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  1. Prove them right. I mean that they are too low by one.
  2. One of which is crying with a Baylor shirt on. http://www.fox4news.com/story/29324936/texas-biker-says-civil-rights-suit-is-about-accountability
  3. "I just admire new coaches and what they can do". OK, I'd admire a 20 time coach of the year instead.
  4. Funny how the one coach they quote probably doesn't have to worry about playing in the CCG anytime soon, much less the playoffs.
  5. I was wondering how that random S got in there.
  6. Top schools for people who couldn't get into one of their preferred schools.
  7. And the way it is they will only do it every other year.
  8. Or in Fort Worth and he's a hell of a bigger deal than RGIII.
  9. Thanks for all your insight, Feisty.
  10. Nice to play teams with part time players.
  11. I'll never forget when they announced his promotion he said the goal was to win a national championship. I was like 'where did they get this guy?' I wish I was wrong like that more often.
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