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  1. YES my favorite thread of the year! Keep up the good work LL
  2. How are the restaurants close to campus? Most of them back open? I could use some Buff Bros right about now.
  3. PJ walker had another great game on Sunday. Pretty sure he spent time in the Colts camp. I remember him at Temple, hell of an Athlete.
  4. Is Kentucky a good program? Will we pick up some top 25 votes if we sweep ?
  5. I was at both of those games as well. The 2006 game too (which was fun). The 2011 game I wasn’t as upset. I think we were all still a little hungover from the Rose bowl and had a lot of new faces. RGMe played his face off and I remember thinking “well Baylor just wanted it a little more”. the 2014 game. Ugh. There isn’t much that hasn’t been said. Gut punch. But I agree. Frog fans were LOUD. Took a buddy of mine who wasn’t a frog fan just liked football and he still hates Baylor because of that game.
  6. I don’t think attendance matters as much as eyeballs on the TV. It might be lean for a few years. Hence why McMahon being so well capitalized makes the difference. The USFL in the 80s was very viable until Trump and a few other owners got too big for their britches and tried to make the season in the fall.
  7. Feeling a little lazy at work!! Don't tell anyone
  8. All Tyrant's should be hanged. All politicians are Tyrants. So in my estimation all politicians should be hanged. Every, last, one of them. Except mayyyybe Rand Paul. Maybe.
  9. man, I haven't looked at this thread since September 2019. What have I missed?!?!?!
  10. I agree, I just feel like "projected last" in the big 12 in his 4th season is concerning to begin with. We can blame talent, etc. But all of this coupled with the UCLA crap from the off season. Does he really want to be here? I was going back and looking at his coaching record. He hasn't won more than 1 game in the NCAA tourney in over 10 years... Maybe we're overrating him a bit?
  11. I really do think that McMahon learned from his mistakes 20 years ago. From all accounts he is well capitalized and they have good coaches in place.
  12. I really do think that McMahon learned from his mistakes 20 years ago. From all accounts he is well capitalized and they have good coaches in place.
  13. CJD's tenure has gone sour really quick. Not sure what to think yet.
  14. I'm pretty excited! Me and a few buddies are talking about going to the game on Saturday.
  15. Him and Quentin Johnston for the next 3-4 years would be nice.
  16. Wow. The Egg Bowl just got VERY interesting. Leach v Kiffin!?!?!
  17. Well I think Baylor gets that money. The coach gets that money when they get fired.
  18. He's put on some weight. I wish so badly that the Rockets had picked him up.
  19. I have a weird feeling that Andy is back for the Bengals next year.
  20. 7 years, $60 million. Damn, I shoulda been a football coach.
  21. From what I can tell, Kyle Hicks is no longer on the Houston Roughnecks Roster. Tayo seems to still be on the roster however.
  22. I’d take Kiffy over anyone that has ever been part of the Briles coaching tree ANYday
  23. I think I’ve finally come around to paying players
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