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  1. Was fun, I had just graduated. I actually left early for some reason. Not really sure why, I remember being jammed in there like a sardine.
  2. Works got me down lately! Bengals suck. I hate them. I'm a Jags fan now. Minshew for life. But seriously. That franchise can't get out of its own way. Andy was far from the problem. They didn't address the O-Line, they hired a coach whos in way over his head, and AJ green cant stay healthy. If a RB as talented as Mixon is averaging less than 3.5 yards a carry, the Oline is at fault.
  3. Bizarre man. Something seems off. Very off.
  4. Idk. My favorite college football team sucks. My NFL team is 0-5 with a horrible OLine and about to run Dalton out of town. My baseball team had its 5th straight losing season. My NBA teams GM has basically started an International trade war because of one silly tweet. Thankfully my Fantasy team is 3-2 and trending up...
  5. Yeah. It was tongue in cheek. Maybe blacklock and reagor stay? Worked out for Banagou and Collier
  6. Okay... 11-2? Lol
  7. It’s time. Time to make some changes. Program is stale. Really stale.
  8. If we go 12-1 with a big 12 championship. I guarantee we’d be in the top 10
  9. Who likes soccer anyway?
  10. Lol. I don’t have kids. But I’ve kind of always thought this.
  11. Yeah I watched most of the game. His O-Line is GARBAGE. He had someone in his face after 2 seconds every time he "dropped" back. They were trying to get him going with quick hitters, but it wasn't working too well. Mixon can't get going either. Zero running lanes. I'd expect them to draft a QB high, even though a rookie would get killed back there. I feel bad for him.
  12. I watched most of the ISU/ BayLOL game and the cyclones looked very pedestrian. Didn't move the ball that well and seemed to lack play makers on offense. Though you could say the same for us against SMU. I can see us covering the spread comfortably. Going to say TCU 38, ISU 21
  13. As much as it pains me. We need to root for SMU for the rest of the year... I've never hated them as much as Baylor though, so its not too bad for me. Baylor OTH, they could be 8-0 when they face us. Doubtful as they have to go to Manhattan and Stillwater... but still. Then they play us, OU, and UT in back to back to back weeks. yikes.
  14. Don't kill me @PurpleDawg but damn. The white, black, white may be my fav uni combo of the new uniforms. Freaking fire.
  15. I wasn’t at the game. I got rid of my season tickets after the 2017 season. But I’ll say this. Weather plays a HUGE factor in all of this. 90+ degrees, full sun, no airflow? That creates an absolutely miserable game day experience. Why would I spend thousands of dollars a year to have half of the games in that environment? Its no ones fault really I guess. It just is what it is.
  16. Wth happened to Justin Funtes team?
  17. I wasn't at that game but I remember it. Ruined my 25th birthday... And OU ruined my 30th Birthday...
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