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  1. The guy is pushing 70 and has made millions. Go away bro.
  2. Pretty cool. Craig Biggios son, Cavan Biggio made his debut as the starting 2B for the Blue Jays on Friday too. Blue jays are the first ever team to have start 2 sons of Hall of Famers in the same lineup (Vlad Jr ).
  3. Great thread idea! Where do you find a lot of these cards? also. Are most of your cards of TCU athletes?
  4. I don't know much about RPI- can one bad loss really tank you that bad?
  5. Would be pretty sweet to eliminate them after what happened last year. Do we have to win the entire thing to make an Regional?
  6. Kobe and Mike didn't murder people. But otherwise, kinda funny.
  7. Maybe losing to them last year was a blessing in disguise? Clearly we weren't a good team, and winning that would have prolonged the inevitable.
  8. Was looking at the Roster. It looks like Baldwin will only have the option to wear #12 or #18. Just FYI
  9. Can't believe a vape pen is a felony. What a joke. That being said, Sewo knows better. Lets hope this plays out and he doesn't miss much time.
  10. Both very good talents. Texada was just a tad too small and Denzel maybe a step too slow for the NFL. Glad to see them keep playing.
  11. I guess we are mixing up “class” and “season”. My B
  12. Isn't Duggan class of '23, even if he doesn't redshirt?
  13. He wont get drafted, but I could see im playing in the G league or overseas. While a flawed PG, I liked him a lot and glad we had 3 years of him. Wish we won more.
  14. HA. Right? But we're "snowflakes" if we don't like him.
  15. Obviously we're still 18 months out, but ole Uncle Joe and Crazy Bernie have a fight on their hands... Will be interesting to see if/ when any of the others gain traction. The media loves them some Beto, but can he win a national primary? Let alone an election? https://thehill.com/hilltv/what-americas-thinking/442310-joe-biden
  16. I could see Brian Howard getting called up in the next year or so. I bet he's in the A's long term plans.
  17. Great story, love to see Coach out there hustling and sliding into DMs
  18. A little of it is/ was “Tarzan in the weight room. Jane on the field”. But he seemed to finally put it together last year. If he had a good season and puts those numbers up at the combine he should be a mid round pick. Problem is. RBs, outside of the elite elite are a dime a dozen at the next level. Edge rushers, Corners, left tackles, and QBs are who make the big bucks these days. Safetys, LBs, and RBs are somewhat comiditized
  19. Not sure why Austin and Stewart kept getting playing time over younger, more talented guys. By the time they were Juniors and really never lived up to their hype, it was time to move on IMO.
  20. He keeps producing and he's 100% a top 15 pick. Reminds me of Desean Jackson
  21. The Colts GM is considered one of the best if not the best in the NFL FWIW
  22. Man. Both top 50 picks! That’s should help recruiting.
  23. Not sure what the Dbacks are waiting for. That is the definition of tearing the cover off the ball.
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