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  1. I looked into tickets for the legend club. They told me it would cost 50k for the privilege of being allowed to buy the season tickets in that area... plus the cost of the season tickets. I like going to TCU games.... but I'll stick to StubHub and GameTime to get tickets yall.
  2. Ton of fun. Can't do a full season pickem because wouldn't have the time to do it right. But glad that yall do one for the bowl games. It's perfect length for me and makes the bowl games more enjoyable to watch. Congratulations to PD on winning. You kicked everyone's butt. Well played!
  3. Not going to lie. I picked Alabama by 3.
  4. I rewatched the 2 plays that Justin Rodgers had in the Cheese It Bowl. I want to take back my previous comments. He really did a good job on a limited amount to review. First play: he had a defensive player bounce off of him and he ran to about the line of scrimmage. His running wasn't horrible. IMHO, it seemed that he might have previously had another gear of speed that wasn't there when he took off. Think his running was adequate and could improve with time. Second play: completes a little pass off to the side. Foot work looked good. Coaches could have called a safe play and just called a hand off to the RB. But coaches trusted him to throw the ball in a tough bowl game in the 4th quarter. Both plays were supposed to be passing plays. This causes me to think he is ready. Furthermore, IIRC he wasn't even cleared to play until Nov? I remember seeing an article from the startlegram to something of this nature. Kid has a monster arm which seems pretty accurate. If he could get an oline that can give him time and keep him standing upright he could be slinging the rock all over the field.
  5. South Carolina shit the bed today. I HAD 33PTS ON THAT GAME. They didn't even show up.
  6. He isn't a runner? I thought he was listed as dual threat. Tough to be thrown into a bowl game against a equal team for your first playing time as a college qb.
  7. Which part... the getting hit and defensive player bouncing off of him or the panic scramble that looked like a young forest gump with leg braces? The is kid built like a brick shit house. But.... man he needs to improve before next season if he wants to see meaningful game time.
  8. So we got a look at Justin Rogers.... that was fun.
  9. Frogs win! Really glad they never gave up. At one point the team was on their 4th qb for the season. A lot of injuries. It looked bleak at points this season and the team kept fighting
  10. Wtf.... the canceled the BC vs Bosie game? I had 25 pts on that game! Now those points can't be moved or lost. What a waste.
  11. Don't let the door hit ya, where the good LORD split ya.
  12. Houston never gets in. EVER Houston already made a huge pitch with help of tilman fertitta basically begging to be included. The big 12 said thanks but no thanks. We'd rather not expand than have you join us. 1.) Houston market does absolutely nothing to expand the footprint of the big 12. The Houston market already watches the Big12. The southwest conference already failed, let's not recreate it. (Yes. I understand we were in a similar situation. No, they still cant join.) 2.) If you bring Houston into big12 it validates the school and makes recruiting harder. Houston is a major hub for recruiting for almost all of the big 12 teams. UCF has had some 12-0 seasons. Orlando is a Huge Market that influences the TV scale IMHO. It would also make Geographic sense because it creates a footprint on the east coast, for example WVU. The Arizona schools make sense because their markets as well. Would they leave to make more money? That's the million dollar question. Air Force - try and go after Denver/Colorado market. Personally never understood why Cincinnati always get excluded. Seems like decent school and market. Think Memphis would be a decent pick up. However, market pull might not be there for viewers.
  13. I lost 1 game. Guess I'm out the million dollars. Couldn't even make it one day.
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