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  1. DEF not worse than Harvey. At least from my perspective. But it was rowdy in some spots. Way east and north east got hammered pretty bad. Saw a couple of people calling it worse than Harvey on social media. Harvey was devastating. This was just bad. Overall I think it was 20 inches less of rain than Harvey. The difference being the large Bayous didn’t come close to cresting with this one.
  2. Impossible. Everyone says that ESPN hates us.
  3. I think we win by 17. Something like 40-13
  4. I didn't know Haverty was at SMU... interesting.
  5. Hahaha I noticed that as well. the shorter name plates have the horns sticking out from the bottom.
  6. Yeah I saw some special on NFL network about him a few weeks ago. I always thought he was a doof from his horrible Detroit days, but far from it. Big time family man too.
  7. Wonder if they could get it to me in Houston.
  8. Was a habanero burger from Dutches (was in FW earlier that day)
  9. All white's looked amazing. Am I the only one annoyed by the '150' patch on all of the Uniforms this year? Esp on ours it breaks up the sweet horn collar.
  10. Tenn is a dumpster fire. The SEC East flat out sucks... Kansas could win the SEC East and i'm not kidding.
  11. I thought he did a good job. Did you know he recently had a full heart transplant? Like less than a year ago.
  12. Hate 11am kickoffs as it seems to eat my entire day. But hopefully we are on our way to 4-0 at that point. 2 home games in a row is nice for the frogs. I think this is the year we curb stomp KU.
  13. Fubu, vue, sling. They all do free trials and should Have big10
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