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  1. But our potential 2019 starter is a Transfer and so was Kenny Hill.
  2. The pay disparity between being a first round pick in the NFL and every other round is shocking. Not to mention the second and third chances these former first rounders get. Danny Amendola, OTOH, an undrafted free agent. has 'only' made $26MM over an 11 year career.
  3. Finnegan was optioned to the minor league camp yesterday. But I think still remains on the 40 man roster.
  4. 1 year prove it deal... If he plays well and stays healthy. He will get PAID
  5. Probably for an extra year of control too
  6. Where are you seeing this? I know they like him a lot there. He can play in the NFL for sure.
  7. I turned it on when we had a 14 point lead. We promptly blew it. I turned it off. We won. I won’t be watching the next game.
  8. He lived down the hall from me Freshman year in clark.
  9. Excuse you. Democratic Socialism.
  10. Didn't he also have a top 5 40 yard dash? He will be a 3rd round pick. Though 250 is light for a DE
  11. Only stayed for 5 innings last night... snoozefest of a game
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