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  1. We cover but OU wins. Also, I think UT outright beats Baylor
  2. Was fun, I had just graduated. I actually left early for some reason. Not really sure why, I remember being jammed in there like a sardine.
  3. Works got me down lately! Bengals suck. I hate them. I'm a Jags fan now. Minshew for life. But seriously. That franchise can't get out of its own way. Andy was far from the problem. They didn't address the O-Line, they hired a coach whos in way over his head, and AJ green cant stay healthy. If a RB as talented as Mixon is averaging less than 3.5 yards a carry, the Oline is at fault.
  4. Bizarre man. Something seems off. Very off.
  5. Idk. My favorite college football team sucks. My NFL team is 0-5 with a horrible OLine and about to run Dalton out of town. My baseball team had its 5th straight losing season. My NBA teams GM has basically started an International trade war because of one silly tweet. Thankfully my Fantasy team is 3-2 and trending up...
  6. Yeah. It was tongue in cheek. Maybe blacklock and reagor stay? Worked out for Banagou and Collier
  7. Okay... 11-2? Lol
  8. It’s time. Time to make some changes. Program is stale. Really stale.
  9. If we go 12-1 with a big 12 championship. I guarantee we’d be in the top 10
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