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  1. Staff offers Neb commit OT Brenden Jaimes, 6-6/270. Not sure if in response to news on other offers, certainly hope not.
  2. Huge mormon presence in the pacific islands, but Utah State is not Mormon.
  3. Wonder if there is some connection to Utah State other than being near Snow, seems odd compared to the rest.
  4. Added a section on OP for expected walk-ons after the commits. Let me know if you hear of others.
  5. Reese Leitao on TCU (From Rivals): “TCU, I liked my visit there. My parents were also impressed with them as well,” Leitao said. “It is at the defensive position, so it gave me a chance to look at things on the other side of the ball. I was impressed with speed on their defense and I could come in and showcase my athleticism off the edge, so I was intrigued by that.”
  6. TCU now 18 in NCAA Men's Basketball RPI http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball-men/d1/ncaa-mens-basketball-rpi
  7. For some reason can't get to link but here it is:
  8. Some interesting foresight from Pat: Angry Fringe Has Corrupted Old, Reasoned Conservatism Into Strange Stuff February 14, 1994|By PAT TRULY Fort Worth Star-Telegram There are several reasons why I appreciate George Will. For one thing, Will and I about the only human beings left who use phrases such as "heaven forfend!'' Beyond that, however, I appreciate his understanding of what a "conservative" isn't. Maybe you saw the Will column on Ollie North's senatorial bid in Virginia, in which Will touched on the essence of what might be called "modern" conservatism. "Identifying conservatism with this loose cannon [North) on the pitching deck of American politics," wrote Will, "is a recipe for recurring embarrassments on the right." Enough of quoting Will. The point is that it is one of the tragedies of our time that we are led to identify conservatism with all sorts of loose cannons, ranging from an unprincipled liar like North to Shiite conservatives such as Pat Buchanan and Phyllis Schlafly. The result is that whereas "conservative" used to mean that one was dedicated to the preservation of the best of the status quo, but not blindly so, the word itself has changed. A conservative used to be thoughtfully dignified. He or she was probably well-off and protective of the monied interests, but with a sense of noblesse oblige. Somewhere along the line, the new conservatives started shaving their heads and preaching social revisionism. Conservatism became radical rather than conservative. Richard Nixon, for all his personality faults, was an old-style thoughtful conservative. Bill Buckley and Kevin Phillips are throwbacks to that era of reasoned conservatism. I maintain that it was Franklin Roosevelt who started changing the nature of American conservatism by laying the foundation for a rarely interrupted ascendency of progressive liberalism in the legislative branch of government. This has been mightily frustrating to many folks. The second great vehicle of change in U.S. conservatism was the civil-rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s (it was a new breed of radical conservatives who wanted to impeach Chief Justice Earl Warren). The third step, I fear, may have been the unexpected election of Bill Clinton in 1992. Today's conservatives have become all too often merely a clique of opposition to the "other guys," who may be a racial minority or merely anyone who disagrees about whatever issue makes them froth, such as abortion or gun control or welfare abuse or taxation. Conservatives used to be coolly superior, tough but above it all. The new conservatives go around feverishly fearing a catalog of conspiracies. Do you think the conservatives of years ago would have tuned in to Rush Limbaugh? Not on your Cal Coolidge autograph-model straw boater. This may be what destroyed George Bush. His lineage was New England prep-school Republican conservatism. He always looked uncomfortable toadying to the narrow-minded Shiites, who consider King James the last great author and are convinced that the entire 20th century has been a fatal mistake. Of all the sins to which American liberals will need to plead guilty at St. Peter's knee, abetting the rise of single-issue zealots could be the worst. I mentioned conspiracies and recall two recent "conservative" letters in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. In one, the writer stated that the paper "ignores" letters from gun owners. We checked on this and found we had run 21 letters from people opposed to gun control and six from people favoring some degree of gun control. Some conspiracy. Another letter writer referred to another paper, one known nationally for its conservative editorial policies, as The Dallas Morning Liberal News. These people would be funny if they weren't so sad. What all the Shiite conservatives have in common is anger. They seem to be mad about whatever is happening that wasn't that way back in some imagined good old days. We all have moments like that, but we mustn't confuse conservatism with nostalgia. Personally, my health-care preference is to go back to the 1940s, when I remember a kindly doctor making house calls and charging about $4 for the visit. That was great health care. But that's nostalgia, not conservatism, and nostalgia is great for columnists but awful for public policy discussions. --- Pat Truly writes columns and editorials for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, P.O. Box 1870, Fort Worth, Texas 76101.
  9. I am in tears, RIP Old Scribe. Even though he was a UT grad he was Truly a TCU fan and will be missed be many. Some pics being shared from his FB page.
  10. Rhule has to go JUCO, it's not an option to go strictly HS. Either way it will be a struggle unless he adds 5 more HS coaches to his staff. McGuire a great hire and a coach who backed out of UT last year and really wanted to be on Patterson's staff. Maybe one day. However for 2017 it's way late in the game and they need players.
  11. TE/DE Reese Leitao decommits from Nebraska. He had a very good visit in FW before the dead period and may have switched then if TCU wanted him as a TE, they offered as a DE. This is the kid whose dad is the basketball coach at DePaul and his brother plays for him there. Looks to be down to TCU and UT (UT offered as a TE).
  12. Vanderbilt names his final 4 of Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas Christian
  13. I hope the press doesn't let up on him and Boren for a long time, disgusting. http://www.si.com/college-football/2016/12/16/bob-stoops-joe-mixon-video-assault?xid=socialflow_twitter_si Saturday December 17th, 2016 So, Bob Stoops, was it worth it? I watched the video Friday afternoon of Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon hitting Amelia Molitor, the video we’d all heard about for three years, the video you and your bosses watched and basically shrugged off. You remember that video, right? (You lucked out! If you don’t recall the details, it’s now available online for everyone to see. Here’s a link, if you don’t have one handy.) You all watched that video and decided that yes, this was a young man you wanted representing your program. You decided a redshirt season year’s suspension would help him get bigger/faster/stronger be sufficient punishment. I watched Mixon’s fist connect with the side of Molitor’s head and I gagged reflexively. I thought I was going to throw up right there, in my car, in the Costco parking lot, as I watched this despicable act of violence play out. I’d heard it was bad, and jarring. It was so much worse than I imagined. But I swallowed the reality that women aren’t valued in our society, and kept watching, just like you, athletic director Joe Castiglione and president David Boren did a few years ago. No wonder so many people fought behind the scenes to keep this video under wraps. How can anyone move forward after this? Oh wait, I remember: You’re both scheduled to participate in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2.
  14. Yes, great hands and good possession receiver. Played as the freshman for Dayton and transferred to Iowa Western (Taj Williams' school though they did play together). Set state record in Iowa in HS (95 rec) and was 1st team All State. Austin Ahrendt 6-3/210 Iowa Western CC (originally Sioux City East) @AustinAhrendt http://www.hudl.com/video/3/8233677/580997165caa591fa0e438fa
  15. Interesting read on Tom Herman: From GA to Top Dog http://www.scout.com/college/texas/story/1738140-how-tom-herman-got-to-texas Before Chris Del Conte took over as athletic director at TCU in October of 2009, he was the AD at Rice who hired David Bailiff from Texas State as the head football coach of the Owls in 2007. Bailiff brought his offensive coordinator with him from Texas State - a 32-year-old Tom Herman. “The thing that stood out about Tom right away was how closely he listened,” Del Conte said. “Then you come to find out the guy is in MENSA and had some ridiculous MENSA score - like 170. “So he had a legitimate claim to being the smartest guy in any room he was in. But you’d never know it, because he was always asking questions and taking meticulous notes. He was always looking for new and better ways to do things.”
  16. Keaontay Ingram RB Carthage TX keaontay ingram ‏@keaontay_ingram Dec 11 Blessed to receive my first offer from TCU ! Shoutout to my boy for the love @TrestanEbner #GoFrogs
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