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  1. Clemson came ready to play. I wasn't expecting that!
  2. It consisted of hitting the preview button next to the match up. ESPN gave you all the info. It literally took a couple of seconds for each game and then haven't touched it since I made the picks.
  3. I basically ignored the epsn power ranking all together. It's garbage. I would start by looking at what vegas had the spread for the match up. Then looked at points allowed by team, passing yards allowed, and rushing yards allowed. Then compared it to what the other teams passing yards, rushing yards, and points allowed were. But that was not guarantee.. ie SMU bowl game. To make a determination on how to allocate the point amounts I based by decision off of the spread amount by Vegas. If vegas had it at +14 , +7 and then ranked the point amounts based on Vegas confidence of odds to win to give the highest probability of getting the higher point amounts. Other aspects that I took into consideration were number of wins in the last final weeks and if a coach had been fired or left the program.
  4. He is an excellent coach. I want to hate him, but cant. Seems like a legit guy. I do hope he takes the Giants Job as HC.
  5. https://www.frogsowar.com/2020/1/2/21046751/tcu-and-former-co-oc-doug-meacham-eye-possible-reunion D'oh!!!!!!
  6. I'm just a humble country lawyer trying to do the best I can against this brilliant prosecutor from the big city.....
  7. There goes my million. Damn you Kent State I had 17 pts on that game.
  8. I only need 40 more wins to be a millionaire!
  9. Message received! I joined. I need to make my picks.
  10. Areas of improvement for TCU: (Rusty Burns) outside receivers coach (Jarrett Anderson) OL coach I felt like most of the offensive issues involved receivers not catching the ball and OL not blocking long enough.
  11. Looks like UT hiring Graham Harrell as OC.
  12. I don't know if the schedule permits... but would like to see a game verse University of Tennessee or Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Miami, Syracuse, Boston College. Think they are tough games but winnable. Think they would also help strength of schedule and force the team to show up. Think part of the problem with the SMU game is that the frogs sleep walk through the first half and SMU comes ready to play their superbowl of the season.
  13. Personally, I don't see the point in scheduling SMU anymore. If we do schedule them again I think it should only be played at TCU. But honestly don't think we should continue playing them and this is why: 1.)This is their superbowl and is a garbage game for the Frogs. 2.) Doesn't help strengthen our schedule and would rather schedule a mediocre to good school from an elite conference. Purdue, Arkansas come to mind.
  14. Still no baby..... we got a hotel room near the hospital in Houston for the week to be closer. I'm glad I did because yesterday we wouldn't have made it to the hospital if we had to make it from our house. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Baby getting evicted Tuesday morning if she doesn't come beforehand.
  15. Dang need help finding the Frogs this weekend on TV. Any other channels or exclusive to Big 10 network. Anyone know if I could buy for day and then cancel? Any normal cable channels?
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