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  1. Yep, as much as I love the white, purple, white, the all purple option in this set is quite nice. Hope we can see it on the field at least once.
  2. Better views https://adobe.ly/2ToYPL2
  3. Also have 1 extra ticket for this one. Seat is 220 (upper north end zone). Face value is $95, but willing to field offers. Have it digitally as a PDF.
  4. So with the big payday we're gonna get, that means that our season ticket prices won't go up up from where they are now, right? I mean, now we'll have 6 home games (5 FBS games) in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, so that payday from us losing a marquee game that we'll have to pay way more for if we attend will make it worth it by not increasing prices for the other 5 right? (This is not a serious question…just venting)
  5. Went there during the second half of the WVU game. Will not return. Servers were non-existent, menu wasn't great, just nothing good about it really.
  6. Wild Acre Brewing can be added to this list as well. Enjoyed their Session Bock cans at our tailgate last week. Had the Red Ale on tap at Heim. Haven't been to the brewery itself yet, but looks like they're open Saturday's 12:30-4.
  7. Now that it's open again and in its new location, Heim on Magnolia is a must.
  8. Vickery is an under-rated area for breakfast. Swiss Pastry Shop does everything incredibly, and breakfast is no exception. Always get whatever special Chef Hans has cooked up. Vickery Cafe is more classic diner feel, and if you have cash, go to Meli's Taqueria. Seriously, I love all the trendy taco joints, and Taco Heads up the way on Montgomery is fun, but Meli's is one of the best tacos you can get in FW and their breakfast tacos are fantastic. Beware, it's more Mexi-less-sexy than Salsa Límon/Taco Heads, etc., but it's worth it. Magnolia has had great places for breakfast/brunch. The Bearded Lady is great, Brewed is as solid as it gets, and Fixture does a fantastic brunch.
  9. Either the Swiss Pastry Shop or Vickery Cafe
  10. If in Sundance, Bird Café is a great place to grab a drink on their patio. Great whiskey and other liquor menu. If you want beer the Saucer would be better, but for liquor/wine, Bird has a great selection. Thompson's downtown is also great. Classy speakeasy type vibe even with a downstairs area accessible through hidden door and password. Other overlooked cocktail bar is the Scat Lounge. Usually good live music too. Acre Distillery is a walk from Sundance, but a great and unique place for drinks. Magnolia area has The Usual, Chimera Brewing and Proper (a little hipster but good). Near South Side also features Collective Brewing (and Rahr of course but they aren't a "bar" of course) which has a bar/taproom feel. There's also HopFusion in that area which is supposed to be taproom style, but it is supposed to open later in fall 2016. For football folks in early enough on Friday nights, Panther Island Brewery is a great visit. They do the typical $10-15/3 beers thing with food trucks and have 5-9 Friday hours.
  11. Don't waste your time yet with an F&R tour. Entire 2 hour tour centers around their bourbon which isn't available yet, so you can't try it. Because TX is a blend, they can't/won't tell you anything about it, but you get a very small taste. You do get to see how they make their caps though. Acre on the other hand focuses less on science and history and much more on actually tasting things. $15 gets you samples of about everything they offer and a cocktail of your choice as well as a discount on bottles to-go. Great deal and a great experience for out-of-towners staying downtown within walking distance. Haven't tried TreyMark.
  12. Just seems this is a year we shouldn't tempt fate. Go Boomer!
  13. Reason to root for OU? Oklahoma has not lost back-to-back regular season games since Oct. 2 and 9, 1999, Bob Stoops’ debut season. OU has won 35 consecutive regular season games following a regular season loss. So, much better that they beat Baylor and lose to TCU so their bounce-back is against OSU.
  14. It was called Suki's. The group is on Facebook as "TCU Pacific Northwest Club" and they apparently watch at different places and people's houses.
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