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  1. 2 things on #11.


    Drew Coleman was a BALLER for us and had a nice NFL career. Wasn't much bigger than 5'8" 180 lbs either.


    As amazing as AD14 was/ is for us. I always wonder where we would have been with Marcus Jackson. I think he was similarly as talented as Andy. Wonder what he is up to these days.


    Just looked. Drew is now a Defensive coach at Rice. Cool. 

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  2. Feels about right for a preseason poll. Man, if UT can beat LSU (strong chance) and OU (toss up?) and don't slip against any one else, they would be rolling into Fort Worth with a top 4 ranking. I'll be rooting for them until they play us.


    Love it.

  3. 9 hours ago, PurpleDawg said:

    Y'all better not get ahead of yourselves. Have you learned nothing from our previous seasons? Granted, it's not the 1980's anymore, but GP would warn about getting too sure of a blow out.


    He tells his players that. But CGP should be fired on the spot if we lose to these guys. 

  4. 11 hours ago, angelosfrog said:

    Alex Delton Highlight Reel.  Some nice throws downfield and some good examples of his running ability.  I think he runs better than Boykin. 





    Okay. Wow. I feel A LOT better. He did throw the ball around well, has a weird little hitch in his windup but that’s fine at this level.


    maybe a lot of it was just scheme and lack of playmakers at KSU. He runs like a running back. Probably not as shifty as Boykin, but certainly much faster. He’s probably a 4.6-4.5 guy. 


    I just remember him being horribad against us those 2 times. 


    Alright. I’m all in on Delton with Max and JR battling for 2020. 

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  5. 10 hours ago, angelosfrog said:


    Ouch.  I hate playing SWAC teams.  I appreciate the fact that they need the revenue but it's not really fair to those kids to offer them up like lambs to the slaughter against a vastly superior opponent.  I wish we would at least play a Sun Belt team or even a decent Southland Conference team.  Most of those SWAC teams couldn't beat a decent Lone Star Conference D2 school. 


    Right? Like let’s play Texas State or Arkansas State or North Texas or shoot. Even Rice. It’s embarrassing  

  6. 1 hour ago, angelosfrog said:

    Good article on QBs from 247.  Don’t know if it’s free or not but you can click and find out.  





    Good article, I have a subscription too so not sure its free.


    Guess my dream of 6'4" 230lb Justin Rogers wont happen this year. Sad.


    Who knows though. Long season. I just want us to win!

  7. 19 minutes ago, Burner said:

    We have 10 receivers on scholarship this year, and we usually carry 14. From that, I deduce we will see a tight end/blocking back used most of the time.


    Really sucks to lose a senior linebacker who was cited earlier this summer for providing good leadership to the young pups at that position. I gather it was not a new injury so much as never recovered from last year. Have to look for a freshman to step up and learn fast (DeMauryon Holmes, Dee Winters, Dylan Jordan … maybe Wyatt Harris moves back from DE now.) Hope Ben Wilson heals quickly.


    I'm beginning to think Justin Rogers may never fully recover his high school abilities. His future may be as a pro-style pocket passer with limited mobility. Some guys with strong arms have made a lot of money that way.


    A lot of people have been speculating that... but I think its just that at this point speculation. 


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  8. 24 minutes ago, angelosfrog said:





    Losing Montrel Wilson sucks but GP said he was going to limit Montrel to about 15 snaps a game so it's not like we're losing a full time player.  What's worse is that Ben Wilson is out for probably the first month of the season with some type injury.  We're thin at LB boys (and girls).  Collins was in a boot the other day so I'm not surprised that it's become a Delton/Duggan battle at QB.


    Eh, all Gary speak. I still think we see 3 QB's in the opener. 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Lyle Lanley II said:

    Just for perspective, a look at the Frogs' last 10 games vs. FCS opponents:


    2018: TCU 55, Southern 7  --  (Southern finished 7-4)

    2017: TCU 63, Jackson State 0  --  (JSU finished 3-8)

    2016: TCU 59, South Dakota State 41  --  (SDSU finished 9-4)

    2015: TCU 70, Stephen F. Austin 7 --  (SFA finished 4-7)

    2014: TCU 48, Samford 14  --  (Samford finished 7-4)

    2013: TCU 38, SE Louisiana 17  -- (SELU finished 11-3)

    2012: TCU 56, Grambling 0 -- (Grambling finished 1-10)

    2011: TCU 55, Portland State 13 -- (PSU finished 7-4)

    2010: TCU 62, Tennessee Tech 7 --  (TTU finished 7-4)

    2009: TCU 56, Texas State 21  --  (TSU finished 7-4, they moved up to FBS in 2012)




    The 2013 & 2016 games really stick out in mind as "wow, this could be a long season". And they were both pretty poor seasons. ALso happens those were good FCS teams, but still. FCS is FCS. We shoudl never win by less than 4 TD's. I stlll have nightmares from that 2013 SE LA game, we were pathetic! Casey's arm snapped in two. It was just all around bad juju. 


    I think 2018 we were better than our record. Beat OSU or UT earlier in the season, and it could end up differently. 

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  10. On 8/10/2019 at 1:53 PM, Duquesne Frog said:

    APB is a bad FCS team.  If we dont win by 50 it will be a rough year.


    I always think back to the opener in 2014- Samford. We came out absolutely HUMMING that game. Boykin just was flinging it all over the first quarter and I was like "who is this team!?!?!". Set the tone for the rest of the season.


    Then you look at years like 2013, 2016 where we just looked flat flat flat in the opener. Lets hope this year is like 2014. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, angelosfrog said:

    From the latest reports in the FWST, Patterson says we have incredible speed at WR and we're hitting long completions in practice like we did in 2014.  Reagor, Barkley, Barber, D. Davis, and Hights all have the ability to take it to the house.  I think that's something that has been seriously lacking the past few seasons.  Reagor and Turp were great but Turp had a tendency to get hurt and then he screwed up and got himself kicked off the team. 


    And I think Stewart and Austin had naked pictures of the entire coaching staff or something. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Duquesne Frog said:


    That's more like it ...


    Totally get it.  In my younger days, I used to love baiting and arguing with the nutters on kf.c but I've got less interest in that now.  I do legitimately try to understand where well-thought people I disagree with are coming from. 


    I can envision my brain going to medical science ...


    Image result for abnormal young frankenstein


    God save us

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