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  1. Week 6 TV

    Anything but that darn hold
  2. So glad we've stayed healthy. Let's keep it that way.
  3. Week 6 TV

    Pretty good guesses. They announce tomorrow or Tuesday?
  4. Unfortunatley. We will only be underdogs to OU the rest of the way out.
  5. Week 4 Games

    SEC sucks. Big 10 sucks. Pack 10 sucks. I honestly think we might be the only conference worth a darn.
  6. Happy Birthday, crunch!

    HBD crunch! May your trivia be trivial
  7. Week 4 Games

    Anyone? What channel for our game to start
  8. Week 4 Games

    What channel is our game starting on?
  9. Week 4 Games

    Gotta run some errands. Someone recap what they say about our game on gameday
  10. TCU at OSU: Predictions and Picks to Click

    getting pretty excited... not GUNNA lie
  11. The Sports Dump

    I shouldn't have laughed. But I did... And yeah. CTE or not, Hernandez is still a cold blooded killer.
  12. Happy Birthday, Smooth!

    Happy B day lil buddie! See you in the 121 for the WVU game?
  13. It's the biggest game of the day, by far. Kinda sucks its not primetime. Oh well.