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  1. I'm going with B. Given my record, people should bet on A.
  2. Seems like we just did this a year or so ago. Happy Birthday.
  3. There are limits to what a state can do as long as a drug is federally regulated. My company's employees in Washington and Colorado continue to be tested and fired, regardless of the legality of the drug in those states.
  4. This is my favorite thread since the one about a lottery winner.
  5. Farewell Dick Tomey. He was quite a guy. https://www.khon2.com/sports/local-sports/legendary-uh-football-coach-dick-tomey-passes-away/1996640357
  6. Happy Birthday to you. May all your wishes come true.
  7. This seems to be the place to post this interesting tidbit. I'm a member of Honolulu Country Club and went for lunch today. There are a fairly large number of members who live in Japan but come to Honolulu regularly enough that they join the club. The men's locker room is large and has a couple of hundred lockers assigned to members with their names on them. Today I walked through the locker room, as I have many times before, and for the first time noticed a locker had a famous sports name on it. Sadaharu Oh. Evidently he's a member. I'm not sure I'd recognize him if I saw him but I sure recognized the name. His golf locker is my near brush with sports immortality.
  8. They need to schedule some games in the Los Angeles area to help address the family separation. It's not like there's a shortage of college basketball programs in the area. There must be a dozen of them. They could fix it so he's spending a week with his parents and in-laws at Christmas time.
  9. I'm usually a day late and a dollar short to these threads. This time I'm two days late (and almost three days late by Maryland time). Happy Birthday.
  10. The only bowl I have ever been able to attend was the 2011 Poinsettia Bowl. Fun time.
  11. Those people are going through a very rough time right now. But they're tough and have found silver linings behind their clouds. https://www.omaha.com/news/nebraska/after-the-flood-nebraska-buddies-find-an-indestructible-beer-fridge/article_14e87653-c6ff-5eee-bfae-1e2cc6d67618.html
  12. Not what I wanted to see first thing in the morning. I loved that guy.
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