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  1. We'll see. If an October saturday night home game against Texas doesn't get the fan base out, nothing will. Speaking only for myself, it'll be hard to top the sweet sensation of last year's win (I was there), but hope springs eternal.
  2. Yeah, I thought so too when I walked on 100 or so years ago. Coaches figured I needed to put on about 30, so weight room and big diet for me. Problem was, because of my schedule of classes I had to lift with the O-Line and run with the DB's. After six weeks of this I had dropped about 10 lbs and was flunking everything. I looked pretty good (for me at least), but otherwise all bad. Too slow for DB, too small for anything else. Ah well, so much for the dream...
  3. I think our line would be OK if they weren't always outnumbered. Nobody we've played respects our deep pass threat, and since we never ever throw to the TE they just load the box and throw the house at us almost every play. Not saying our guys are great, but even a great offensive line will have trouble if they're always outnumbered 6-5 or 7-5 or more.
  4. Yep; brought in my rain gear expecting a deluge like the previous game. Had to trade it all for sunblock at halftime. Also surprised at the lack of cramping on the field.
  5. +1. Hard to overstate the quality of our defense right now. So good that even a mediocre offense might be good enough.
  6. +1 on the play calling. We had execution problems on Saturday. I'm not well versed on receiver routes or techniques, but at least TB#2 had some time to throw the ball.
  7. I don't mind the 11am starts, but the team always seems groggy till about noon. I assumed LRBWHCGMFP would have a quick and certain way to address this problem, but I may have been wrong. Regarding yesterday's game, although I didn't mind the timing the heat was brutal. Being from Houston I know the combination of heat and humidity, but I can confirm that yesterday's game environment was especially miserable. For some reason (wind direction, perhaps?) there was almost no breeze in the stadium. It was like an oven, and brutal. In the second half there were more people watching the game from the shade under the stands than were actually seated in the stands. This had to look bad on TV, but I don't blame the crowd for seeking relief. I hope the TV guys said something about the heat, but since they're working in the air conditioned press box this may be wishful thinking.
  8. Play calling was much better today. I didn't keep count, but significant use of TE sets. Good resulting opportunities, although the execution was obviously lacking much of the time. However, I think it's much easier to fix the turnover problem than to change the play calling philosophy of the OC. Maybe he's gotten the memo. BC3 should never return another punt. Sorry, he's used up all of his second chances for that duty. Too many other good options; Echols-Luper looked especially sure handed and confident. Every time he catches a punt I gain a little more confidence. BC3's fumble emphasized the contrast. The defense is incredible. If we could develop any degree of offensive consistency, this team could be very hard to defeat.
  9. Seems to be a recurring problem.
  10. Beating a dead horse, but why the hell do we have TE's on this team? Most of our blocking issues can be helped with the simple addition of one more blocker. Seems like the only times we let a TE on the field are in obvious running situations, and the other guys just load up the box. The OC has made our use of the TE a "tell" for anticipating the play. Yes, OU was/is a tough team but so is TCU; this game was VERY winnable because of the outstanding play of the defense. Anderson/Burns have had plenty of time to figure out that what we're doing doesn't work, yet nothing changes about our offensive approach. We simply cannot beat a good defensive team with the play callers that are running our offense. Time for a new OC.
  11. Any short list of the greatest that doesn't include Russell is simply BS.
  12. Perfect defense is a reasonable possibility. What are the odds for a "run heavy" plan, though?
  13. If the game starts at 11, we're screwed.
  14. We've still got serious OC issues. He simply refuses to run the ball unless (apparently) HCGP is screaming in his ear. Our default formation is 5 wide and an empty backfield.
  15. We've got WR issues, but Ty seems to be stepping up.
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