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  1. AP Top 25

    Or at least through 2017
  2. NFL Frogs Thread 2017

    CP was a freshman in that game. And he's 37 now. So yeah. He's likely the only one still playing
  3. AP Top 25

    That's true too... and you can't really blame them.
  4. AP Top 25

    In other news. Our National Championship Odds went from 75/1 to 33/1... I got it locked in at 100/1 back in June
  5. TCU Tennis 2017-18

    Where is the national championship?
  6. AP Top 25

    Other than the back to back weeks at OU and TTU, our schedule stacks up nicely.
  7. Lunchtime fun with stats WVU edition

    I'm sure the team welcomes it. But waiting 12 days for football sucks.
  8. Lunchtime fun with stats WVU edition

    Going to be fun!
  9. Week 6 TV

    Lol... I mean we're on TV. It's football. Life is good.
  10. Week 6 TV

    Boo... but okay, I'll take it. Just praying for temps in the 70's.
  11. He and that goof Mark May did a show for years. Lou was usually very complimentary of us. Mark May was a big 10 homer.
  12. Yeah! I had never seen it. Pretty good. Not as good as "the U". But still interesting.
  13. Week 6 TV

    Good seats
  14. Ha... I was watching Catholics vs Convicts last on ESPN. I always liked Lispy Lou.
  15. Week 6 TV

    lol... what section are you in again?