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  1. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    You mean Rockets? Spurs can SMD
  2. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    It only took 15 years, but I'm SO glad the extra baggy short fad left college basketball... It got ridiculous in the from like 2006-2010.
  3. God save us....

    Sooooo some russians created some fake twitter accounts? Seems silly to me. Hillary lost because she was unlikeable and a weak candidate. Trump won because he appeased to Middle America.
  4. Biggest drop in college football attendance in 34 years

    Thats what makes college basketball so good. 2 20 minute halves. Games are normally 2 hours. Thank you. NBA games are only about 2.5. Makes college football games seem like an enterniry
  5. He had the size. Did he have the arm talent? I think probably so.
  6. That’s what she tells you
  7. What books are you reading?

    Agree. Read that book. It’s very good.
  8. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    No worries. I popped in for a second but wasn’t even really watching the game after the second half.
  9. Oh my. He looks like life caught up to him. Glad to see he’s figured things out. His future was bright on the football field. Let’s hope he makes it the most of life post football.
  10. What books are you reading?

    Just finished “mornings on horseback”. Chronicles a young theordore Roosevelt. Very interesting
  11. Places To Go

    Shoot. For some reason I thought it was the next week. I think they do have the 7th open too. Id feel real dumb if I threw a fit about the date and we didn’t make it...
  12. Places To Go

    Yeah, December 1st. I think she’s putting the deposit down today to hold the date. http://www.beckendorfffarms.com/ most places in Houston are already booked for the rest of the damn year. Sheesh.
  13. Do we know who’s in the lead now? A St. Pius kid could feel right at home at TCU. Do we worry about a lack of competition with him?
  14. Biggest drop in college football attendance in 34 years

    I don’t long for the days of 20k attendance, OLN late kickoffs and crappy oponents. We have a great game day experience and an amazing stadium with fun rivalries. For me, being out of town, it just hard justifying spending good dough on 24 tickets (6 games, 4 seats) in which I’m lucky to go to 2 games/ year. I may just stick to buying single games. I will Miss my seats though.
  15. The Athletic- boom or bust?

    I mean newspapers weren’t/ aren’t free. We’ve only been consuming “free” content for what, 15-20 years? The question with these subscription based services is are people my age, who’ve never really paid for content be willing to bite?