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  1. 2 hours ago, PurpleDawg said:

    This. I'm so tired of hearing people beat up the poor kid. There's this FB group that I somehow joined called TCU Frog Talk and all it is apparently is a group of folks who like to bash the athletes for poor play. They are relentless at calling out the kids by name and saying very, very vile things about them. These are not professional athletes we watch on the field. Some people don't get the concept of STUDENT-ATHLETE, I guess. They go to class and have academic responsibilities, as well as, athletic responsibilities. Sure, be disappointed that the team lost, but keep it in perspective. As if any of us could get out there and do a better job! /rant


    I get it he is probably the 3rd option but 1st available. Not sure what the coaches see in him but he freaks, he is not a clutch guy at all. Basically he needs to suck it up and head off into the sunset where he will be quickly forgotten cause he cost us 3 games at least this year.


    Ragging on him for trying his best probably not great but psycho kicker needs to take a hike.

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  2. On 12/30/2016 at 3:21 PM, Vlade Divac said:


    Kenny Hill is the opposite of leader. I fear next season will be worse, unless he gets beat out and silenced in the locker room.


    Completely disagree, he threw a very catch able ball to Slanina that could have made it 1st and goal (ended up with missed FG after the missed catch) and he went directly at Slanina, gave him a hand shake and said it was his fault. Hill is a kid much different than Boykin but much respected by the players and coaches and leads in a very different way.


    Kid gets a lot of abuse on these boards and definitely can improve but these kind of comments are completely undeserved by him.

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