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  1. I’m as nervous as the thanksgiving turkey about this game and I’m not sure why. If we play anywhere near as good as we can we should win pretty easily.
  2. Playing UC-Irvine, a team that won 31 games plus beat K St in the tourney. The game against Clemson will be tough plus either Colorado or Wyoming is pretty solid. Playing Xavier and the SEC game should give us a pretty solid schedule.
  3. I hope it’s Fuller, Bane, Grayer, Pearson and Samuel. How Barlow performs could be a big factor for the team.
  4. Fuller is going to be the primary ballhandler. Dennis should be our scoring option off the bench.
  5. I had a nice time at the game. Took a friend and was surprised to see quite a few Frog fans in attendance. Frogs played pretty well and SMU reverted to the norm in the second half. Fisher was very good and JD played so many different roles that went unnoticed. Bottom line one is this was a good win on the road.
  6. I’m not sure what ST and SB are watching but they probably know more about hoops than the rest of us.
  7. I hate to say it but this could be worse than the OU game. I don’t see us scoring enough or even much at all and they will be flying high plus our defensive injuries are too much. Road game as well makes my outlook bleak for this one.
  8. We just got a commit from someone named Blair Conwright. A slot receiver from Lubbock. Never heard of him.
  9. I wish I had the kind of optimism that many on here have. I think we might get lucky to get one but to win three is stretching it.
  10. I think Samuel is going to be the guy who gives us the defensive presence we’ve been lacking. From all reports he has the tools to be a good rim defender and rebounder. Not sure what his offensive skill set is right now but he should be able to rebound misses and put in misses. I have no knowledge but Barlow seems to be in line for a RS.
  11. Word is this kids recruiting has really picked up the last few weeks. http://verbalcommits.com/players/andre-harris-aff4a161-b73c-4388-8072-4d5bf0cbd5a7
  12. I came across this earlier today and thought I would share. http://collegehoopswatch.com/2018/05/29/marching-to-madness-episode-265-jamie-dixon-tcu/
  13. I’m excited for next season. If Alok and Samuel can defend and rebound then we could be very salty. Assuming Bane and Noi continue improving then with our athleticism we should be pretty strong. Really looking forward to seeing how RJ and Kaden play. PS Been a long time.
  14. Had forgot about Bud being there. We talked for a few minutes, seemed like a nice guy. Also saw the Froghorn guys at the pep rally and they were very nice letting my wife blow the horn. I liked the Phoenix area a lot.
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