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    but we did sell more than $1 million worth


    I trust you reported all of that to the IRS ;)


    In all seriousness though. Great blog entry! There really are young people out there that appreciate this kind of stuff. I remember going on roadtrips with my family as a kid (mid 1990's) and sifting through stuff at antique stores and malls with my mom. Hated it then, now I can appreciate it and have the memories that live on.


    How many miles do you think you've driven over the years? It has to be over 1,000,000. Right?

  2. Welcome to the scene....I wrote sports for the Star-Telegram 1961-82, primarily covering TCU and the SWC but also (especially while a sports columnist 1976-82) saw a lot of Cowboy games and other stuff....That 1980 game in Pittsburgh was, as I recall, a season-opener right after Steelers and Oilers   had met in the playoffs the year before. Only Houston game I ever saw. Sorry. I then was an editorial writer and op-ed columnist 1982-98 before retiring to clip coupons.  


    That's an awesome history. My Grandpa is a Dallas (well, Garland) native and he used to read the Star Telegram and DMN every single morning, he still might. I'm sure he remembers who you are.


    Would love to meet you one day and hopefully pick your brain. 

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