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  1. Isnt double A kind of considered primo over AAA even cause it’s where the top prospects develop? The top guys generally don’t spend much time in AAA
  2. It irritates me more than it should how much of a ripoff their logo is of ours
  3. Not limited to- disappearing on team night before super bowl and no showing. Arrest. Drugs. Etc. He was diagnosed bi-polar I believe
  4. Yeah. When springer comes back someone is losing their job
  5. What a weird and bitter thing to tweet. Didn’t he quit the team before his senior year but then came back?
  6. Not my point. My point is that gun laws don’t change things one way or the other. 2017 Houston Astros World Series parade with 1mm people had zero gun incidents. And our laws are far less strict than Canada’s. Do you honestly think that the shootings would have doubled or tripled if Torontos gun laws were similar to Houston’s?
  7. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26995136/4-shot-3-arrested-raptors-parade-police-say impossible. Canada has much tougher gun laws than most places in the US
  8. Exactly. 98 out of 100 D1 QBs go down after that hit. I mean the LB just bounced right off him and slammed into him hardddd
  9. Liked for Enron reference. Also, Cron looking like he belongs.
  10. Michael Collins is just a guy. You don’t win in the Big 12 with just a guy. You’re not wrong in saying he’s accurate but yeah. I think our sample size was big enough and I can’t recall one “wow” moment. Casey Pachall had them. Andy Dalton had them. Boykin had them. Kenny Hill had them. And in 2 plays in the cheez-it bowl. Justin Rodgers had it.
  11. A lot of meat on the bone there. Good video. I agree with Billy. I think it’s either Rogers or Delton
  12. My old company had season tickets to the Skeeters. Its a cool stadium with cheap beer. Are the Fort Worth Cats still around?
  13. They have a policy about no players with criminal records. Wonder if that was part of it.
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