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  1. DirtyThirdFrog

    The Sports Dump

    Why’d y’all have to bring Tech ‘13 into this. Some games just need to never be remembered.
  2. DirtyThirdFrog

    San Antonio Sports Bars

    There is an anchor bar (original buffalo wing place) right there. They have TVs and the wings are dope
  3. DirtyThirdFrog

    Week 5 TV (9/29)

    oh interesting...
  4. DirtyThirdFrog

    Ohio St -14 over TCU

    Agree. But we could say the same thing about our mistakes. We clean those up and we still win. Even if 11 doesn’t have the yips on OSU and catches those he dropped.
  5. DirtyThirdFrog

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Agree. OSU handles PSU
  6. DirtyThirdFrog

    Weekly Rooting Interests Thread

    Could you imagine a rematch. Oh my
  7. DirtyThirdFrog

    Week 3 Games

    They lose both of those. Then they drop at least one of FSU, Cuse, or USC. They don’t worry me at all
  8. DirtyThirdFrog

    Week 3 Games

    ND barely beat Vandy. They will drop at least one. Or 4
  9. DirtyThirdFrog

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Gave it away
  10. DirtyThirdFrog

    Week 3 Games

    Vandy should have beat ND.
  11. DirtyThirdFrog

    Week 3 Games

    Kansas laying it on Rutgers right now. Good for them. Shows you how bad Rutgers is. Throw what game for OSU out the window
  12. DirtyThirdFrog

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    Andy had a great primetime game on Thursday. I think they Bengals are going to be sneaky good this year
  13. DirtyThirdFrog

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    Bills are a dumpster fire
  14. DirtyThirdFrog

    College GameDay (9/15)

    The riff Ram was awkward. Not going to lie
  15. DirtyThirdFrog

    Ohio St -14 over TCU

    The eagle has landed at DFW. Been up since 10pm cst yesterday. This is all worth it