparently is mutual interest in bringing him back.  He can't go anywhere else without graduating from JUCO but he can come to TCU immediately now that he got his grades in order because he signed with us out of high school.


    43 minutes ago, Lyle Lanley II said:

    I'd heard Malcolm Kelly has been spending a good amount of energy trying to get Omar back to Fort Worth.


    Reagor and Manning together at last for one season. Then we'd get Manning back for his senior year I presume. YES PLEASE

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  11. 25 minutes ago, angelosfrog said:

    Nijeel Meeking is gone due to grades.  That may open up a scholarship this fall for Omar Manning, the former TCU WR now at Kilgore JC.  If it happens, that would be a significant addition.  Manning was a 4 star out of high school but redshirted his first season at TCU before having to withdraw due to grades before ever getting a chance to play.  


    Interesting... is there smoke that he wants back?


    Wasn't he initially touted as "better" than Reagor? At least bigger.

  12. 2 hours ago, Captain Obvious said:



    That's 1300-1600 a month during the season.  So 6500 to 8000 for the year.  Plus the signing bonus, unless paid over time, will be taxed at a higher rate.  Plus agent fees.


    Still better than the first 4 years of an average student's career.

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